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Who is a Blockchain Developer? Key Responsibilities, Skills & Salary 2024


Who is a Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is an individual who has to develop and optimize all the blockchain protocols using the best of his knowledge and skills. He has to craft the architecture of all the blockchain systems and develop smart contracts and web apps. This is usually done by using blockchain technology.

Being a blockchain developer means you should have a strong mix of skills in different areas including computer networking, data structures, cryptography, and algorithms. Similarly, blockchain developers are the ones who have to make sure all the digital transactions are secure by creating systems that can record and store the blockchain data and can prevent any kind of changes or hacks. They not only design secure blockchain technologies but also develop application features and interfaces and make sure their client and server-side applications are maintained effectively.

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Key Responsibilities of a Blockchain Developer

This job role comes with a lot of responsibilities and some of them are as following;

  • Design, implement, and then distribute a much secured blockchain-based network.
  • Analyze a company’s blockchain needs and then design customized blockchain technologies.
  • Launch and maintain a blockchain network.
  • Identify the blockchain technological needs and then envisaged functionalities.
  • Create several application features and interfaces. This will be done by using programming languages and writing multithreaded codes.
  • Apply all the latest techniques for protecting digital transaction data against all kinds of cyberattacks and information hacks.
  • Integrate new tools and technologies for optimizing and securing blockchain applications.
  • Educate all your sales personnel on blockchain features allowing secured digital payments.
  • Document all the blockchain development processes and comply with the best practices for data protection.

Required Qualification/Education:

  • If you wish to become a blockchain developer then the first thing you should do is get a bachelor’s degree in either information security or computer science. A bachelor’s degree in any other relevant field will also serve the purpose.
  • With that, if you have some experience as a blockchain developer then this can help you land a very stable job easily.

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What makes you qualified for this job?

Being a blockchain developer is tough as it demands a lot of work to be done meticulously. Here are some key skills you need to possess, If you wish to pull off this role brilliantly.

Hard Skills:

    • Extensive knowledge of programming languages that can then be used for blockchain development is required.
    • Experience in cryptography is important.
    • You need to possess expertise that can translate into secure, fast, and efficient digital transactions.
    • Similarly, proficiency in programming languages including C++, Python, and Java is required.
    • Moreover, you should have experience in back-end development and algorithms.
    • Next, you should have a deep knowledge of blockchain protocols.
    • An excellent understanding of blockchain architecture is also required.
    • In addition, deep knowledge and applicative sense of data structures are very important to act effectively.

Soft Skills:

    • The know-how of blockchain management and data protection is important.
    • You should possess advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Similarly, you should possess excellent organizational skills.
    • Keen attention to detail is a plus point.
    • Lastly, excellent communication and collaboration abilities are important to possess.

In-demand Certifications:

Earning a certification has always helped individuals in gaining a deeper knowledge of blockchain technology and also to stay one step ahead of others. Below we have listed some of the available certifications for you to consider;

Top Companies/Organizations Hiring Blockchain Developers

Blockchain development is considered to be the second most demanded skill in the market (first is robotics specialist) and this will only grow higher in popularity. Trust us this is not just speculation but reality so you can be at ease because there are hundreds and thousands of blockchain developer jobs out there.

Companies like KPMG, Deloitte, Cisco, Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, Chase, J.P. Morgan, and many others are waiting for individuals with such skill set to come and work with them.

Blockchain developers can succeed in sectors like banking, real estate, supply chain management, cloud storage, healthcare, transportation, insurance, and government etc.

Blockchain Developer Salary Statistics

Country Average Salary (Yearly)
United States $101,977
Canada CA$96,571
United Kingdom £62,232
India ₹727,101
Australia A$132,638


If you are working as a blockchain developer in America then the average annual salary would be around $101,977.

Blockchain Developer make


The average annual salary of a blockchain developer working in Canada is around CA$96,571.

Blockchain Developer make in Canada


In England, a blockchain developer can make around £62,232 a year.

Blockchain Developer make in United Kingdom


A blockchain developer working in India can make around ₹727,101.

Blockchain Developer make in India


Working as a blockchain developer in Australia can help you make an average annual salary of A$132,638.

Blockchain Developer make in Australia

Blockchain Developer VS Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Developer Blockchain Engineer
A blockchain developer works on blockchains and develops the security and architecture of the entire blockchain system. They are deeply involved in developing the foundation for other developments. On the other hand, blockchain engineers provide their knowledge and expertise to data firms and technology consulting firms. They also develop strong network for the organization they work for. They develop and implement the assets and also set the blockchain infrastructure efficiently.


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