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CalTech Course Catalog – California Institute of Technology

Caltech Course Catalog

This article provides viewers with a Caltech Course Catalog that contains a variety of courses offered by the Caltech – California Institute of Technology. Takethiscourse.net has handpicked best 8 online courses from the Caltech Course Catalog that can be taken by any user interested.

Caltech – California Institute of Technology:

The California Institute of Technology which is mostly known as Caltech is a research-based University that is located in Pasadena, California. This private university was established in the year 1891 and has six academic divisions that strongly emphasize on engineering and science.

  • Biology and Biological Engineering.
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
  • Engineering and Applied Science.
  • Geological and Planetary Sciences.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy.

Online Specializations

Caltech Course Catalog:

The Caltech Course Catalog contains course listings the details of which are given below:

saveThe Evolving Universe

      • via Coursera
      • 41 hours of effort required
      • 51,283 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (503 Ratings)

This course is an introductory astronomy survey class that will help learners to understand what the physical universe is and how it evolved. With the course, various topics regarding the physical universe will be discussed like what are its major constituents, what are the different telescopes, what are fluxes and magnitudes, what is blackbody radiation and other continuum emission mechanisms and much more will be discussed in the course. At the end of each week of the course contains self-test questions that will help learners evaluate their understanding of their own. Thus the course is very engaging yet challenging.

saveThe Science of the Solar System

      • via Coursera
      • 46 hours of effort required
      • 26,091 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (378 Ratings)

In this free course, learners will get a chance to find out the science that is behind the current exploration of the solar system. The instructor will explain how to use different principles from physics, chemistry, geology, and biology so as to understand about Mars, comprehend the outer solar system, search for habitability and much more. Different topics like the insides of giant planets, big questions from small bodies, life in the solar system, water or Mars and much more will be taught. Thus this interesting course will help learners understand everything about the solar system in a precise manner.

savePrinciples of Economics with Calculus

      • via edX
      • 6-8 hours of weekly effort (10 Weeks)
      • Level: Intermediate

This course has a quantitative and model-based introduction about the basic ideas that revolve in economics and all its applications to a wide range of real-world problems. With this course, learners will understand, analyze and apply different calculus-based economic models, will receive an elaborated in-depth understanding of the basic economics and all its applications, will be able to translate the different economic principles to investigate a wide range of real-world problems and more. Thus the course will provide learning material in such an elaborated manner that will leave learners with a clear mind and understanding about economics.

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savePricing Options with Mathematical Models

      • via edX
      • 8-10 hours of weekly effort (10 Weeks)
      • Level: Advanced

With this course in hand, learners will be given a complete introduction of the Black-Scholes-Merton model. With those, other mathematical models for hedging risk in financial markets and pricing financial derivatives will also be discussed. Many things will be learned from this course like the ability to price not only options but other financial derivatives in models beyond the Black-Scholes-Merton, what are interest rate models and the pricing of interest rate derivatives, how to evaluate the mathematics and the economics that is behind the financial models and much more. Thus this course will give a complete understanding of pricing options with Mathematical models.

saveGetting started in cryo-EM

      • via Coursera
      • 17 hours of effort required
      • 15,377 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (245 Ratings)

With this course, what will be covered are the different fundamental principles that are essential to cryo-electron microscopy. The course will start with the basic anatomy of the electron microscopes then will give an introduction to what Fourier transforms are. Further, the principles of image formation will also be discussed by the instructor. After the discussion of all these concepts, next comes the sample preparation issues, the different data collection strategies, and the basic images processing workflows for all 3 modalities of modern cryo-EM will be discussed. Thus taking this course will be fun and engaging but also at the same time challenging.

saveQuantum Cryptography

      • via edX
      • 6-8 hours of weekly effort (10 Weeks)
      • Level: Advanced

This course will help learners understand quantum communication and what type of security it provides that is guaranteed by the laws of nature. At the end of the course, learner’s minds will be filled with different concepts like a complete understanding of the quantum key distribution protocols, understanding of how we can test untrusted quantum devices, what is modern quantum cryptography and much more. Thus this interdisciplinary course is an exciting way for learners to understand quantum cryptography.

ADMachine Learning

      • Stanford University via Coursera
      • 64 hours of effort required
      • 2,975,908+ students enrolled
      • ★★★★★ (129,908 Ratings)

saveLearning From Data (Introductory Machine Learning)

      • via edX
      • 10-20 hours of weekly effort (10 Weeks)
      • Level: Introductory

This introductory machine learning course is focused on a real understanding of the theory, algorithms and other applications behind machine learning. By the end of the course, the learner would have identified the basic theoretical principles, applications and algorithms of machine learning, what is the connection between theory and practice in machine learning, what are the mathematical and heuristic aspects of the machine learning and their applications and how can they be mastered and much more. Thus this course will help learners end with all the important details of machine learning in a very organized manner.

saveDrugs and the Brain

      • via Coursera
      • Taught by: Henry A. Lester, PhD
      • 21,284 already enrolled!

With these drugs and the brain course, learners are going to understand the neuroscience of drugs for therapy, its prevention, and recreation. What is drug addiction and abuse and how it can be completely controlled and prevented, what are the prospects for new generations of medications in different areas like neurology, aging, psychiatry and the treatment of substance abuse are some of the topics explained in the course. Different techniques for studying a brain, introduction to drug receptors, different qualitative and quantitative approaches regarding the dose-response relations and much more will also be discussed. So take this course now and learn everything about drugs and the brain in the comfort of your home.

Thus these top 8 courses can be taken by anyone from the CalTech Course Catalog according to the related field. So all you need to do is visit the Caltech Coursera page and look for all details for yourself and never stop learning.

ADDeep Learning Specialization

      • deeplearning.ai via Coursera
      • 96 hours of effort required
      • 305,958+ students enrolled
      • ★★★★★ (202,442 Ratings)

ADIBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate

      • IBM via Coursera
      • 128 hours of effort required
      • 11,497+ students enrolled
      • ★★★★☆ (8,314 Ratings)
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