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Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs Market Trends 2021-22 [Updated]


Are you thinking about the current BI job trends? Then we’re here to help you. Get to Know which trends are currently deemed as significant in the BI job market. ‎ Most BI’s latest trends are relatively consistent with each fleeting minute. The business intelligence industry is undergoing radical transformations. And Analysts all over the world expect that employment rates will improve. In this blog entry, we’ve provided a list of the most significant statistical trending market shifts for BI analysts in 2021-22 and beyond. Said all that, there seems to be a good deal ahead so let’s get started!


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Many companies hire BI analysts that have a solid grasp of the organization, its business and competitive set, its operations, and goals. ‎According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be 1.5 million jobs in this sector, with employment growth ranging from 5 to 9 percent, then rising to 11 percent (even faster than the overall average) between 2019 and 2029. Proving that change in trends is responsible for job prospects as well as higher pay based on technical experience and other factors  So much so, we cannot claim that the calculated figures in this blog are completely accurate since the research is driven by a variety of variables. This includes top recruiting BI employers, the industry in which you’ll work, your job titles, and locations.

The global Business Intelligence market is expected to hit USD 27870 Million by 2026, up from USD 18720 Million in 2019, at a CAGR of 5.4 percent between 2021 and 2026.

According to ZipRecruiter, as of 2021, the majority of BI analysts in the U.S ‎tend to earn between $85,274/year and $41.00/hour which is equivalent to $1,640/week or $7,106/month.‎

Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs Trend (pay per year):‎

Check out the latest business intelligence active job market percentages based on various factors including ‎experience level, industry, location, and position. These figures provide a general ‎overview of current BI jobs market value stats. This means that there are min and max work rates in the BI industry, with BI analysts earning several hundred dollars depending on skill level, place, and years of experience. You might also be interested in Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Stats.

The below table, based on the data provided by Ziprecruiter suggests the advertised jobs percentages and the pay per year these advertised jobs pay to BI analysts:

BI analyst jobs pay                             per year
1%                                                  $39,000-49,499
8%                                                  $47,500-55,999
10%                                                $56,000-64,499
5% jobs                                           $64,500-72,999
13% jobs                                         $81,500-89,999
8%jobs                                            $90,000-98,499
10 %jobs                                         $98,500-106,999
4 % jobs                                          $124,000-132,500

Position Levels:‎

The level of your expertise is a decisive factor that determines how much you’ll ‎earn in a given role. Business intelligence analysts at the entry, mid, and senior levels earn ‎different salaries. Allow us to demonstrate how. ‎

Junior BI Analyst:

The job outlook for junior BI analysts is highly found in London, Birmingham, Walsall, Coventry, and so forth. As a junior business intelligence analyst, based on data provided by Jobsite, maximum jobs trends for a junior analyst are:

  • BI developer
  • BI Software developer-C, SQL
  • Reporting analyst-excel SQL

The median wage for a Junior Business Intelligence Analyst can vary up to $76,422 implying that several opportunities or promotions can lead you to an increased pay depending on skill level, position, and training.

Assistant BI Analyst:‎

Assistant BIAs compared to a junior, an assistant BI analyst earns an average ‎total compensation of $80,439. An assistant analyst having maximum ‎years of experience is expected to earn better wages. The best locations for this job role are Coventry, West Midlands, East Midlands, London, and so forth. That being said, an assistant BI analyst has better job positions as:

  • Power BI analyst
  • ETL analyst
  • Tableau analyst
  • Azure analyst
  • Accounts analyst
  • Reporting analyst

Manager BI Analyst:

Manager BIBeing a manager business intelligence analyst, you’ll earn more than all levels of business analyst roles. As a management analyst, you earn a sum of $96,243 based on10-19 years of experience. BI managers in Souther London, West Midlands, Europe, and the UK have better vacancies available. Analysts having more experience generally tend to earn more as per their ‎level of expertise, as opposed to junior and assistant levels. The most common job trends are:

  • Workforce Optimization manger
  • Data analytics manger
  • Senior BI analyst
  • Head of BI and insights
  • Head of reporting and analytics
  • Data analytics Development manager

The top five industry trends related to Business Intelligence Analysts that are currently prominent in the BI sector are described below. These are the top BI sectors with the best job prospects. Let’s start with the most critical one:

Healthcare Business Intelligence Market:‎

According to Marketsandmarkets, the healthcare business intelligence (BI) market is anticipated to expand from USD 4.4 billion in 2018 to USD 8.9 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 15.3 percent over the projected timeframe. The advancement of government policies to increase EHR adoption, data-driven policymaking, the pressure to reduce healthcare costs, and higher healthcare risks are the key factors that drive this market growth.

Tableau Business Intelligence Market:‎

The Tableau Business Intelligence market is another leading industry in BI. Tableau has exhibited a significant impact on growth, industry standards, competitive strength, consumer satisfaction, and partner capacity. The research antenna reveals the market ranking of the tableau industry using its Growth and Innovation ratings, which show that it has a 12.07 percent market share at the time with 13,307 businesses using it.

Business Intelligence Sales:‎

As the third active market, sales business intelligence (SBI) tools enter the equation. SBI tools assist in organizing data and putting it to use, having each organization updated with the most latest customer data. Here is what sales business intelligence entails for sales and marketing: the global Business Intelligence market size is expected to increase from USD 23.1 billion in 2020 to USD 33.3 billion by 2025. As per the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), a 7.6%  market growth during the forecast period is expected.

Business Intelligence Analytics:

The global Business Intelligence and Analytics Software market is expected to hit USD 33770 Million by 2026, up from USD 23940 Million in 2020, at a 5.9 percent CAGR between 2021 and 2026. The increasing focus on digitalization, increasing developments in analytics, and rising demand for dashboards for data visualization are the factors that drive the growth of the Intelligence and Analytics Software market trend.


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Business Intelligence Reporting:‎

Reporting is a significant market dynamic industry in BI. End-user experience has begun to move forward in recent years with ad hoc news. End-users may use ad hoc reporting to generate reports from scratch and other updates and customize pre-built or boxed reports. End users are more motivated than ever before thanks to the ability to build, update, and save reports for consistent use.

The top five job titles related to Business Intelligence analysts are listed below. These popular job positions offer more per year than the typical BI Analyst wage. Being extremely massive job trends in the BI industry in 2021. Let’s start with the most significant one:

Lead BI Analyst:‎

lead BICountless companies currently recruit this particular title. You’ll be eventually responsible for assisting in the ‎transformation of the organization into one that genuinely distinguishes and ‎competes on knowledge and analytics. Businesses are greatly employing lead BI analysts, as 3228 Lead Business Intelligence Analyst jobs are available on Indeed.com at the current moment. As a business intelligence lead, you develop a roadmap for the distribution of ‎information.

SAP BI Analyst:‎

According to LinkedIn, there are currently over 6000 jobs advertised for the role of SAP BI analyst. Sap market analysts are in charge of data processing and compilation. As a Sap BI administrator, you are in charge of Domains, OUs, and User Objects. Your main duty is to perform device analysis. Tuning to ensure optimal Microsoft AD infrastructure response for multi-tenant environments.

Developer BI Analyst:

BI developerBusiness Intelligence Developer/Analyst 15132 Salaries given directly by contractors are currently being shown on Glassdoor. Furthermore, 746,991 BI Analyst Developer Jobs are advertised on ziprecruiter. As a business intelligence developer, you will be responsible for creating, implementing, and managing BI interfaces such as query tools, data visualization dashboards, and ad hoc reports.

Marketing BI Analyst:‎

Ziprecruiter has 473,747 trending Marketing Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs. This global BI trend is something to watch for, owing to the huge threshold of this specific job title. As marketing BI analysts, you’ll need to stay up to date on current business trends, such as what your rivals are doing in the industry. To gain more knowledge, you will have to perform research and evaluate market dynamics using the internet, news, and business journals.

Data BI Analyst:‎

As a data Business Intelligence Analyst or Specialist, you are in charge of managing data search and retrieval within a company. Your responsibilities include organizing data points and coordinating with higher management alongside the IT team. You’ll have to review data to decide the needs of a company. Currently, 895,810 Data Analyst Business Intelligence Jobs are available on ziprecruiter. ‎

Highest Recruiting Companies for Business Analysts:‎

Some of the top employers for BI analysts according to various sites in this ‎sector include the following.‎

  • ServiceNow 1.1K jobs
  • Wayfair 1.5K
  • Apple 2.4K jobs
  • Google 2.7K jobs
  • Adobe 1.1K jobs

Job Market for Business Intelligence Analysts (Location-Based Statistics)

United States:‎

Noticeably, different states seem to have a very productive BI analysts job market, since several firms are continuously hiring for the position mentioned below. With starting wages higher than the national average in these ten ‎cities, the opportunities for financial maintenance by shifting locations as a business analyst occur to be immensely helpful. BI analyst job titles concerning‎ different states are:‎

States (United States)‎                                                                                               Job titles
Delaware    ‎                                                                                                        Criminal Intelligence
Montana                                                                                                             All source Intelligence
New York                                                                                                            BI consultant      ‎
Maryland                                                                                                             BI consultant/analyst  ‎
Tennessee   ‎                                                                                                        Security intelligence analyst
‎Alberta                                                                                                                BI analyst
Texas ‎                                                                                                                 All source/criminal
New Jersey                                                                                                          Competitive/Data analyst
British Columbia                                                                                                   Criminal intelligence
Ontario                                                                                                                Criminal intelligence

As you can see from the above table, these states are considered to be the highest ‎recruiting states in the US in the BI analysts job market.‎

Job outlook for Business Intelligence Analyst Worldwide:‎

Now, we are going to talk about the demands for business intelligence analysts‎. The below column provides an indication of the change in demand within each location noted by positive and negative market values in different ‎countries of the world:

Country                                                                                                                Demand
The United States of America   ‎‎                                                                                 +8
England                                                                                                                  +13
Midlands                                                                                                                 +14                                              ‎
South East  ‎                                                                                                            +8
Yorkshire                                                                                                                +28
‎Scotland      ‎                                                                                                            -4
Work from Home ‎                                                                                                    +17

As you can see above that the job vacancy trends over the years country have changed drastically. And the highest market trend for a business intelligence analyst happens to be 6.0%. The figures may vary as time passes.‎

Varieties of skills play a core part in increasing to land on the perfect job title as a Business intelligence analyst. Some of ‎them are mentioned below.‎

Market Trending Skills:‎

All permanent market jobs citing Business Intelligence also mentioned the following skills. BI Analysts will typically come to the job with experience in database and skills. As a BI analyst depending on your area of ‎specialization and skills, you’re likely to earn better job titles. That said, the type of skills you hone as an analyst would decide your wages.‎

1.Power BI:‎

In case you don’t know, the knowledge of Power BI is involved (43.57%) in every business intelligence job as an ‎analyst. So, for a better job, you need better skills.

2. Azure:

BI analysts use Azure methods (30.01%). There is a high requirement that ‎you hone this skill if you want a better job.‎

3. SQL:

Undoubtedly, SQL is involved more than any other skill. In the trending job market (50.94%) SQL is required for better job titles.‎

4. Finance:

It’ll be highly helpful if you have hands-on knowledge of finance which is (34.42%) involved in the trending BI job market.‎

5. Tableau:

In the trending BI job market, tableau-certified skills are (15.95%) necessary for higher-paying job titles.‎


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Final Thoughts

All of this represents some of the most recent developments in business intelligence. Current BI market trends are all part of a rapidly changing paradigm. The feature as a whole is beneficial to all analysts looking for industry-competitive job trends. We hope you find this article informative. We highly appreciate your time!