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What is a Full Stack Developer? Key Responsibilities, Skills & Salary 2023


What is a Full Stack Developer?

Full stack web developers or simply full stack developers are known to be web engineers who have to deal with both front-end and back-end of an application or website. They have to work with any stack – mobile, web or even native applications.

To be on a clear side, front-end developers only have to work with the visible parts of an application or website (this also includes the features used by native applications). While on the other hand, back-end developers work behind the scenes aspects, the “nuts and bolts” including infrastructure and databases.

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Putting aside front and back ends, all the applications also have a database layer and this layer is called the application’s core. Now this core contains all the processes in database management systems which also include data administration, creation, deletion, and extraction. Full stack developers as we know are trained enough to handle any stage of the development process that is, from start to end.

Key Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer

As a full stack developer, there are a handful of responsibilities which cannot be overlooked and below we have listed some of the very common ones.

  • A full stack developer has to help with the design and development of the software.
  • He has to write a clean code for the front and back end of the software.
  • He may have to test and maintain the responsive design of several applications.
  • He is required to work with different graphic designers and design new features.
  • Similarly, he has to test and debug software in order for it to stay optimized.
  • Moreover, he has to design user interactions on the web application itself.
  • Going further, it is a full stack developer’s job to ensure cross-platform compatibility and optimization.
  • Similarly, he has to develop APIs and RESTful services.
  • Furthermore, he has to stay updated with all the technological advances for optimizing their software.
  • Next, a full stack developer has to create servers and databases for the back end of the software.
  • After that, a full stack developer is required to communicate the effectiveness of all emerging technologies to the decision makers.
  • Lastly, when developing software, he has to consider security, maintenance, and scalability as well.

Required Qualification/Education:

Just like any other job role demands a proper degree so does this one. Without a proper degree, the chances of getting a proper job are quite low.

If you want to become a full stack developer then earning a Bachelor’s degree in computer science would help. A degree in computer engineering or a related field is also fine. Note that earning a proper degree would help you hone the technical and workplace skills required to become an effective full stack developer.

With that, some full stack developers after gaining some work experience (or right after their bachelor degree) also opt for Master’s degree as well. This allows them to stand out tall in the crowd.

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What makes you qualified for this job?

Just as a proper degree is important to outperform others, so are some set of skills you need to possess. Below we have listed down some of the hard and soft skills that should be possessed as a full stack developer. This list is a compilation of some of the valuable skills and it’s not like all the organizations would expect the developer to have all the below-mentioned skills. Still we believe these skills can help you outshine others.

Hard Skills:

  • A good understanding of front end programming languages is beneficial. This includes HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • With that, you should have a know-how of Python, Ruby, and PHP.
  • After that, an understanding of version control systems like Git and GitHub is required.
  • Next, you need to know what APIs are like REST and SOAP.
  • Then you need to know all about the database storage solutions like JSON, SQL, and NoSQL.
  • After that, you should be familiar with JavaScript frameworks like Amber, Angular JS, and React.
  • Lastly, you should have experience with database technologies as well including MongoDB, MySQL, and Oracle.

Soft Skills:

Soft skills are also important and play a vital part in helping you perform well at your workplace. This includes to be;

  • Detailed-oriented.
  • Should have the ability to solve problems in real time.
  • Similarly, should possess proven verbal communication skills.
  • Must be creative enough to outperform others.
  • Graphic design and visual communication skills can also add value to one’s work.

In-Demand Certifications

Even though a proper degree and developing certain skills can help you perform really well at your workplace and make things easier but what can add the most value is earning a certification. Above all, if you take out some time and earn a relevant certification then this can help you outshine others to a great extent and the chances of you getting a promotion or a pay raise become even higher. As a full stack developer you can consider this below certification.

CFSD (Certified Full Stack Developer) via gsdcouncil.org

This certification offers a 180-minutes exam and 65% is the passing rate. The certification allows individuals to gain a fundamental understanding of software development and possess technical skills to perform well.

Top Companies/Organizations Hiring Full Stack Developers

As you can see, full stack developers tend to enjoy one of the most attractive salaries in the industry and thus can be considered a safe and excellent career choice.

Companies like Microsoft, Verizon, Capital One, Cisco, Northrop Grumman, TCS, Infosys, and IBM etc are always in a position to hire full stack developers and that too at an attractive salary package.

Full stack developers can fit in industries like marketing, finance, healthcare, and many others. And thus it is true; a career as a full stack developer is a good choice. And all those individuals out there who have even a slight interest in this field should start working on becoming one.

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Full Stack Developer Salary Statistics

This section contains salary statistics of a full stack developer working in different countries.

Country Average Salary (Yearly)
United States $108,707
Canada CA$78,255
United Kingdom £50,171
India ₹712,295
Australia A$106,500


The average annual salary of a full stack developer working in the USA is around $108,707.

Full Stack Developer Salary USA


If you are working as a full stack developer in Canada then you can expect to earn an average annual salary of CA$78,255.

Full Stack Developer Salary Canada


Full stack developers working in United Kingdom usually make an average annual salary of £50,171.

Full Stack Developer Salary UK


Working as a full stack developer will help you earn an average annual salary of ₹712,295 in India.

Full Stack Developer Salary India


In Australia, the average annual salary of a full stack developer is A$106,500.

Full Stack Developer Salary Australia


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  • Please note that mentioned salary stats are as of 16th July, 2022.

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