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PSM Certification Dumps & Practice Test

Maximize your PSM certification success with expert-designed practice tests. This page is dedicated to provide PSM Certification Material including PSM Certification Sample Questions, PSM Practice Test, PSM 1 Mock Test and PSM Dumps or PSM 1 Exam Simulator.

Key Takeaways:

  • Expert-crafted PSM practice tests.
  • Comprehensive exam preparation.
  • Identify and improve weak areas.
  • Boost confidence for exam success.
Updated (05-Mar-2024):
** Our PSM practice tests just got better with new questions and in-depth answers!
** Complete new exam (i.e. Exam 4) with 80 questions added to our pool of exams. Begin today and confidently advance towards your ScrumMaster certification.

PSM Certification Exams:

  • PSM I (Fundamental Level) – Understands Scrum and it’s application as per Scrum Guide.
  • PSM II (Advanced Level) – Understands Scrum and it’s an application in more advanced scenarios.
  • PSM III (Distinguished Level) – Deeply understand scrum and apply it in highly complex situations with some mastery.

PSM Certification Dumps / PSM 1 Mock Test:

PSM 1 Certification Sample Questions, PSM Dumps, PSM 1 Exam Questions and Quizzes:

PSM Practice Test/Exam:

Scrum.org’s PSM 1 Certification Exam is an MCQs based exam that costs around $200. For anyone preparing for PSM 1 Certification exam, taking the below PSM 1 Practice Tests, PSM 1 Practice Exam or PSM 1 Mock test before the actual PSM 1 exam will be really helpful.


  • Access to FREE Short Quizzes
  • 5 Questions Quiz of 30 minutes
  • Practical Scenario-based questions
  • Validate skills on Scrum Framework
  • The solution to each question
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • Free for life


$20 $9.99(Limited Time Offer)
  • Access to PSM Practice Test 1 & 2 & 3 & 4
  • 80 Questions Exams of 60 minutes
  • Practical Scenario-based questions
  • Validate skills on Scrum Framework
  • Solution to each question at the end
  • Unlimited attempts for 30 days
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PSM Practice Exam 1 PSM Practice Exam 2 PSM Practice Exam 3 PSM Practice Exam 4

How can I effectively prepare for the PSM certification exam?

Effectively and efficiently prepare for the PSM certification exam by utilizing expert-designed practice tests available at “Take This Course” platform. These tests help identify weak areas, enhance understanding, and significantly boost confidence for exam success.

Note: This professional scrum master certification dumps, PSM Dumps, and PSM practice test, PSM 1 Mock test is targeting Scrum.org’s PSM 1 Certification. Soon, you’ll find PSM dumps, PSM Certification dumps questions on PSM 2 & PSM 3 exams from our certified professionals. You can also checkout free PSM certification questions with solutions.

PSM Certification Dumps FAQs:

What is PSM Certification Cost?

PSM I Certification costs $200. It's $250 and $500 for PSM II & PSM III respectively.

What is the validity period of PSM Certification?

PSM Certification Dumps has lifetime validity and doesn't require renewal. Our PSM 1 Exam Simulator is really helpful to pass in first attempt.

What is the Passing Score for PSM Certification?

One needs to achieve at least an 85% score to pass the PSM Certification.

Shall I pass the PSM Certification Exam by taking these PSM Certification Practice Exams/Tests/PSM Dumps?

It all depends upon one's preparation and skills in the Scrum framework, but taking these PSM Practice Test, PSM Certification Dumps and PSM dumps definitely improves one's skills (as each exam question has the relevant correct answer and a reason with solution). Also, these PSM certification dumps /PSM Dumps and PSM 1 Mock test provide a good simulation of the real PSM Certification Exam.

Is taking a PSM Certification boosts one’s Career?

Scrum Master Salary
Reference: Glassdoor.com

ScrumMaster Certification really provides a boost in one’s career growth. As per glassdoor.com, the average salary of ScrumMaster in U.S market is $93,285/year. You might also be interested in free PSM Certification skill assessment.

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    • PSM I exams tests one’s understanding of Scrum and it’s application as per Scrum Guide. Our practice exam is prepared to simulate the real PSM-I exam with MCQ-based Questions. It’s a complete 80 questions practice exam of 1 hour and you’ll be allowed to take unlimited attempts for 30 days. At the end of exam, you’ll find thorough answer with reason to each question that will help you improve your understanding of Scrum Framework.

  1. The free PSM gives a clearence of how the question papers will be. And we can easily prepare. If Everytime it would have been different type of questions it would be really helpful

    • Dear Haifaferjani,

      We have provided the detailed feedback at the end of each PSM Certification Practice Exam with reference to Scrum Guide that really helps people to validate their skills before appearing for actual exam.

      Thanks for your appreciation and valuable feedback.

  2. Demo Questions are very useful. They let you get accustomed to the language of the exam – especially important if you are not an English Native speaker. The demo may also build your confidence showing that PSM Exam is possible to pass 🙂
    Definitely it is helpful in preparation for your exam.

    • Hi kay, Are you looking for PSM-III Exam? Right now, we have Practice exams for PSM-I only. We already have 2 complete exams and the 3rd practice exam for PSM-I will be released in the first week of the coming month.
      More Practice exams for PSM-II and PSM-III will be released later in June 2020.

  3. Does the real PSM 1 test contains all the questions from this dumps/practice ?
    Will i pass the PSM 1 test if i only prepare from this dumps/practice questions ?

    • Thanks Kalyan for your query.

      Scrum.org has a huge pool of questions for PSM 1 exam. We provide a similar set of questions on required topic areas to validate your skill as a scrum master. These questions will be real-like questions, not the exact questions. These PSM dumps will validate and improve your skills for the real exam if you practice well all these. Checkout other users feedback above.

      Also, our PSM Practice Exam simulation with unlimited attempts gives you a good understanding that how to manage limited time and rightly answer the maximum questions.

      But no one can guarantee success by just purchasing the practice tests unless you have a good base knowledge and practice all these exams well. We’ll recommend to take some free + best courses on scrum and agile to improve your skills too.

      Hopefully, you understand the point.

    • Our practice tests are regularly updated to ensure they align with the latest Scrum guide. We take great care to ensure that the information and questions presented are accurate and up-to-date, so that our users can have confidence in their understanding of Scrum principles and practices.

      Please let us know if you find anything that needs to be reviewed.


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