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10 Best + Free Brand Management Courses 2023 [Updated]


Want to learn all about brand management at your ease and pace? Our team at takethiscourse.net has compiled a list containing names and description of the Best + Free branding certification courses. With the help of this list, all the interested learners can find the right course for themselves and start learning from it.

List of Best Brand Management Courses Online:

Below are the details of the Best + Free Brand Management tutorials.


Strategic Brand Management Course

          • AWLearn via FutureLearn
          • 2 weeks (2-3 hours weekly) of effort required
          • Course Type: Self Paced

Strategic brand management with advertising WeekA course that will help you discover the secret that is behind great brand management. You will be taught how to implement an innovative and long-term brand strategy. This is a two-week course that has the aim to help you develop all the brand development skills you need to become successful. You will be taught how to keep your consumers coming back for more. Similarly, you will also get a chance to discover the value of brand strategy. We all know that every organization has a reputation that they intend to maintain. And this is exactly what you will be learning in this brand management tutorial or course. You will be taught how to identify a brand’s identity and then formulate a defined brand strategy. You might also be interested in How To Optimise Instagram for Your Small Business.

Going further, the instructor will talk about the success story of Coca Cola. How they were able to build a brand worth of $36.2 billion alone. The instructor will use Coca Cola as a case study and make you understand what brand management is exactly. So build a brand plan in the most effective possible manner with the help of this course.


Brand Management Training

          • IIMBx via edX
          • 5 weeks (3-5 hours weekly) of effort required
          • 7,354+ already enrolled!
          • Level: Introductory
          • Language: English

Brand managementAre you interested in wanting to learn the basics of brand management? Or you want to learn to build a strong brand? In this course, the instructor will take you through the key terminologies that can help you understand brand management easily. You will get to understand what brand identity, brand personality, and brand positioning is. Similarly, you will also get a chance to understand all about brand communication, brand image, and brand equity. Going further, the instructor will talk about the important theoretical underpinnings and principles and also the frameworks of brand management. Along with examples, you will be able to understand the condition of different markets.

Upon completing this course, you would have gained a complete understand of the basics of brand management. Next, you would have understood all the key brand-related terminologies. With that, you’d also have understood the important frameworks and principles of branding.


Learn Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behavior

          • University of London via Coursera
          • 17 hours of effort required
          • 165,747+ already enrolled!
          • ★★★★★ (1,575 Ratings)

Aligining Business Brand and behaviourIn this course, you will get to learn and practice a variety of skills that will help you understand all about brand management. Starting the course, you will understand how to build brands from a broad organizational perspective. You will be taught in detail how to lead brand-led culture change with human resource practices at the core. Similarly, you will also get a chance to learn to build brands in multi-brand companies across different cultures and geographies. Next, there will be detailed discussion on how to measure brand health in new ways. This includes both internally and externally. You can also find out How to do CPA Marketing without a Website?

After that, you will understand how to value and capture returns to brands across different organizations. Then the instructor will introduce you to a new concept of employee-based brand equity. Thus this is how you will understand what brand management is.

The wonderful professor Tavassoli has done a great job in helping me understand how a business can be broken down into smaller and understandable chunks. The brand and behavior alignment process was very insightful and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from the course (AS, ★★★★★).


Strategies to build Winning Brands

          • via Kellogg School of Management
          • 36 hours of effort required

In this engaging and challenging brand manager training program, you will be given the opportunity to learn to develop your own brand’s positioning and character and purpose as well. You will be taught how to evaluate the health of your brand by using different interesting approaches. Similarly, you will also be taught how to make a smart brand portfolio decisions and manage growth. Going further, the instructor will talk about how to create a powerful marketing plan for a real-world scenario. In addition, you will also understand how to drive growth and defend against competitive attacks using a financial risk assessment.

This course has been designed for all the managers out there who have the responsibility of handling traditional branding initiative. With that, all those managers or executive who contribute to the organization’s growth can also take the course. So, if you are that person who has to drive growth through supply chain, general management, or distribution channels, then you can gain all the knowledge to do so with the help of this course program.


Strategic Brand Management Certification Online

          • CurtinX via edX
          • 12 weeks (8-10 hours weekly) of effort required
          • 29,155+ already enrolled!
          • Level: Advanced
          • Language: English

Strategic Brand ManagementA course among the best brand management certificate programs that will help you examine product or brand management decisions from the comfort of your home. You will be taught how to investigate the strategies and tactics that can help you build, measure, and then manage brand equity. This course is a part of “Marketing in a digital world MicroMasters program”. It aims to help you learn and understand how to apply concepts of advertising and marketing to branding. First, you will get to examine the various topics and strategies which are related to building, measuring, and managing a brand. This includes understanding direct and indirect measures of brand equity and structures of desired brand knowledge. Next, the instructor will talk about the choice of brand elements and the development of supporting marketing programs. You might also be interested in online Entrepreneurship courses at takethiscourse.net.

You will learn to develop a framework to identify and establish brand positioning. Then you will find different ways to build customer based brand equity. Next, you will also learn how to plan and implement brand marketing programs with the help of integrated marketing communications and brand associations. Similarly, the instructor will talk about how a brand equity management system can catch customer mindset, develop a more stable market, and more.


The Secret Power of Brands

          • University of East Anglia via FutureLearn
          • 6 weeks (3 hours weekly) of effort required
          • 98,465+ already enrolled!
          • Course Type: Self Paced

Secret power of brandsIn this “Secret power of brands” course, you will get to understand the role of brands and brand management in today’s modern world. You will get all the guidelines required to start developing a career in this sector. The University of East Anglia in collaboration with an influential brand consultancy Wolff Olins present you this course that is the solution to all the problems. You will get a chance to learn from the best practitioners at best companies like Google and Virgin. By getting a rick mixture of theory and practical tools, you will be able to develop a good understanding of brands and brand management. Similarly, you will also get access to insights and methods from the converging worlds of technology, design, and brand and much more in this course.

I can say this course has helped me learn some really string practical skills that can be applied in real life. The course helped me understand how I can target the right audience to present a brand. Completing this course has equipped me with all the skills I need to perform even better at my workplace (Simon English).


Brand and Product Management

          • IE Business School via Coursera
          • 14 hours of effort required
          • 71,816+ already enrolled!
          • ★★★★★ (445 Ratings)

Brand and product managementA course that aims to help you identify the critical information you need to develop a product and brand strategy. You will develop such a product and brand strategy that leads to quick-wins and long-term value. Starting the course, the instructor will talk about how to create an activity plan to give your brand strategy a life. Here both consumers and employees would be taken into consideration while doing so. Next, you will be taught how to determine success in the implementation of your product and brand strategy using the right metrics. The aim here is to load you with all the skills required for successful brand and product management. Therefore, enroll today in this course and learn all about brand and product management from the comfort of your home.

I believe this course has turned out to be very helpful in learning about how to manage a brand and the products involved in it. The course have me free insights on techniques and strategies regarding how to become a better brand and product manager. I would recommend this course to all my peers or even those who are reading this comment (MT, ★★★★★).


Brand Management: Build Successful Long Lasting Brands

          • Oxford Learning Lab via Udemy
          • 1,713+ already enrolled!
          • ★★★★ (396 Ratings)

Build Successful long lasting BrandsThis course can be considered a detailed professional guide that will help you plan, create, grow and manage brands. You will be taught how to take care of your brand and create immense value over time. The aim here is to help you understand how to plan a successful brand. You will be taught to grow your brand and learn how to brand 360 degrees. The course starts with a detailed explanation of the foundations of brand management. Here you will get to understand the different issues that rise in nurturing brands. Then you will learn to manage brands more effectively by applying some insightful techniques. Furthermore, you will be taught ways of building more emotion into a brand. So, learn to develop a valuable and lasting brand with the help of this course.

Being a marketing student, I had a lot of gaps that needed to be bridged and this course served the purpose. The course helped me understand the importance of brands and how they are connected with customers. All the lectures were easy to understand and thus I was able to learn a lot from this course (Saumiya Bharati, ★★★★★).


Brand Identity and Strategy

          • IE Business School via Coursera
          • 14 hours of effort required
          • 31,343+ already enrolled!
          • ★★★★★ (131 Ratings)

Brand Identity and strategyBrand identity and strategy is an advanced level course that is suitable for all those professionals who are willing to adopt a creative approach to empowering brands. By taking this course, you will go through an interesting journey that starts with understanding what a brand is. You will be given all the necessary guidelines to build a successful brand while at the same time segmenting the consumers appropriately. Taking this course, will help you explore positioning and its part in successful brands. Similarly, you will learn to pick the right name, the right color, and logo, and much more that can contribute towards a brand’s success.

This course was very informational and the professor has done a great job by teaching all the concepts using great examples. I believe this course has everything one needs to understand brand identity and the strategy that can lead to successful brand management (BM, ★★★★★).

saveFMCG / CPG Brand Management academy: Marketing Fundamentals

          • Massimiliano La Franca via Udemy
          • 166+ already enrolled!
          • ★★★★★ (36 Ratings)

FMCG CPGInterested in understanding the basic fundamental principles in brand marketing? Enroll in this course today and equip yourself with all the necessary skills required to understand brand management. You will understand what brand profile is and how to define it for your brand. The instructor will explain how you can identify crucial issues and opportunities for your brand. With that, you will get a chance to understand what marketing concept is. This includes innovation, communication, and activation concepts. Going further, you will get a chance to understand the phrases of communication development. Similarly, the instructor will also explain how you can judge communication in an effective and professional way. Thus you will understand the marketing fundamentals in a best possible manner through this course.

I would say even if you have a lot of experience in marketing, you should take this course as the precision and clarity with which this course has been instructed is great (Luke, ★★★★★).
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Final Thoughts

Hence these are the details of the best and free brand management courses. So choose the course of your choice and never stop learning.