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Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam is the first step in desktop certifications track and requires only 3+ months of tableau experience. In this online exam, one has to answer 45 questions in maximum 60 minutes. You need 75% score to pass specialist certification exam. This certification has lifetime validity without expiration as per tableau. Prepare our tableau desktop specialist certification practice tests well before appearing for actual exam.

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Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Format
Time Limit 60 minutes
Questions Format Multiple Choice
Number of Questions 45 (40 scored, 5 unscored)
Passing Score 750 out of 1000
Fee $100

Standard (1 Exam)

  • Access to Practice Exam 1
  • 45 Questions Quiz of 60 minutes
  • Validate skills on Tableau 2020.3
  • Step by step solution to each question
  • Unlimited Attempts for 30 days
  • Secure Payment via Paypal

Premium+ (6 Exams)

$60 $39.99
  • Access to 3 Exams in Premium Product
  • Access to 3 Theory-based Exams
  • 45 Questions Exams of 60 minutes
  • Validate skills on Tableau 2020.3
  • Step by step solution to each question
  • Unlimited attempts for 30 days
  • Secure Payment by Paypal
  • Updating | Coming Soon…


How to prepare for Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification?

You need to understand about the latest changes about Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam first and then prepare accordingly.

What version of Tableau tested in Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam?

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification is validating skills on tableau version 2020.3.

I need suggestion whether I should first go for Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam and then take the certified one or should go directly for the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam?

According to what we have seen, the Tableau Specialist exam is relatively easy and also cost effective. This means that taking this exam would also give you a quick win and won’t cost you a fortune. And thus it will help you impress the clients if you are in a state of job hunting. Another reason for choosing this certification first is that its title is never going to expire. But it is also true no matter how difficult the Certified Associate Certification is, it carries way more weightage than the specialist one.

Why is it that I am able to take the free quizzes at your site and unable to take the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam?

Whenever any user joins our free membership, they get access to the free quizzes. This is for all users. But if you want to get access to the complete practice tests for the specialist exam then you have to buy the paid specialist membership.

I have gone through enough learning content that I feel prepared to take the exam. So is it necessary to spend money on any practice exams?

Well, it only depends on you. Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification practice test is usually the most feasible way to evaluate yourself and find out whether or not you are ready to take the actual exam. And if you feel confident enough and don’t feel the need to take the practice exam then it is totally fine. But generally speaking, taking the practice exam test would give you a good idea about how to solve the actual exam and would increase your speed. So to be on the safe side, it is best to take the practice exam.

What are the chances of passing the real exam if I take your practice exams?

The chances are high because our free quizzes and complete certification exams are carefully created following the Tableau provided curriculum and exam pattern. Suppose, if you take our practice exam and get a high score in it, then the chances of clearing the actual exam are quite bright. But still we would never give you a 100% guarantee that you will pass. It is because the Tableau exams are widely spread across all the course line and thus your theoretical study and exposure with tools also counts in passing the real exam.

I want to buy the Tableau Certification exams but before that I need to know the quality of these exams.

You should know that all of our practice exams are developed by a team of Tableau experts who have Tableau Certification and with rich Tableau exposure. We are more than confident about the quality and quantity of our exam products and thousands of students who have taken our practice tests made it to the actual exam. Still if you have doubts then you can try our free quizzes and questions and answer solution videos to find out what we offer. In addition, we also give a money back guarantee which means that your money is safe with us.

I don’t have PayPal since it does not work in my country. So how am I supposed to pay now?

This is not a big problem as there are many countries where PayPal might not work and if your country is one of them then no worries because as soon as you contact us, we are going to arrange a bank payment transfer directly with you. You can send us an email at contact@takethiscourse.net.

I have seen some similar questions on other websites and they are available for free, so isn’t it better if I just take the free ones?

It is a sad fact that we don’t have any control over copy and piracy of our content. But what we can assure you is our extended support. So whenever you face a problem, our team of Tableau experts will be there for you 24/7. And this is what makes us different from others.

I took the practice exams from your website and found it very useful. I have also studied well for the exam but in the end I failed the actual exam. So what should I do here?

We are very sorry to hear that but certainly there is no shortcut to success and we never gave a 100% guarantee that everyone who takes our exam will pass the actual exam. Since you have failed the exam so we strongly recommend you to not give up and start over again. First go through the exam prep guide very carefully. Then try to identify the weak areas and cover the deficiency with the help of these resources; • Tableau provided free video. • Tableau provided help book. • Practice exam questions. It is natural anyone can fail the exam for the first time even if he was well prepared but no one should lose hope and start again and keep trying until you succeed.

For those who use Tableau public, can they get access to your files on Tableau public?

Sadly no, as it is our proprietary material so that is why you will not get access to these files on Tableau public. But you can download these filed and use in Tableau Desktop if you want to use our practice exams for Tableau Specialist Certification.

What can the Tableau Certification Dumps teach me?

These mocks aim to test your ability in using statistical tools and evaluate the various aspects of data visualization and how you create dashboards. In short, it helps you to examine your preparation in tableau desktop 10 concepts and focus on all such areas where you are weak.

Is it possible to retake the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Dumps?

Yes, all candidates have option to attempt multiple times. But we would suggest taking the test only when you are well prepared for it.

Are there any requirements to take the Tableau practice test?

There are no requirements to take either of the certified or specialist exam. As the test will be on a computer screen so you don’t need a pencil or paper for such purpose.

Will the Tableau test be updated frequently?

Yes, we would love for our users to stick with us and that is why we update the practice tests (both certified and specialist) frequently to include the new material relevant to certified or specialist exam. It saves the user’s time as he doesn’t have to go elsewhere to look for latest information. Thus our practice tests are updated as per the latest testing version of Tableau.

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