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Tableau Certification Questions – Server Troubleshooting (Part 11)


In this series of Tableau Certification Questions for Tableau Certification exams, we will discuss Server Troubleshooting in Tableau. The purpose of Tableau Certification Exam Questions part-11 is to explore Server Troubleshooting targeting the Tableau Server Certified Associate exams. We have provided a complete step by step solution for the Tableau Server exam question at the end with the correct answer.

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Tableau Certification Questions List:

Let’s dive into Tableau Certification Questions related to Tableau Server Troubleshooting.

Question 1:

The term maintenance zip logs command creates an archive of most of the Tableau Server logs, but some logs are not zipped up in the archive. Which of the following logs are not included in a log file archive?

  • A) The TSM Log
  • B) The install Log
  • C) The Upgrade Log
  • D) All of the above

Correct Answer: D

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Question 2:

Does Tableau support the functionality to generate the Snapshot of log files through the TSM web interface? Select the correct answer.

  • A) Only the TSM command line provides an option to create a snapshot of the log file
  • B) TSM web interface provides an option to create a snapshot of the log file
  • C) Snapshot of log files can be created by manually copying the files and pasting on other places
  • D) There is no functionality of creating a snapshot of log files

Correct Answer: B

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Question 3:

There are various levels at which Tableau Server logs events. Which one is the default logging level?

  • A) Off
  • B) Fatal
  • C) Error
  • D) Warn
  • E) Info
  • F) Debug
  • G) Trace

Correct Answer: E

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