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Tableau Certification Preparation Training 2024 [Updated]

For Tableau Certification Preparation, Practicing Questions along with tableau training solution videos will really help you strengthen your concepts and will make you ready for real exam.

Tableau Certification Preparation Training Videos:

Tableau Certification Training Highlights
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • 18 Questions / 18 Videos
  • Each question with detailed solutions explanation
  • Easy to understand videos with zero fluff
  • 3 sample questions Videos available for FREE
  • 30 Days Access
  • Language: English
  • Introductory Price $9.99

Tableau Certification Preparation Training and Tableau Free Training Videos are for all those who are preparing for the Tableau Certification Exam (Desktop Certified Associate or Desktop Specialist) and need a guideline to judge their preparation and readiness for the real exam.

Brief about Tableau Certification Training:

Tableau customer base is increasing rapidly after it has been taken over by Salesforce and there is more and more demand of certified professionals. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with an idea for Tableau training which could be helpful to learn the knowledge base as well it could be useful for certification purposes.

Our recently launched Tableau Training Videos is a mix of knowledge base (where we have explained the selected topics theoretically) and step by step solutions of practical questions which have been specially designed by following the Tableau provided guideline and study material.

Every bullet point mentioned in the Tableau Knowledgebase is a candidate for tableau certification exam questions and practice questions will enable you to attempt real exam confidently.

Who should attend it?

Tableau Training Videos are equally good for both Tableau beginners as well as seasoned professionals who want to attempt the Tableau certification exam

Some topics have more importance than others from an exam point of view. It is observed that many experts have failed in the exam since the topic which was asked in the exam question was so simple to them that they did not give much importance to those topics and could not pick up the correct answer since it was not refreshed. So even if you are an expert, you must go through all topics mentioned in the course outline and especially those topics mentioned in this course.

  • Create and Save Data Connections
  • Modify Data Connections
  • Manage Data Properties
  • Organize Data and Apply Filters

Free Sample for Tableau Certification Preparation Videos:

In order to give you a better understanding of the content of question-based training videos, 3  tableau certification preparation Videos are available for FREE.

Sample Question 1 / Video 1

Use SPCL_Sample-Superstore-Subset Excel File and Using Orders sheets identify the unique products sold in 2012 whose sales value was less or equal to 5000. Provide the solution using the histogram with Bin Size of 5000.

Sample Question 2 / Video 2

Use SPCL_Sample-Superstore-Subset Excel File and using Orders sheets, For Office Supplies, find the quantity ordered for the product ‘Xerox 1895’ in year 2012. Also find the product with lowest profit in the same year.

Sample Question 3 / Video 3

Use SPCL_Sample-Superstore-Subset Excel File and using Orders sheets, Find the product subcategory having the highest percent of the growth in sales for the year 2013.

This Training is for Tableau Specialist or Tableau Desktop Certified:

Currently, this Tableau Certification Preparation training covers the course topics as per given in the Tableau Specialist exam guideline. Since the Tableau Specialist exam is just a subset of the Tableau Desktop Certified exam, so even those who are preparing for the certified associate exams can also take benefit from this tableau training videos.

Soon we shall add more contents to cover the topics of Desktop Certified Associate certification as well.

Meet your Instructor:

Syed Farhan Ashraf is an expert professional working for enterprise BI solutions and helping his clients in managing large scale projects. He has expertise in data integrations, developing dashboards using Tableau, Python, and other data visualization and analysis tools. An active member of the Tableau community in providing tableau training and guidance to newbies.