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Top 10 differences between PMP and Prince2


PMP and Prince2 are two different yet well-known certifications in the field of project management. Both of these certifications are quite famous and offer something unique from one another.

So today we at takethiscourse.net decided to find out some of the major differences between the PMP and Prince2 and share them with our learners.

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So let’s get to it.



The PMP is based totally on the PMBOK which is known to be a standard and not a methodology. On the other side, Prince2 is known to be a methodology that is based on different processes, models and templates.
The PMP is initiated in the United States of America and is extensively acknowledged in other countries like Canada, The Middle East, and Asia Whereas Prince2 is organized in the UK and is highly accepted in other countries like Europe and Australia.
As of August 2019, there are 932,720 project management professionals globally. Similarly, the number of Prince2 practitioners worldwide is 1.2 million.
In PMP, a project manager’s job is to produce results of the project. Contrary, in Prince2, a project manager acts as a middleman between the project and its control board.
The PMP has only one level. On the other hand, Prince2 has three levels which are foundation, practitioner and professional.
PMP concepts apply to multiple industries. But the Prince2 is focused more on the Information Technology sector.
The PMP structure consists of 10 knowledge areas which can be referred to separately as well to master a specific project management knowledge. Prince2 structure is an integrated set of themes and processes that are accompanied by 7 other mandatory principles.
PMP is recognized as a stand-alone certificate for the Project management. Whereas Prince2 has 2 levels of certifications to offer which are PRINCE2 Foundation and the PRINCE2 practitioner.
The eligibility criteria for the PMP certification are to have a 4-year degree or a higher secondary one, experience in projects (varies) and 35 contact training hours. There are no set eligibility criteria to earn a foundational level. But to apply for the practitioner level certification, a person must have earned the foundational level certificate.
PMP certification is hard to earn. The eligibility criteria are tough and so does the exam. This means that not everyone can easily manage to pass the exam. Whereas the Prince2 foundation is easier than the PMP but the Prince2 practitioner is quite as hard as the PMP.

These were some of the basic yet important differences between both the PMP and Prince2 certifications.

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But now the question is, which one is better. In other words, a person might want to choose one that is the best but which one is the best? Well, the answer to this question is both.

We are of the view that a person should put in enough effort to earn both the certifications. We are saying this because earning both these certifications will help that person to excel and aspire even more in the area of Project Management. Having both these certifications can give help you stand out tall in the crowd and get recognized.

Still, if a person wants to earn either one of the certifications and don’t know which one to choose, then it is better to take a look at the above-mentioned differences and then decide accordingly.

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