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Tableau Certification Questions – Analytics (Part 7)

Analytics in Tableau

In this series of Tableau Certification Questions for Tableau Desktop Certification exams, we will discuss Analytics in Tableau. The purpose of Tableau Certification Exam Questions part-7 is to explore Tableau Analytics targeting the Tableau Desktop Specialist or Certified/Qualified Associate exams. We have provided a complete step by step solution for each Tableau Analytics exam question at the end with the correct answer. Check out our guide to Tableau Desktop Certification.

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Tableau Certification Questions List:

Let’s dive into Tableau Certification Questions related to Analytics in Tableau.

Question 1:

In which three months, the moving average of sales is less than actual sales. Use Order Sheet from Sample- Superstore Excel to answer this question.

Sample Data Source files & Packaged Files

  • A) Mar 2010, Jun 2010, Jul 2010
  • B) Feb 2010, Jun 2010, Jul 2010
  • C) Jun 2010, Jul 2010, Dec 2010
  • D) Jun 2010, Jul 2010, Jul 2011

Correct Answer: A

Checkout Solution:

1. Put Order Date on Columns and Sales on Rows Shelf to show the monthly values

ana q1 sol

2. Again select Sales measure and put it on Rows shelf, it will create a second axis

ana q1 sol 2

3. Select the right pill of Sales and select the option of Moving average as shown below

ana q1 sol 3

4. The view looks like this

ana q1 sol 4

5. Select the right pill of sales (having little arrow) and select Dual Axis option as shown below

ana q1 sol 5

6. It will bring Moving Average and Sales on the same axis

ana q1 sol 6

7. Synchronize the both axis

ana q1 sol 7

8. Graph will look like this

ana q1 sol 8

9. By Analyzing, it’s clear that the Moving average is less than actual sales in many months

ana q1 sol 9

10. But we can find out the months given in the answer options as below

ana q1 sol 10

Question 2:

Find the Shipping Mode which has Sales more than Express Air but Profit less than Regular Air. Use Orders Sheet in Sample – Super Store.

Sample Data: Super Store Data

  • A) Express Air
  • B) Regular Air
  • C) Delivery Truck
  • D) Data is insufficient to get this information

Correct Answer: C

Check out the Solution:

1. Put Sales on Columns and Profit on Rows Shelf.

2. Put Shipping Mode on the Detail on Marks Card, It will bring following three circles in the pane area.

3. By seeing the data in the Pane area, it is clear that Delivery Truck that more sales than Express Air and Lesser Profit than Regular Air.

Question 3:

Based on Ship Mode, Which customer segment has the highest Average Sales.

Sample Data Source files & Packaged Files

  • A) Consumer
  • B) Corporate
  • C) Home Office
  • D) Small Business

Correct Answer: B

Checkout the Solution:

1. Put Sales on Columns and Customer Segment on Rows shelf.

2. Put Ship Mode on Rows Shelf besides Customer Segment.

3. Right Click on Sales Axis and click on Add Reference Line Option.

4. Select the options as shown below:

5. Pane will show the following view:

6. From the following view, it’s obvious that average sales of corporate segment is higher.

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