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How to do CPA Marketing without a Website?


CPA marketing is known to be an affiliate marketing business where you can earn a lot of money for the actions taken on the advertiser’s product or offer. Now, these actions can be in any form, from submitting an email address to the selling of products, filling forms, or submitting a pin code. Similarly, downloading a file to submitting CC details, submitting a phone number, or any other thing that results in a conversion for the affiliate.

Did you know?

  • Marketers are earning between $1,000 to $10,000 monthly in CPA. Even some of the best marketers are earning up to $1,000,000 yearly through CPA & Affiliate marketing.
  • You may be surprised that more than 80% of the brands runs their affiliate programs as per mediakix.
  • As per AWIN network, more than 65% of marketers are using blogging as their primary source of traffic.

CPA Marketing Home Business

Benefits of CPA Marketing:

Below we have listed some of the benefits of doing CPA marketing.

It is easy to set up:

It’s really easy to launch CPA marketing as you only need a website and CPA network to do so and it takes a very little capital upfront for using this marketing technique.

Can help expand your audience:

With the help of CPA marketing, you are easily able to broaden your audience. This marketing technique enables you to partner with influencers so as to let you get your product in front of more people and thus expand your customer base. We believe this method to be quite effective in a situation where you are trying to break into new audience.

It only lets you pay after sale:

With CPA marketing, you only need to pay for the traffic that converts. Meaning, if for some reason an affiliate’s referrals are continuously offering low-rate conversions then you can easily diversify your affiliates and move your focus towards a more successful influencer.

It comes with a low risk:

With CPA marketing, the risk of any loss is low. It is because you don’t have to pay to the publisher unless a referred visitor converts to a customer or might complete a specific task. So you are least worried about bearing a loss.

Comes with high ROI:

CPA produces 58% higher average customer revenue and 31% higher per customer order average and lastly, 21% higher average order value (AOV) and thus comes with high Return On Investment (ROI).

Helps to enhance your brand reputation:

CPA marketing not only helps to add more customers but also partners with affiliates that could boost your brand reputation and recognition. Your brand will get a good image as compared with your competitors. Looking to enhance your digital marketing skills? Check out our latest article and discover cutting-edge CPA Marketing training methods to maximize your ROI.

How does CPA Marketing Work?

Now if you register as an affiliate, you will first get your own individual tracking link with the help of which you can promote the offers. Your job is to create different campaigns on a traffic source of your choice and then convert the traffic to the advertiser. You are going to be paid a fixed set amount every time a user completes an action on the advertiser page. In this way, both can make profits out of the work done by the affiliate.How does CPA Marketing work?

While creating campaigns, just make sure that you are targeting the right customers demographically for the offer. Plus you also need to optimize your campaigns to make sure your Return On Investment (ROI) stays positive when you maximize your earnings per click.

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How to do CPA Marketing without a Website?

We have just talked about what CPA marketing is and how it can help you make money right? But here we shall be talking about doing CPA marketing without a website. So pay close attention to what we are just about to share. You don’t always need a website to do CPA marketing as there are many other ways for doing CPA Marketing without a Website.

Try to Promote CPA offers on Popular Forums:

You can promote your CPA offers using popular forums but for that, you need to know the ultimate aim of forums. And it is to build a community that can help each other and not just promoting products and services. So do not just go to any forum spamming your offer links as neither it will help that forum in any way nor you in getting the desired results.

Promote CPA offers using Facebook:

Facebook is a well-recognized platform and a main source of traffic for a large number of websites as it gets over 1 billion unique visitors on a daily basis. So what you need to do is do some good research and then choose some pages that are famous, have thousands of followers, and are related to your selected CPA offer. Next, make a trustworthy comment with Call to Action (CTA) so as for people to click on the provided link. And if you want third-party support in this then ask your friends on Facebook to give your comments a thumbs up that can help you stand out in the crowd. So that the best way to achieve goals of CPA Marketing without a Website.

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Promote via Twitter:

This is another useful way that can help you do CPA marketing without a website. What you need to do is shorten your CPA affiliate link using bitly.com (https://bitly.com/) and then start promoting on Twitter. According to research, it has been found out that shorten links tend to get more clicks on Twitter and that is why it is advised to start your Twitter marketing using hashtag research.

Promote through Pinterest is also helpful:

Some researchers claim that the average sale that is made from Pinterest traffic is higher than Facebook traffic and is a good sign of getting higher conversion rates from your CPA offers. So you need to write an attractive post about your CPA offer by adding colorful images and text and then drive traffic from Pinterest.

YouTube is also an Effective Source:

Everyone uses YouTube no matter how old or young a person is, so use this platform to do CPA marketing. So if you are good at making videos and editing them, then you need to focus on making some high-quality videos and attract people from there. It has been found out that CPA marketers are able to make over $10,000 per month through YouTube video marketing so why not give it a try?

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So learn to do CPA marketing without a website through these above-mentioned ways and don’t forget to stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning. Whether you decide to enroll in a Free Online courses with Certificates and study at your ease and pace or enroll in a CPA Marketing without a Website courses where you have to follow a proper schedule.
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