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PSM Certification Dumps & Practice Exams

In order to validate one’s Scrum Framework skills, Scrum.org provides PSM (Professional Scrum Master) Certification. This page is dedicated for PSM Certification, PSM Certification Sample Questions, PSM Certification Practice Exam and PSM Certification dumps.

PSM Certification Exams:

  • PSM I (Fundamental Level) – Understands Scrum and it’s application as per Scrum Guide.
  • PSM II (Advanced Level) – Understands Scrum and it’s application in more advanced scenarios.
  • PSM III (Distinguished Level) – Deeply understand scrum and apply it in highly complex situations with some mastery.

PSM Certification Dumps:

PSM Certification Sample Questions and Quizzes:

PSM Certification Practice Test/Exam:

Scrum.org’s PSM I Certification Exam is a MCQs based exam that costs around $150. For anyone preparing for PSM 1 Certification, taking the below Practice Test before the actual exam will be really helpful.

PSM I Online Practice Exam
Appear for a Complete Online PSM I Certification Practice Test: Scrum.org PSM Certification

Just for $9.99

  • Complete 80 Questions Exam of 1 hours.
  • Real Time Practical Scenario-based questions as per actual exam.
  • Tests and improves one’s skill on Scrum Framework.
  • Unlimited attempts for 30 days.
  • Just for $9.99 (USD)
  • Secure Payment by Paypal

PSM Certification FAQs:

What is the cost of PSM Certification?

PSM I Certification costs $150. It’s $250 and $500 for PSM II & PSM III respectively.

What is the validity period of PSM Certification?

PSM Certification has life time validity and doesn’t require renewal.

What is the Passing Score for PSM Certification?

One need to achieve at least 85% score to pass the PSM Certification.

Is taking a PSM Certification boosts one’s Career?

Scrum Master Salary
Reference: Glassdoor.com

ScrumMaster Certification really provides a boost in one’s career growth. As per glassdoor.com, the average salary of ScrumMaster in U.S market is $93,285/year.

Shall I pass the PSM Certification Exam by taking these PSM Certification Practice Exams/Tests?

It all depends upon one’s preparation and skills in Scrum framework, but taking these Practice Tests definitely improves one’s skills (as each exam question has relevant correct answer and a reason with solution). Also, these practice exams provide a good simulation of real PSM Certification Exam.

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