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Climate Change: Financial Risks and Opportunities

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This course by edX is about how environmental risks are being responded by the global capital markets. This FRM course is a reflection of how financial risk is arising from man-made climatic changes, and it also defines the financial risks related to climate change. By the end of this course, the learner will know about the investment policies, risk management strategies, will be capable of classifying climate change risk, will have concepts of physical risks and transition risks. They will also know about the trends in the development of climate-resilient investing and the sources of financing. Would you like to know more about how a warming planet changed the landscape to invest? To experts who work in the financial business sectors, this FRM course offers a strong prologue to financial dangers and openings coming about because of the environmental change made by man. You might also be interested in related FRM courses click here.


  • How to define climate change risks into distinct categories
  • An introduction to climate change risk management
  • Concepts of physical risks (eg. stranded assets) and transition risks (eg. renewable energy technology developments)
  • Emerging trends in the transition towards climate-resilient investing
  • Ways of thinking about potential winners and losers in a lower carbon economy
  • Sources of financing emerging within the private sector for new investments

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