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How to get CCP Certification?


CCP Certification is required by a person to become a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP). It is defined as a designation that depicts you having the essential knowledge for integrating compensation programs through business strategy, a defined design, and administer base and variable pay programs. Where you will comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements and effectively communicating compensation information.

Compensation is known to be a key element of a total rewards strategy. It is recognized as the world’s standard since the year 1976. Now the Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) designation is clearly known as a mark of expertise and excellence in the fundamentals of compensation throughout the total rewards community.

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Benefit of Earning this Certification?

Well, clearly this certification has advantages and the most obvious one is that it gives you and your employer the confidence you need in your job skills. As you perform well, your organization would also perform well. In short, it would benefit everyone.

Time Required to become a CCP:

If we talk about the time that it would take for a person to become a CCP then it would be around two to three years. All the HR professionals have to ensure or analyze how much detail they are willing to cover. With that, they also have to calculate the time they can put in to complete the courses. So, yes it can take two to three years to become a Certified Compensation Professional. You might also be interested in Best Online Human Resources Certificate Programs.

Required Exams:

There are total of 10 exams and below are its names:

  • Total Rewards Management (T1/GR1)
  • Accounting and Finance for the Human Resources Professional (T2)*
  • Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management (C3E) or Quantitative Methods (T3/GR2)
  • Strategic Communication in Total Rewards (T4/GR9)
  • Regulatory Environments for Compensation Programs (C1)*
  • Job Analysis, Documentation and Evaluation (C2/GR3)
  • Base Pay Administration and Pay for Performance (C4/GR4)
  • Variable Pay — Improving Performance with Variable Pay (C12/GR6)
  • Market Pricing — Conducting a Competitive Pay Analysis (C17/GR17)
  • Business Acumen for Compensation Professionals (C8)

How can you get CCP Certification?

Below are the details to get CCP certification.

  1. First you need to determine the professional certification(s) which you are willing to achieve.
  2. Visit the certification home page to view a listing of all the required certification exams. Then visit “My certification Status” and select your certification.
  3. You need to determine whether you need to enroll in a WorldatWork certification or just take the exam.
  4. Then you have to check all the latest course schedule and then select your purchase.
  5. Once you are done with the purchase, you can then set up an account and then schedule your online proctored exam.

As the labor market evolves, so do the compensation structures and strategies. The CCP certification will open the doors for you to apply at ambitious companies, assess the validity of the current market value and the quality of the matches, and then make a confident decision on how to best support the business.

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Frequently asked Questions:

We know some of you might have some questions about this certification and that is why we have gathered some FAQ’s which you can read and clear your ambiguities.

Q# 1: Is WorldatWork membership required to pursue certification?

Ans: No, this membership is not required to pursue CCP Certification however, all the WorldatWork members receive discounts on certification prep courses and exams.

Q# 2: Do we have to take the certification prep course or just take the exam?

Ans: No, you are not required to take a certification prep course. But it is true that many people find value in learning through these courses that have been taught by experienced instructors. So, it is up to you whether you want to take a certification prep course and then appear in the exam or just appear in the exam.

Q# 3: Is it necessary to take the exam in a specific order?

Ans: There is no specific order to take the exams but yes we would recommend you to take the Total Rewards Management (T1/GR1) course first as it will help you establish a good foundation.

Q# 4: Where can I take the Exam?

Ans: For your comfort, WorldatWork provides online proctored exams so that you don’t have to leave your home in these tough times.

If you need more information about scheduling the WorldatWork certification exam, feel free to visit the exam information webpage.

Q# 5: How much time do I have to take the test after buying the Exam?

Ans: After buying the exam, you have 120 days from the date of purchase.

Q# 6: What is the minimum Passing Score?

Ans: The minimum passing percentage for all the certification exams is 75%. No matter which exam you want to take, the passing percentage will be 75.

Q# 7: If I fail the exam, can I appear in it again?

Ans: Yes, no matter how many times you fail the exam, you can take as many retakes as you like.

When you fail the exam, you might want to retake immediately. But we would suggest you first look over your score and then identify the areas you need to improve and then retake the exam.

Q# 8: Once Completing a Certification, is there an option of applying those credits to another Certification?

Ans: Yes, you can apply the exam credits from your certification to another corresponding exam requirements for any future certifications.

Q# 9: Do the exam I have taken ever expire?

Ans: All the certification exams would expire in eight years from the day you have passed them if you haven’t achieved your designation.

Q# 10: Where can the Certification status be Checked?

Ans: You can check your status by logging into My Profile and then scroll to My certifications and then click on View Certification Status for viewing passed exams. You can also check for the date you passed the exam and what exams you have yet to take. Note that all the results and other information are updated weekly.

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