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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this page is to make sure that whoever visits our page and shares his personal data with us has a clear picture in his/her mind that how their data is processed and used and is whether safe or not.

The data that we get from our users only intends to help us provide improved services to our users. But with that, it is very necessary that a user gives his full consent before sharing any information with us and that he knows that the information will not be shared with the third party instead it will be safe with us.

Here we are going to define some terms that are a part of the privacy policy:

TTC General Privacy Terms:

What do we collect from our users?

We collect data like name and email address. With this, we also collect public content from the user like reviews, remarks, follows, interests, etc that is for public consumption.

What do we do with this collected data?

The purpose of collecting this data is to make sure that the user is authentic and is not a fraud and that he/she only intends to gain something from our site and not cause any trouble.

Security of data

Even though the user agrees to share personal data with us, our site works very hard to make sure that the data of all such users are safe from other third parties.

Usage of data

The usage of data includes information like your computer’s IP address, browser type, browser versions, time and date of your visit to our page, how many time you have visited our page and more like that.

What are cookies and their purpose?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in your device and their purpose is to help us track activities on our site and hold necessary information.

Data controller

A data controller may be a group of two or more legal persons or a single legal person that is responsible for determining the manner in which the information gathered is to be processed.

Data processor

A data processor or also known as a service provider is a legal person whose task is to process the data on behalf of the data controller.

Information collection and use

In order to provide better services to our users, we gather different types of information that aims to help us improve our quality. So there are different types of data collected from our users and it may be personal data or public content.

Retention of data

Takethiscourse.net only aims to retain the user’s data to comply with our legal obligations or for internal analysis purposes. Except for that nothing will be done to a user’s data that is illegal or outside our legal boundaries.

Transfer of data

The information that you provide to us may be stored or maintained in the computers that are outside of the state or province.

TTC Resume Service Privacy Terms:

If you are taking our Resume Writing Services, you are willingly giving consent to the collection of your resume related data including your personal and professional information required to fulfill your order.

Takethiscourse.net will never disclose your data to the reviewers, researchers, and analysts that have been hired to review our company. Similarly, we shall keep your resume related information to ourselves.

What information do we take from you?

The personal/professional information that we collect may include;

  • Your contact details including your name, phone numbers, and physical addresses.
  • Nationality.
  • Country of origin or residence. (This is to get an idea about the job market condition in your location).
  • Inquiries about our services.
  • All other details that can allow us to meet your needs in the best possible manner.

You are advised to show your consent to the privacy policy only after reading these terms. Your consent to our privacy policy shows your agreement of transfer of your data to our computers.