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TTC's Career Guide provides everything you need to know about a specific Job role and align it with valuable online resources (free courses, specializations, degree programs).

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What is a Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Collect, organize and interpret statistical information to help organization make better decisions.

$92,707 average yearly salary *
1,702,315 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
  IBM Data Analyst Certificate
IT Support Specialist

IT Support Specialist

Support to resolve IT/technical issues and maintain hardware and software installations.

$74,443 average yearly salary *
1,821,350 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
  Google IT Support Certificate
Digital Marketer

UX Designer

Work hard to optimize interaction between human and products or services.

$99,797 average yearly salary *
349,399 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
  Google UX Design Certificate
Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity Analyst

Responsible for data security that is stored in digital form including computers, hard drives, servers, networks, mobile devices etc.

$110,237 average yearly salary *
52,162 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
  IBM Cybersecurity Analyst
DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Create and maintain CI/CD pipeline for seamless deployment to happen.

$118,726 average yearly salary *
1,182,681 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
  Google Cloud DevOps Engineer
Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analyst

Make strategies that can help organizations understand consumer buying patterns.

$82,827 average yearly salary *
544,642 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
  Meta Marketing Analyst
Agile Product Owner

Product Owner

Creates user stories as well as prepare, maintain and prioritize product backlog.

$107,125 average yearly salary *
705,420 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
  Product Owner Fundamentals
Data Engineer

Data Engineer

Design as well as build systems that can convert the raw data into usable information for business owners/analysts.

$115,913 average yearly salary *
1,235,966 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
  Google Data Engineer Certificate
Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer

Develop web apps and smart contracts using blockchain technology. Working on optimizing blockchain protocols.

$109,703 average yearly salary *
148,060 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
  Berkeley Blockchain Technology
Who is a Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

Deals with both front-end and back-end of an application or website.

$108,707 average yearly salary *
335,120 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
Become a Full Stack Web Developer
Who is an Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer

Determine the state and needs of the learners and define end goal of instructions.

$100,840 average yearly salary *
127,882 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
Instructional Design Foundations and Applications
Who is a Supply Chain Consultant

Supply Chain CNSLT

Analyze and streamline logistic network. Identify problems and help to increase overall efficiency.

$87,303 average yearly salary *
840,137 jobs available *

Recommended Course:
Supply Chain Management: MicroMaster Program

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Above we have listed different career paths containing everything you need to know about a specific job role. Whether you want to know the educational requirements of a data analyst or need to know the certifications required for a UX designer. Similarly, want to know who a data blockchain developer is and what you should do to become one? You might also be interested in knowing how much an IT support specialist make. Whatever it is that you need to know about a specific job role, we have got you covered.

This Career Guide also has information regarding the market trends and salary of a specific job title. You will also get access to the type of responsibilities you will be given with whatever the job title you have. In short, this guide is a one-stop shop for all those individuals who wish to know all the important details about a specific job role. The biggest advantage of this career guide is that you get all the information beforehand and this will then help you decide which career path to choose.