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Most comprehensive collection of best art and drawing courses, classes, training programs and useful articles available online.

Fluid Art Courses

Fluid Art Courses

10 Best Fluid Art Courses & Classes
Pixel Art Courses

Pixel Art Courses

10 Best + Free Pixel Art Courses

Abstract Art Courses

10 Best + Free Abstract Art Classes

3D Art Courses

11 Free + Best 3D Art Courses

Line Art Courses

10 Best Line Art Courses

Anatomy Art Courses

17 Best Anatomy Art Courses

Concept Art Courses & Classes

10 Best Concept Art Courses with Certificates
Anime Art Courses

Anime Art Courses & Classes

10 Best Anime Art Courses & Classes
Ivy League Art Courses

Ivy League Arts & Humanities Courses

10 Best + Free Ivy League Arts & Humanities Courses
Visual Art Courses

Visual Arts Courses & Classes

10 Best Visual Arts Courses & Classes
Trippy Art Courses

Trippy Art Courses & Classes

4 Best Trippy Art Courses & Classes

Cartoon Drawing Classes

10 Best Cute Cartoon Characters Drawing Classes
Architectural Drawing Classes

Architectural Drawing Courses

10 Best Architectural Drawing Classes
Art & Drawing Classes for Kids

Art & Drawing Classes for Kids

15 Best + Free Online Art & Drawing Classes for Kids

Pen & Ink Drawing Classes

10 Best Pen & Ink Drawing Courses & Classes
Charcoal Drawing Courses

Charcoal Drawing Courses

10 Best Charcoal Drawing Courses & Classes
Bird Drawing Courses

Bird Drawing Courses & Classes

10 Best + Free Bird Drawing Courses & Classes

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Art and Drawing FAQs

How do I start studying Art?

  • You can start by looking deeply at different drawing and art tutorials and understand how they draw a specific object.
  • Then try to be your own critic and find faults in your drawing.
  • Try to copy the best art masters.
  • Stay consistent and don’t stop, keep practicing.
  • Try to document everything and take notes on how you draw a specific thing.
  • Take part in an art community and stay in touch with them to get access to different drawing tips.

What are the best online art courses?

Art is a vast and expansive field that comprises of multiple areas like abstract art, concept art, visual art, anime art and what not. So whatever the type of art you’re interested in, takethiscourse.net offers a wide range of best online art courses covering almost all types/areas of art.

Are there Art and Drawing courses available for kids?

If kids are interested in learning to draw cute cartoon characters or anime art then for this purpose we have different online courses available at takethiscourse.net. These courses can help kids understand how to draw simple cartoon characters or even draw faces for webcomics etc. Whether your kid is a beginner who has to learn from scratch or a professional who is looking for a course to polish his skills, takethiscourse.net offers the best art and drawing courses.

Which is the best Pixel Art online class?

If you are looking for a pixel art online class as a beginner then the following course is the most suitable;

And if you are a professional or intermediate level person who is looking for ways to advance his skills then the below course can help;

With that, there are many other pixel art courses exclusively available at takethiscourse.net.

Does Ivy League schools offer Art short courses?

Yes, Ivy League Schools offer different Art and Design courses that are free to enroll. You can find a bunch of them at takethiscourse.net including;

What are the top Anatomy Art classes?

When it comes to Anatomy Art, there are many classes and courses offered by different platforms which you can find at takethiscourse.net.

Can drawing skills be learned?

Yes, with the help of a mentor, a few tutorials and enrolling in a proper course, drawing skills can definitely be learned. There are many beginner level drawing courses that are available for this purpose.

How can I learn to draw with no experience?

Having no experience in drawing doesn’t mean you can’t learn to draw as there is always a way to achieve anything. You can start learning to draw by drawing basic shapes like circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, and triangles and then take it from there. Studies have shown that these shapes are essential to building the foundation of drawing.