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PMP Certification Dumps & Practice Exams

A PMP certification is a stepping stone for any project manager wishing to climb up the corporate ladder as it offers visibility besides enhancing your chances of professional growth within your organization. As a project management professional, it is necessary to validate your skills as a person who can successfully execute projects within the budget and on time. You can find PMP Certification dumps, PMP Exam Questions and PMP Practice Exams details here on this page.

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PMP Certification Process & Requirements:

  • 3 to 5 years of Project Management experience is required.
  • 35 hours Compulsory Training from a Certified Trainer.
  • Application for PMP Certification exam that might take 3 to 5 business days for approval.
  • If approved, submit PMP Exam Fee i.e. $555 (Fee for PMI Member is $405).
  • Authorization code to enter the Pearson VUE site and schedule the exam.
    Note: You have a time period of 1 year to pass the exam after your application is approved.
  • Appear for the PMP Practice Exams to solve 200 questions in 4 hours.
  • Upon passing the exam, you’ll be title as PMP (Project Management Professional).
  • In case of failure, you have to reappear for the exam (Regular retake fee is $375, while $275 for PMI members).

PMP Certification Dumps:

These PMP Certification Dumps are covering quizzes on all subject areas with 2 quizzes on fundamentals of Project Management.So Before appearing for actual exam let take this PMP Certification Dumps quizzes, PMP Exam questions and PMP practice exams  prepared by our Team

PMP Exam Questions & Quizzes

Complete List of PMP Practice Exam:

Learners can also access the PMP Practice Exam/Test available online below as part of their PMP Practice exams prep activity. All questions are based on the recent PMP exam course outline which means that they are the most up-to-date PMP Practice test questions for preparation and practice. Preparing for your PMP exam requires you to answer as many sample questions as possible in a way that mimics the actual PMP exam. Our online PMP Certification Practice exam is a good indicator of how prepared you are to take the PMP certification exam. These PMP certification dumps also builds your confidence ahead of the actual exam. Studies show that Pmp practice exams are one of the best techniques that can help you pass your PMP exam.


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Reference Books For PMP Preparations:

PMP Study Guide Kim Heldman Ninth Edition
The PMP Exam How to pass on your first try
Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep Ninth Edition
PMBOK 6th Edition

Head First PMP

PMP Formulas

PMP formulas are very vital to pass the PMP certification exam.

Here are some of the important PMP formulas listed :

# Formula Name Formula Abbreviations / Terms Interpretation
1 Cost Variance (CV) CV= EV-AC Earned Value (EV)

Cost Variance (CV)

Actual Cost (AC)

< 0 Over budget
= 0 On budget
> 0 Within budget
2 Schedule Variance (SV) SV= EV – PV Schedule Variance (SV)
Earned Value (EV)
Planned Value (PV)
< 0 Behind schedule
= 0 On schedule
> 0 Ahead of schedule
3 Cost Performance Index (CPI) CPI = EV / AC Cost Performance Index (CPI)
Earned Value(EV)
Actual Cost(AC)
< 1 Over budget
= 1 On the budget
> 1 Under budget sometimes the term ‘cumulative CPI’ would be shown, which actually is the CPI up to that moment
4 Schedule Performance Index (SPI) SPI = EV / PV Performance Index (SPI) SPI = EV / PV
Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
Earned Value (EV)
Planned Value (PV)
< 1 behind schedule
= 1 on schedule
> 1 ahead of schedule
5 Estimate at Completion (EAC)

The most common way to determine EAC is a “bottoms-up” formula

EAC = AC + Bottom-up ETC Actual Cost(AC)
Estimate to c
Complete (ETC)
The bottom-up ETC is the sum of how much all the remaining estimated costs will be. This may be provided by different people working on the project.

The actual costs (AC) are added to the forecasted remaining spending – the estimate to complete (ETC).

Complete List of PMP Formulas

PMP Certification FAQs:

What is the last date of PMP Exams' current version?

The last day to take the current version of the PMP Exam is 31 December, 2020. More details from PMI can be found on www.pmi.org

Is it necessary to be a PMI member to keep my PMP?


Is the PMP exam difficult?

Yes, because the PMP exam failure rate is actually 40-50%. So we advise you before appearing for actual exam, take this PMP Certification Dumps.

What is the fee of this exam?

You have to pay an amount of $555 for this exam. But if you have bought a PMI membership that is of $139 then you get to pay $405 instead of $555.

Can you take the PMP exam without any experience?

The simple answer to this question is NO.

Is it worth getting PMP certified?

Yes, upon becoming a PMP certified, your salary is going to increase and with that you will be able to guide your team members more effectively; that will lead to completion of projects in given time.

How many times can I take the PMP exam?

You have total three attempts at passing the test within one-year eligibility period.

Do the questions in PMP exam ever repeat?

As they have a huge question bank, the questions in the exam never repeat.

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  1. I took some of the free quizzes and find these very professional and helpful. Please confirm the questions for 3 practice exams are unique and none of the quizzes questions are repeating in practice exams?

    • In short, none of our quiz question will be repeated in Complete PMP Certification Practice Exams (i.e. 3 exams, a collection of 600 PMP exam questions). Quizzes are available in each pmp exam area to give idea about our pmp questions quality and professionalism.

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