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Tableau Certification Practice Tests/Exams

Tableau is extremely easy to use. You do not need any prior programming knowledge as all you need is the software and data to generate visually enchanting reports. This page is dedicated for Tableau certification, complete Tableau Certification Practice Test, Tableau certification mock Tests and Tableau certification sample questions.

Tableau Certification Brief:

A brief about Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification Exam

Tableau Qualified Associate exam has 2 hours length and contains 36 question. It requires 75% marks to achieve the certification. 40 out of 100 students fail in their first attempt of Tableau exams, it is better to check your readiness by attempting our free quiz for each exam section or taking complete tableau certification practice exam developed by our qualified Tableau associates. Following are exam sections that you should know both theoretically and practically:

Free Tableau Skill Assessment: Tableau Certification Sample Questions & Quizzes:

Tableau Certification Practice Test/Exam:

We have full length Tableau Specialist as well as Certified (previously called Qualified) Associate practice test and exams to give you enough practice material to prepare for exam.

Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam 1
Appear for an Complete Online Tableau Certification Practice Test: Tableau Desktop 2019 Specialist Exam

Just for $9.99

  • Complete 30 Questions Exam of 60 minutes.
  • Real Time Practical Scenario-based questions (Theoretical and Practical) as per actual exam.
  • Tests and improves one’s skill on Tableau 2019.
  • Step by step solution to each question at the end for review.
  • Unlimited attempts for 30 days.
  • Just for $9.99 (USD)
  • Secure Payment by Paypal
Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam 1 & 2 & 3
Appear for 3 Complete Online Tableau Certification Practice Tests: Tableau Desktop 2019 Specialist Exams

Just for $24.99

  • Access to all 3 Exams (Ideal for those who wants to pass in first attempt)
  • Complete 30 Questions Exams of 60 minutes each.
  • Real Time Practical Scenario-based questions (Theoretical and Practical) as per actual exam.
  • Tests and improves one’s skill on Tableau 2019.
  • Step by step solution to each question at the end for review.
  • Unlimited attempts for 30 days.
  • Just for $24.99 (USD)
  • Secure Payment by Paypal

Tableau Desktop 10 Certified/Qualified Associate Exam 1
Appear for an Complete Online Tableau Certification Practice Test: Tableau Desktop 2019 Certified Associate Exam

Just for $9.99

  • Complete 36 Questions Exam of 120 minutes.
  • Real Time Practical Scenario-based questions on all 7 sections as per actual exam.
  • Tests and improves one’s skill on Tableau 10.
  • Step by step solution to each question at the end for review.
  • Unlimited attempts for 30 days.
  • Just for $9.99 (USD)
  • Secure Payment by Paypal
Bundle Offer - Tableau Desktop 10 Certified Associate Exam 1 & 2 & 3

Appear for 3 Complete Online Tableau Certification Practice Tests: Tableau Desktop 2019 Qualified Associate Exams

Just for $24.99

  • Access to all 3 different Exams (Ideal for those who wants to pass in first attempt).
  • Complete 36 Questions each Exam of 120 minutes.
  • Real Time Practical Scenario-based questions on all 7 sections as per actual exam.
  • Tests and improves one’s skill on Tableau 2018.
  • Step by step solution to each question at the end for review.
  • Unlimited attempts for 30 days.
  • Just for $24.99 (USD)
  • Secure Payment by Paypal

Add-On: A complete Theoretical Exam to your bundle

A high %age of tableau professionals fail in real exam because of tough theory questions. Take this exam to increase your chances of success.

Just for $34.98 $29.99

  • Add ONE complete Theoretical Exam (Exam 4) to existing bundle of Desktop Certified Associate Exams 1 & 2 & 3
  • 30 Theoretical Questions Exam of 60 minutes 
  • Prepare you for the tough theoretical questions in exam

Tableau Practice Exam 1 Tableau Practice Exam 2 Tableau Practice Exam 3 Tableau Practice Exam 4


Success Story: What our Customer saying?

Took all 3 Tableau Certification Practice Exams here on TakeThisCourse and passed the real Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate exam in first attempt. Found it to be exact simulation of real tableau exam. Step by step solution at the end of each exam really works for me to increase my tableau knowledge. Practicing these exams multiple times is a better option than failing in real exam and appearing again. Thanks to team tableau at TakeThisCourse.net.

Syed Farhan Ashraf


Tableau Certification FAQs:

Is there a FREE version of Tableau Software available?

You can download and explore the FREE version of Tableau software here.

Is Tableau Certification really worth it? Does it improves one’s career growth?

Tableau Certification really gives boost in one’s career growth. Below reference images shows the average salary of Tableau Professionals in U.S market (source: indeed.com). Tableau has demand in almost all major industries especially Information Technology & Services, Research, E-commerce, Hospitals & Healthcare and more.

Salary for Tableau Certified Professionals

How we have made Tableau Certification Practice Test for you?

These tests have been developed by team of professionals who are certified associate consultants and certified professionals.

We are brave enough to admit that some of our team members had actually failed the exam before getting it cleared. It provided us opportunity to observe lot of questions and their style how they are appearing in the exam. Therefore our questions are very much similar to what Tableau real exam contains.

We have used following three ingredients to prepare these practice test/exams

  • Used the experience of our team members and tried to create the similar questions that come in exam.
  • Covered practical scenarios for all seven components which are assessed in the exam
  • We have read the curriculum thoroughly and find the best possible theoretical questions which are possible candidate to appear in the exam

Shall I pass the exam by taking these Tableau Practice Exams/Tests?

You will pass the exam by taking these practice tests is subject to one’s preparation and diversity of knowledge and skill in Tableau.

Tableau has a very big collection of questions which they shuffle and give in the exam. By practicing these questions you should be able to cover a majority of types of questions that appear in the exam and surely you will be able to gauge your level of preparation to appear in real Tableau exam.

Are there any Online Courses available to improve my skills?

If you have taken one or more of Tableau Certification Practice Exams and you think that you need to further improve your tableau skills and certification preparation, you can follow for best rated Online Tableau Training Courses here.

Other Tableau Certifications

  • Tableau Desktop Certified Professional
  • Tableau Server Qualified Associate
  • Tableau Server Certified Professional



  1. I have taken the Free Tableau Quiz on Data Connections, the first one. Seems good and helpful. I have been looking for tableau certification dumps and here it’s good to have tableau certification questions along with detailed answers at the end.

    I’d prefer to take other Free Tableau Certification practice test available before taking the complete tableau certification practice test.

  2. Thanks Maham for your valuable feedback.

    We have this complete list of FREE Tableau certification questions and dumps in each area. We will recommend the following approach for better tableau certification exam preparation:

    • 1. Prepare yourself in each area of exam one by one.
    • 2. Take the respective Free Tableau Quiz to validate your preparation in that specific tableau certification area.
    • 3. Go through the details of all Tableau Certification Question’s solution at the end to improve your skills.
    • 4. Once you have prepared and validated all 7 areas of tableau certification, you can go for complete tableau certification practice test (Exam1, Exam2, Exam3) to get ready for actual exam. You can get these tableau practice exams at discounted price i.e. Standard (1 Exam) = $9.99 and Premium (all 3 exams = $24.99).
    • 5. Review all tableau certification practice questions at the end of each practice exam to further improve your tableau skills.

    As the failure rate in tableau certification exam is too high, it’s always recommended to take practice exam prepared by tableau certified professional.
    To further enhance your skills, multiple FREE MOOCs and Tableau Training Courses are available here. Check them all and improve your skill.

    Hopefully, you’ll find the given tableau material helpful.



    • That’s the correct approach.
      Go through available Tableau Quizzes in each area and validate your preparation. Once you are comfortable with your preparation in individual areas, take the complete Tableau Certification Practice Exam.

      There are 3 professional Tableau 10 Certification Practice Exams available. Each exam has 36 tableau certification questions from each area of study. You’ll definitely feel more confident in actual tableau exam.

    • We have prepared a complete simulation of actual Tableau 10 Qualified Associate Certification Exam. Working with these tableau certification questions will definitely improve your skills. Best part is to practice well after completing the exam and looking into complete solution against each question.

  4. I have taken the Tableau certification quizzes, the questions were really helpful in preparing for the Online exams. few of the questions are really tricky and gives you a proper understanding of how much preparation you have to appear for the exam. Thank you, it was really helpful.

  5. The wonderful collection of tableau certification questions. It really helped me. I would love to try the tableau sample exam before appearing for certification. It is really wonderful to work. Thankyou

  6. very nice collection of practice questions. Some questions were challenging which really got me thinking.Fantastic *****(Five star rating)

  7. Really it is a nice website to refer for a Tableau certification. Free Quiz questions are very competitive and those will be update your skillset.

  8. Excellent. Very good collection of tableau certification questions and a nice follow up explanation. Thank you very much.

  9. Very good and useful site for tableau certification preparation.
    will be appearing for test next week,Kindly provide some more inputs

    • Thanks for your valuable feedback. We are putting a lot of efforts to prepare the best questions for our users, so that all our users pass the Tableau certification exam in first attempt as well as gain the required knowledge as a tableau professional.

    • hi dimple,
      did you attend exam?how was that?can you please provide your review about exam and how far these practice exams helped you.what data sources were asked in the exam?please reply,as i will be attending soon for the exam.
      thank you

  10. The questions are very helpful to test our knowledge on Tableau. Thanks! I would recommend this website to my friends.

  11. This is really very good initiative for prepared tableau certification exam. I have taken few quiz . its really good . Which help tableau practitioners for more to complete exam.

  12. Quiz for each section is quite tricky at times. I am pretty sure these kind of brainstorm will definitely help to to clear the actual exam.
    So far the Quiz questions are made in such a way that it covers both hands on as well as theoretical portion.
    Great Job! It’s very difficult to get this kind of content specially on Tableau certification exam.

  13. The workbooks in your quizzes cannot be opened in Tableau public. Can the workbooks in your practice exams be opened in Tableau Public?

  14. Just took the Tableau qualified associate exam and passed last week. Highly recommend the practice test, it covers lots of key points in the exam guide. The most important thing is it re-creates the same testing environment. You will need to solve questions from different workbooks, navigate between different windows. I can’t finish my first practice test in 2 hours. Also the practice test is about the same level of difficulty as the actual exam. Need to be very careful reading the questions and leave some buffer for yourself. I flagged out 9 questions and got 83% correct.

    • Many Congratulations on passing your Tableau Desktop Certified/Qualified Associate Exam. We always appreciate our users who take good benefit from these online practice exams to improve their skills and advances in professional career.

  15. I prepared for Tableau certification and I Missed by 1 question (scored 72) during the first attempt. After that I contacted the support team at TakeThisCourse.net for help; they gave dedicated time to clarify exam related queries, doubts on my weaker areas.
    I practised, prepared and was confident before taking the certification exam next time. Because of the dedicated service and practice questions targeting the weaker area from the technical team, last week I passed the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam. TakeThisCourse.net team is committed to helping candidates even providing dedicated support.
    I really appreciate the valuable service from this site at a low cost. Thank You, Team!

    • Congrats Sukanya and thanks a lot for appreciating the customize support & effort of our team. We’re committed to provide best tableau certification dumps and practice exams for tableau beginners and professionals along with dedicated support.

      Once again many congratulations on passing the tableau desktop certification exam and best wishes for your career growth.

  16. I just took the desktop certified associate exam today and got a 93% first take! The 3 practice exams helped me a lot to prepare for the hands on part of the exam. I flagged a few but most of them were knowledge questions (RE: spatial files, .tde and .hyper, extracts ..).

    Thanks so much!

  17. Thank you for providing these practice quizzes and exams – they are indeed helpful.
    I was just wondering, has anyone had a problem downloading the files for the Mapping Quiz? For some reason, I could not download the files.
    Thank you.

  18. I took my Tableau Desktop Certified Associate certified exam and cleared in the first attempt with 85%. Thank you for providing these practice tests and quizzes which was really helpful to confidently face the real exam. I did not have prior working experience in tableau, and these tests helped me to understand all the concepts in detail which simulates the real exam. The knowledge-based questions were really helpful which helped me to save time in googling during the exam. Thank you.

  19. I did not see any sample testes available for Tableau Server Associate Certification? Do you have any such sample exam tests for current (2019.2 version) server associate exam?

    • We are about to release a sample test of Tableau Server Associate in coming week followed by a Complete Server Certification Practice Exam. Stay in touch and you’ll find lot of helping material related to Tableau Server here too.

  20. Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my
    previous room mate! He always kept talking about this.

    I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have
    a good read. Many thanks for sharing!


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