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Top 10 Concept Art Courses and MOOCs

Concept Art

Concept art as we know is a form of an explanation that is used to carry an idea to be used in films, comic books, games, and others. To be able to develop such skills, we at takethiscourse.net decided to conduct detailed research and provide our learners with different courses not just from a single provider but from multiple ones like Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, CG Spectrum, and FutureLearn. We tried to find out the best course providers so that our learners can learn from the best. Also, we have a complete list of Art and Design Courses for art lovers. So below are the details of the top 10 concept art courses offered by different platforms.

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List of Concept Art Courses:

saveConcept Art Architecture

      • Hardy Fowler via Udemy
      • 4,698 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (516 Ratings)

This is a course offered by Udemy that aims to help learners understand how they can paint and design stunning cityscapes. With the help of this course, the instructor aims to fulfill a learner’s dream of creating cool-looking buildings at the comfort of his home. The course is suitable for all those people who aim to create digital paintings like a professional. The course contains various topics in it that will help you achieve your goal. The instructor is going to talk about the concept and theories involved in art architecture. Then you will understand the composition and iconic architectural styles in detail. Other topics like understanding all about the Photoshop tools, cyberpunk cityscape, and more will be discussed. So, click on the above link for further details.

Though this is a very thorough course yet you need to take other free courses as well otherwise you will have a hard time following along with the tools. But no worries, you’d still be able to learn a lot from the course as everything has been explained in a concise manner. The only thing that I had to put in was hard work and it paid me off really well (Tara Nell, ★★★★★).

saveConcept Art for Video Games

This course is a part of Art for Games Specialization and aims to help learners understand what concept art is and how it can be understood. The course has 4 different modules and with each module, there come different skills to be learned. The instructor has tried to be as illustrative as possible So that learners can dive deeply into the composition and digital painting techniques to help improve one’s art skills.

Similarly, the instructor has also given a detailed introduction to 3D for concept art. After that, you will get to know all about how to model the basic shapes. Furthermore, you will get to learn to paint over the 3D images to create a fully finished concept and much more in detail. So, if you think this course is what you need then click on the above link for further details.


I believe this class is great for all the illustrators who already know their way around Photoshop. If you want to figure out how to use Sketch then the class is suitable for you (Caitlin L, ★★★★★).

saveDigital Painting: Concept Landscapes

      • Junas De Ro via SkillShare
      • 10,481 already enrolled!
      • 127 Projects included
      • ★★★★★ (483 Ratings)

This class by Skillshare is intended to help learners understand the great landscapes in game design and concept art in a very vigilant manner. The instructor will use a step-by-step approach to help learn everything there is to know about concept art. Through this course, learners will learn to paint a concept fantasy landscape which will cover every part of the process that involves sketching in Photoshop till the end.

You will first understand how to sketch efficiently in Photoshop. Then the instructor will help you explore communicating value in space within your digital planning. After that, you will learn why it is important to use solids. Thus this and many other topics like adding colors, brush detailing, texturing, and more will be discussed. So get yourself enrolled in this amazing class and never stop learning.


I just want to say that this class has everything you’ll ever need to make an environment concept art. A big thanks to instructor Jonas for this amazing class (Sambit Suman).

saveConcept Art Character Design

      • Hardy Fowler via Udemy
      • 2,586 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (289 Ratings)

This Udemy course contains advanced techniques that will help learners to conceptualize and render character concept art. Anyone who has basic drawing skills is eligible to take this course. By the end of this course, a learner would have developed such concept art skills that can help him stand tall in the crowded industry and become the best. With all this in the package, a learner will also be taught to provide value to the clients that will enable them to keep coming back.

You will be working on six full character projects along with the instructor. In these projects, you will get to cover a wide range of genres and challenges. The instructor is going to show you some incredibly cool and easy-to-understand techniques in detail. So click the above link to get this course now.


Hardy is a very professional instructor. Not only has he managed to teach me the art of concept design clearly, but he also has given tons of content to practice our work on. The best thing about the instructor is that he takes time out of his day and answer all your questions and doubts. Only because of the guidance provided by this instructor, my work has improved drastically. And that is why I would recommend this course to all those interested (Karun Suresh, ★★★★★).

saveCharacter Concept Art: From Initial Sketch to Final Design

      • Charlie Bowater, Concept Artist & Illustrator via SkillShare
      • 8,546 already enrolled!
      • 333 Projects included
      • ★★★★★ (541 Ratings)

This character class is being offered by Skillshare and throughout the class, learners will go through the various steps of character creation. Starting from the initial figures through to a final polished design, a learner is going to learn everything in an explanative manner. This class is suitable to take by all those people out there who have a passion for art. Whether you are a beginner who is just starting a career in this field or a professional who wants to learn a new approach, enrolling in this class would help them attain their goals.

You will learn to sketch, design, refine, and then add any variations in your sketch in a detailed manner. The skills that you’ll develop from this class are relevant to illustration, character development, digital illustration, character design, concept art, and creativity. In this way, you will be able to create a concept art piece that has been designed by your choice entirely. So click on the link to get started now.


Before this class, I never tried this type of painting before but I feel good to have taken this class (John Schindler).

saveGame Design Document: Define the Art & Concepts

This course by Coursera will enable learners to understand and define Art and concepts. The capstone project will help you develop your game idea into an actual working proposal. Precisely, this course has every skill or tool explained in it that will help you to distill and improve the foundational aspects of your game.

The instructor will explain in detail how you can make prototyping. Then, he will talk about the playtesting in a step-by-step guide. After that, there will be a detailed discussion on visualization where you start to concretize the look and feel of your game through visuals. Thus these and many other topics will be discussed in detail through this course. So, if you have a passion for developing games and need to develop skills to present your idea then this course has to be your choice. 


This is a fantastic course that has all the relevant and amazingly explained the information in it. I would want every individual who is interested in video game design to enroll in this course (Bojan P, ★★★★★).

savePainting Environments

      • Hardy Fowler via Udemy
      • 6,859 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (1,242 Ratings)

This Udemy course aims to help different interested learners design and paint amazing landscapes for using as concept art or stand-alone masterpieces. With the help of this course, the instructor has shown all his digital painting techniques and custom tools that will help anyone to develop stunning and detailed scenes. The course can be taken by anyone who has an interest in creating a digital painting like a professional. With that, all those who wish to become professional concept artists are also welcome to join.

The course contains different topics like first you will understand the depth, scale, and atmospheric perspective of your painting. Then the instructor is going to talk about all the incredible Photoshop tools which you can use to make amazing paintings. Similarly, you’ll get to understand the difference between custom brushes and custom shapes in detail. This course contains three projects and completing all these three projects is going to help you achieve your goal.

So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and click on the above link for further details

I won’t lie the course was quite hard but yes if you put in some time and effort, then you can learn many techniques just like I did. The instructor Hardy has taken enough time to give feedback and answer your questions in a detailed way (Aaron AP, ★★★★★).

saveImaginative Drawing: Developing Concept Art Characters

      • Camilla D’Errico via SkillShare
      • 8,030 already enrolled!
      • 77 Projects included
      • ★★★★★ (378 Ratings)

This 25-minute class by Camilla D’Errico aims to help learners expand their imagination and drawing skills. What different materials a person needs, what type of research is made before drawing, what tools are required and much more will be discussed in this class. The instructor will also explain the Manga Art techniques to the learners and explain all the different techniques that will help learners bring more originality to their work.

You will be taught how to make several sketches in the most effective possible manner. After that, you will get to learn all about drawing your outlines. Then, you will be taught different pencil drawing techniques, and much more. So click on the above link to know more about this class by Skillshare.

I think this is a very nice class that is suitable for all types of learners. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate person like me, you can develop a variety of skills from this class. The tips that the instructor has shared about concept art characters were also very interesting (Kimberley Robbins).

saveIntroduction to Concept Art & Illustration

      • Industry Pros via CG Spectrum
      • 24 Weeks long, 20 Hours per week
      • Level: Introductory

This is a 6-month course that is offered by a well-renowned platform known as CG Spectrum. This beginner-level course aims to call out all those people who are just starting to develop an interest in concept art and need to know the fundamentals of basic art. With the help of this course by CG Spectrum, a learner will be walked through the entire process of becoming a professional artist. What is required and what is not is discussed step-by-step so that a learner doesn’t lag.

Similarly, you will also be taught how to navigate Photoshop’s user interface. With that, you will learn to create custom brushes and tools in a step-by-step guide. In addition, you will be taught to use perspective and anatomy very thoroughly. Then, the instructor will talk about applying lighting and color theory and much more. So, those who have an interest in becoming a professional artist and need to know all the fundamentals of concept art are welcome to join this course.

saveVideo Game Design and Development: Introduction to Game Programming

      • Alberta University via FutureLearn
      • 2 Weeks long, 3 Hours per week
      • Level: Introductory

This course is offered by FutureLearn and it aims to provide learners with a basic yet important introduction to the major concepts that make up the base of programming of video games. Through this course, learners are going to understand better how a game is designed and the technical story behind it. With that, a detailed discussion on core programming concepts that involve loops, data storage, and conditional statements will also be discussed. The instructor has explained in detail what the game loop is. Then he will be explaining all about the user input and rendering. After that, you will learn what delta time and sprites are. Moreover, you will also get a chance to learn about the different animations and forces involved. Similarly, you will also get an introduction to collision detection and tilemap rendering. Other topics like for loop, whole loop. Conditional statements, and data storage, and more will be discussed in detail. So click on the above link to find out more about this class.

This class has very concise and easy-to-understand videos to offer. And I believe this is an introductory level game programming course that aims to teach you more than just the basics of programming. Indeed I can recommend this class to all those interested in game programming (Andre J).
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Another related course aggregation is available about Anime Art Courses. Thus we a takethiscourse.net believe that these above 10 concept art courses are not only the best but are provided by different yet well-renowned platforms. So any learner who has an interest in learning concept art at the comfort of his home and his pace and ease, we would suggest taking a look here and never stop learning.