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10 Best Technical Writing Certification Courses 2024


Need help with your technical writings? Then there will be no more challenges. In a world full of logic, technicality is what propels any global leader. Reports, charts, graphs, and proper official language are needed in any paper, whether academic or pragmatic finance.  While managing a tech-based company, reports or rational conclusions written in the best way possible involves professional writing.

This helps them quickly identify the right direction and improve their customer experience. That said, in this feature, we’ve compiled a list of the best Technical Writing Certification courses that will help you excel at writing perfect technical reports. Here, you’ll learn what to do, how to do it, and where you will find the best technical writing courses.

What is Technical Writing?

Want to know exactly what technical writing is? Well, here you have it.  The method of recording procedures, such as technical instructions or training resources, is known as technical writing. It describes how services, goods, and processes operate. It simplifies complicated ideas and typically entails writing about a specific subject.

It’s all about a specialized type of exposition and verbal correspondence, notably employed in specialized fields. It is extremely useful in career categories such as computing, engineering, research, aerospace engineering, technology, finance, medical, and so on because it provides readers with straightforward and simple access to knowledge.

How to work with Technical Writing?

Technical writers using their writing skills simplify complicated material. It involves working with technical content as part of a broader brand effective management. To produce technical documents, technical writers collaborate with relevant professionals such as web artists, content creators, paper specialists, and industry insiders.

As a technical writer, you must conduct subject analysis, obtain product samples, and create a document template. Being a technical writer, you’ll be writing internal documents for employees or build product descriptions for E-commerce firms. Following professional writing, you can move on to testing and reviewing technical communication to ensure flawless delivery. You might also be interested in Fantastic Fiction Writing.

Best Technical Writing Certification Courses

Due to the extremely precise specifics, choosing a particular learning route for being a professional writer working in project management or as an engineer can be very challenging. If you want to become the best representative of professional writing, you must first choose the right curriculum. Let us tell you, which ones are the best so you can wander less and choose the right path that is in your best interests, has positive results, and helps you achieve your targets.


Technical Writing

      • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology via Coursera
      • 19 hours of effort required
      • 35,055+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (417 Ratings)

Technical WritingThis is the course for you if you want to get started with technical writing or master it from start to finish. This course is offered straight through Moscow institute to help you with everything that includes technical writing. With Coursera’s indicated course, you get to learn the technical writing skills way better.  The course introduces you to professional knowledge and skills. The skills assist you in conveying knowledge learned through the technical or innovative teaching environment offered in the course. Here is the Best Proofreading Courses at takethiscourse platform.

One of the reasons that this course is first on in this feature is because you come to know the factors that influence your writings. If you’re a beginner then this course starts to build your skills concerning the minor details of the expressions while you’re writing a report. And not just technical reports, from design and feasibility to laboratory and research reports, you get all the help you need.


Business & Technical Writing Immersion

      • Starweaver Team via Udemy
      • 22,583+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (2,050 Ratings)

BUsiness WritingThis course walks you through 12 steps and nearly 60 realistic methods. As a beginner, you might be having a lot of questions about writing your first business report. Starting with correcting your preliminary writing research till perfecting your final version, all of your works will carry the right amount of details. This particular course offered by Udemy has won the hearts of learners as being titled “the bestseller”. If you’re having difficulty understanding the minute details that involve immersive skills to excel on a higher level, this course may satisfy your needs. Check out the best speed reading courses here.

The fundamentals of this course include a guide with tasks that enhances your insightful feedback on each writing technique. The course includes videos, supplementary PDF documents that enable you to proceed further.  To write your reports in the best, clear and concise manner, the course briefly takes your 7-10 with its every practical lesson after which, you’re good to go.


Technical Writing: Documentation on Software Projects

      • Amber Israelsen via Plural Sight
      • Level: Beginner
      • ★★★★★ (186 Ratings)

Technical writing documentationIf you need to understand report specifications, layout, code, test scripts, or final guides, this course will teach you how to do everything. Create perfect documents on all of your software projects with just this one course. Here, the basics of writing successful tech records are taught to help learners working on software projects. Whether you’re a developer or beginner, the aforementioned course applies to all of you. Initially, you’ll explore why paperwork is so critical in the software industry. After which, you’ll come to know the writing process will work.

This specific course is something you will not encounter enough as it provides you a great length of detail to help you decipher the advanced pointers for writing clearly and concisely. With Pluralsight’s this comprehensive program you become an expert whose skills span significant software documentation functionalities.


Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing Skills

      • Ugur Akinci, Ph.D. via Udemy
      • 4,457+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★ (610 Ratings)

Professional technical writingOne of the most amazing courses in Professional Technical Writing where you have a complete guide at your disposal. This course discusses writing strategies, editing techniques, and paper elements. As you dive deeper you get to know how to build a scope statement. Incorporating enough potential into learners with their every course, Udemy’s this course is the one where you’ll come across skills such as principles of technical writing. To support your spirit for curiosity, this course is the fundamental drive for every advance and beginner learner in Technical Writing.

You can learn to create a delightful your first User Guide with the indicated program. Your main course modules will teach you about the use of graphs, photographs, and flowcharts, as well as potential developments in effective writing.

It goes on to address a variety of subjects to incorporate Technical Writing and to view Technical Writing as an alternative career direction. Safe to say, this is an all-inclusive course.


Technical Report Writing for Engineers

      • The University of Sheffield via Future Learn
      • 6 week (3 hours weekly) of effort required
      • 21,063+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (66 Ratings)

Technical report writingAnother course for engineers to prominently express their thoughts. This training platform explores technical report writing and teaches the skills required to create possibly the best engineering reports. You will be able to examine the main portion of a technical report once a week. Then you’ll understand the skills required to write one yourself. Making it the perfect place for you to make references and bibliography, equation presentation, diagrams, and statistics, you can start writing the best reports at a moment’s notice.

This course covers everything from quoting and referencing to decoding the anatomy of a technical study, writing goals and objectives, labeling, and presenting data. If you want to understand how perfecting your writing skills will change your work and life being an engineer then be sure to check out this remarkable course and nail your promotion. This program encapsulates all the secrets to writing a good technical engineering report.


Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders

      • Rice University via Coursera
      • 17 hours of effort required
      • 11,582+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (324 Ratings)

Writing skills for engineering leadersSince engineering leaders must write a lot for their work, this course is solely for teaching engineers. To improve their content, this should be competent, reader-centered, and error-free. This course will teach you critical writing skills that you can use in your day-to-day tasks as an engineering representative. Another pedagogical course for learning techniques in connection to various engineering genres with hands-on knowledge regarding the writing process and creating quality documents is an appalling feature of this course. Transform your penmanship with leading handwriting training programs next year.

Many of the companies are actively looking for engineers with better writing skills. In general, documentation has an impact on efficiency and the main point. That said, any representatives’ written correspondence must be straightforward and coherent. This course is specifically created to let engineers speak for themselves through their writing. Get ready to make your writing structured. Once more, Coursera’s high-quality platform will teach you how to manage style, sound, and speech.


Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation

      • JPDocu School of Technical Writing via Udemy
      • 1222+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★ (273 Ratings)

Write software documentationThis extraordinary course in line is exclusively launched in the first place for creating technical documentation on the GitHub wiki. The course instructor has packed the program with 12 fundamental concepts of professional writing. Regardless of any problematic approach, you can learn to continue working on an app’s software documentation. The main purpose of this course resonates with using Markdown to build documents in the GitHub Wiki.

Udemy’s this course is filled with video lessons and exercises where there is absolutely no need for any previous experience in technical writing, just a PC and internet would do the trick. The course also considers the visual elements and design of the materials. A fantastic course that blends writing skills, design and graphics, video creation, multimedia, metadata, and software engineering all in one.  This course is recommended for your better, productive, and innovative approach regarding technical writing. For aspiring authors and poets, unlock your creative potential through acclaimed writing classes online that we’ve meticulously selected for their quality and accessibility.


Technical Writing: Master Your Writing Career

      • Joseph Phillips via Udemy
      • 3,292+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★ (603 Ratings)

Master your writing CareerJoseph Phillips walks you through the professional writing process in this course.  Starting with the basics such as how to write efficiently, easily, and accurately, it gradually shifts towards advanced writing tricks. You will learn to adapt the best technical writing method to improve your career and expand your technical writing demand by following his exact approach to technical writing that he has built over the last twenty years. This course proves to be a complete guide for anyone who wants to move further with his writing skills.

This method will allow you to streamline your research and writing, without any exceptions to decent, productive technical writing. In this course, you will learn about revision processes and the BTS of dealing with editors, as well as the value of writing professionally. It will also explain how to advertise the books using blogs, websites, presentations, and annual reports. Learn to stay on top of tools, techniques in technical writing. This specific course gives you all the answers.


Writing Better Technical Reports

      • Glenn Weadock via Plural Sight
      • Level: Beginner
      • ★★★★★ (27 Ratings)

Writing better technical reportsThis Plural Sight course teaches you how to become a good writer. Created by Glenn Weadock, a professional technical writer. She teaches you about cautious verb use, the rules to remove uncertain expressions, the easy coding of vocabulary, and an understanding of fashionable appearance. This program guides you merely on everything about writing most quickly with the best hacks. After taking up this course you can confidently pursue your dream to become a content writer or creative writer whether you knew writing beforehand or not.‎

‎ Initially, you’ll learn about common writing errors and strategies for preventing them. And, as you progress, you’ll take a reader-focused approach that will increase performance and productivity. You can be sure ‎you’re getting the best knowledge for your writing journey. Maybe ‎this can be the first step for you to begin your fascinating journey to becoming a ‎professional in technical writing.


Project Management for Technical Writers

      • JPDocu School of Technical Writing via Udemy
      • 267+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (44 Ratings)

Project managementSaving the best for the final course on this list. The indicated course is again the highest rated course on Udemy. That said, it provides ‎information concerning customer-facing documentation. Make the execution of paperwork a success working as a project manager or in the appropriate planning sectors. Get to the front of the line by contributing to the project’s development objectives. The course reveals the techniques of coping with the project management system that you can use to manage the progress of your software projects.

For a self-paced and effective customer-oriented course solely carried out to explain service and distribution quality, the indicated program is the only source that answers your instinctive questions. Significantly, for professionals and beginners, you can highly benefit if you are looking for tips, ‎resources, ideas, and anything involved with technical writing and project management.

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Final Thoughts

‎ As we near the end of this feature, we know that everyone is drawn to perfect documentation and verbosity. Technical writing is a promising professional career that is critical for companies such as MyAssignmentLab which help students with doing homework assignments. As a good writer, you can help people understand how to use technology products and boost business results by delivering useful reports to decision-makers. Tackle the most crucial aspects of writing in the right manner once and for all with these courses by your side.