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3 Best Online Zoology Certificate Programs


Zoology as we know is the branch of biology where we get to study the entire animal kingdom. In zoology, we get to study the structure, evolution, embryology, and classification of animals. Similarly, the habits and distribution of all animals are also studied in zoology. Whether animals are living or extinct, we get to study everything under this head including how they interact with their ecosystems.

To know more about Zoology, our team at takethiscourse.net has compiled a list of the 3 best online zoology certificate programs. These certificate programs are a great opportunity for all interested individuals to start a career in this field. Other than these zoology certificate programs, we also have curated a comprehensive list of best zoology online courses that might be of your interest. So let us take a look at this certificate programs list!

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Best Online Zoology Certificate Programs


Zoology Executive Diploma (International Career Institute)

Zoology Executive Diploma

Are you interested in fast tracking your career in different professions relevant to zoology? Or you have this interest to develop these skills in not years but months, if yes then this Zoology Executive diploma is what you need. We know there are quite a few zoo keeper positions and whenever there is a vacancy, the competition gets tough. And that is why this training is required to help you get ahead of others. If you have this diploma then we believe it will get easier for you to stand tall in the crowd and get selected.

  • This diploma will allow you to understand the duties of a zoo keeper which include the care and maintenance of captive animals and their enclosures. With that, you will understand how to prepare their food. Similarly, you will be taught how to maintain detailed animal records and assist in the capture and restraint of animals.
  • This is the type of course that will lead you to the award of an executive diploma. Similarly, this qualification will help you get recognition in a wide range of technical and management functions. Note that this course is not only recognized but accredited by the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC).

Coursera Plus CoursesMore Online Zoology Certificate Programs


BS in Zoology (Oregon State University)

BS in Zoology

Zoology is known to be an interdisciplinary biological sciences degree focusing on all aspects of the biology of animals. From genes to ecosystems you will be learning everything about this field. In particular, we can say this Zoology coursework will cover all the major areas of the life sciences. This includes genetics, physiology, ecology, and conservation biology. The aim here is to help you gain critical thinking skills and get professional development training.

  • Similarly, through the coursework, you will be able to all the learned knowledge to real-life situations as soon as you enter the job market.
  • Note that this Zoology degree is specifically offered by the Oregon State’s Department of Integrative Biology. And to your knowledge, its faculty is nationally recognized in the fields of organismal biology, evolution, ecology, and marine biology.


Certificate in Wildlife Management (ACS Distance Education)

Certificate In Wildlife Management

In this course, you will be gaining the foundational knowledge and skills required to work in wildlife care and management. You will be taught how to work in a zoo and start a career in wildlife areas. With that, you will understand the components of an ecosystem in detail. Similarly, going further you will understand the development of life where the instructor will talk about genetics and natural selection. Moreover, the instructor will talk in detail about animals, parasites, rainforests, and endangered species. Other topics in this course include an overview of mammals, marsupials, vertebrate taxonomy diversity, fishes, mammalian glires, and insectivores. This course is divided into different modules and each module has multiple lessons. Thus completing this course will equip you with everything you need to understand about wildlife.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above details, all these certificate programs let you learn at your own ease and pace and help you start a career as a zoologist or whatever the role you’re interested in. Therefore enroll in any of the certificate programs today and never stop learning.