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Ivy League Data Science Courses

Ivy League Data Science Courses

11 Best + Free Ivy League Data Science Courses
Data Engineering Courses

Data Engineering Courses

10 Best + Free Data Engineering Courses & Classes

Statistics Data Science Courses

10 Best + Free Statistics Data Science Courses
Python Data Science

Python Data Science Courses

8 Best + Free Python Data Science Courses

Data Science Math Courses

7 Best + Free Data Science Math Courses
Spatial Data Courses

Spatial Data Courses & Certifications

7 Best Spatial Data Courses & Certification

Data Architect Certification Courses

8 Best Data Architect Certification Courses
Data Visualization Courses

Data Visualization Courses

15 Best + Free Data Visualization Courses

Data Science & Big Data Courses

150+ Best Online Data Science & Big Data Courses
Data Analytics Courses

Data Analytics Courses & Certifications

11 Best + Free Data Analytics Courses

Data Modeling Training Courses

8 Best Data Modeling Training Courses
Excel Data Analysis Courses

Excel Data Analysis Courses

10 Best Excel Data Analysis Courses
Data Science Academy Courses

Data Science Academy

10 Best + Free Data Science Academy Courses

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Data Science Courses FAQs:

Which is the best course for Data Science?

The best course for Data Science as per our experts suggestion is; Professional Certificate in data Science offered by Harvard University.

You can easily find this data science course by clicking here.

Is data science a good career?

Yes, data science is without any doubt a great career offering tremendous opportunities to anyone interested. The demand for data scientists is already quite high and companies tend to offer high and competitive salaries.

  • According to the U.S. News & World Report’s annual job ranking list, Data Scientist was ranked #3 in Best Technology Jobs.
  • With that, it was ranked #6 in Best STEM Jobs.
  • Similarly, it was ranked #6 overall in Best Jobs.

How long does it take to learn data science?

It can take from 7 to 12 months on average for a person to learn data science and that too having no prior coding experience or mathematical ground. Remember, becoming an entry-level data scientist in such a little time would require intensive study and a lot of working hours. But yes, if you wish to take it slow, you can learn data science in around 18 to 24 months as well.

How do I start data science?

The answer to this question is simple;

  • First you need to figure out whether this field is for you or not.
  • Then try to get comfortable with Python.
  • You would also need to learn all about data analysis, manipulation, and visualization with pandas. (You can find the best python data science courses here). 
  • Next step is to learn Machine Learning with Scikit-learn.
  • After that, you will be required to gain deeper understanding of Machine Learning.

And that is how you can start your journey to learn data science. If you want details regarding the type of skills required in data science, click here.

Is there a learning path available to become a data scientist?

There are many platforms that offer learning paths regarding different occupations. The purpose of these learning paths is to help learners get into the right track. You can find the data scientist learning path here soon.

What are the key responsibilities of a data scientist?

As a data scientist;

  • You have to enhance to data collection process.
  • Make sure you identify relevant data sources for business needs accurately.
  • You have to build machine learning algorithms.
  • You would also have to source missing data.

For more on data scientist key responsibilities and required skills, you can click here.

Can I get a job after completing a data science course?

Once you have gained enough experience in this field and have developed sufficient skills by enrolling in different data science course, it is likely you’ll land a decent job in one of the domains like marketing, finance, sales, business intelligence, and data quality etc. But it all depends on the organization and the skills they require from you.

Should I learn SQL or Python first?

SQL is relatively easy and a good programming language to learn first. Compared to Python, some people believe it is easier to learn first.

Once you become comfortable with SQL then you can start learning Python. If you are looking for Python data science courses, click here.