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10 Fantastic Fiction Writing Courses & Classes


To all those people out there who are interested in fiction, a group of 7+ members at takethiscourse.net have compiled down a list containing names of 10 fantastic fiction writing courses and classes. With the help of this list, any learner who has even the slightest interest in fiction can develop good writing skills and even start a career in this field. So us get to this list and see what it has to offer.

Fantastic Fiction Training Classes & Courses:

saveThe Foundations of Fiction (Writing Mastery)

      • Jessica Brody & Joanne Rendell via Udemy
      • 23,442+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (3,968 Ratings)

The Foundations of fiction

Fantastic fiction is a type of course that has everything you need to understand the foundations of fiction. Through this course, you have the chance to become a creative writing master and become capable of writing killer novels, short stories, and memoirs. You will get to master the 6 universal foundations that make up for all the great fiction stories. With that, you will be taught to create complex and realistic characters that will jump right off the page. Similarly, you will also learn to write vibrant and riveting dialogues that will breathe life into all your scene. Here is the Best Proofreading Courses at takethiscourse platform.

Going further in these fantastic fiction courses, the instructor is going to help you construct vivid and memorable settings that will shape the world of your story. You will learn to compose intricate and scintillating prose that will make the readers stick to your story from the start. With that, you will be taught how to structure masterful gripping plots that will help you become famous.

Persuasive Writing and Public SpeakingRhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking

  • Harvard University via edX
  • 350,016+ students enrolled!
  • 8 weeks of effort required
  • ★★★★★
Academic and Business WritingAcademic and Business Writing

  • Berkeley University of California via edX
  • 333,147+ already enrolled!
  • 6 weeks of effort required
  • ★★★★★
Acadmic English SpecializationAcademic English: Writing Specialization

  • UCI Division of Continuing Education via Coursera
  • 65-70 hours of effort required
  • 142,000+ already enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (21,401 ratings)

saveStart Writing Fiction

      • The Open University via FutureLearn
      • 24 hours of effort required
      • 340,941+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (334 Ratings)

Start writing Fiction

Do you want to get started with your own fiction writing and learning to focus on the central skill of creating characters? With the help of this hands-on course, you can get that chance. Through this fantastic fiction course, you will learn to create characters in fiction. Then the instructor is going to talk about the different sources for characters in stories. Similarly, you will also get to know about the different ways of presenting characters in stories. After that, the instructor is going to give some tips regarding how to read like a writer. Check out the best speed reading courses here.

Going further in these fantastic fiction courses, you will get to do writing practice which includes creativity, research, observation, and editing as well. Other activities include peer-reviewing, workshops, and understanding the importance of feedback..

You may also be interested in Stanford University Writing in Sciences online course. Checkout all Stanford University Courses.


Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books

      • Geoff Shaw via Udemy
      • 5,833+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (1,131 Ratings)

Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction

While writing a book, the thing that is most important is to have the ability to present an exciting story that will force your readers to invest their time and money in. In this course, the instructor is going to show all the learners how to break down popular fiction into the basics of the story. You will be given all the necessary guidelines to make a perfect skeleton of the story. From a simple outline to a worth reading story, you will be given instructions throughout. The aim here is to help learners write a page turning fiction that readers would not only love to read but would want more of it.

By the end of this fantastic fiction course, you will be able to outline the best-selling fiction books of all time. With that, you will become capable of improving the ant story by adding more tension and excitement to it. Similarly, you will also learn different ways to write quicker and easier with an outline as your guide. You will get the chance to analyze great stories and then use them to inspire your own amazing stories.


The Technology of Fiction : write great novels and stories

      • Damien Walter via Udemy
      • 3,723+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (48 Ratings)

Writing Courses

If you have good English speaking skills and a passion for storytelling, then this course is what you need to enroll in. This fantastic fiction course is an ongoing series of talks by Damien Walter on the art and technology of fiction writing. You will be given all the necessary instructions that will help you master the key technologies of fiction writing. With that, the instructor will give you tips to make anything worthwhile. From a gothic cathedral to an iPhone, the instructor will help you master the use of many technologies of fiction.

The fantastic fiction course starts with a thorough introduction to the technology of fiction. After that, the instructor is going to talk about why writing is hard for some people and what can be done to make it become easier and more fun. Then the instructor is going to talk about the technology of fiction talks. It includes the thematic genius of Iain M Banks. Then the instructor will talk about the Harrisonian short story and then you will learn to shatter reality like William Gibson. Thus completing this course will equip you with all the necessary skills to write great novels and stories.

ADCopywriting Secrets – How to write copy that sells

      • Len Smith & Sean Kay via Udemy
      • 37,847+ already enrolled
      • ★★★★★ (5,270 Ratings)


Plagues, Witches, and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction

      • University of Virginia via Coursera
      • 15 hours of effort required
      • 89,161+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (442 Ratings)

Plagues, Witches, and War

You can consider this fantastic fiction course as a unique and exciting introduction to the genre and craft of historical fiction for all the curious students out there who wish to become fiction storytellers. You will get to read classics of the genre and encounter bestselling writers of historical fiction. With that, you will also get a chance to discover your own historical archive while interacting with a global community of interested readers.

The fantastic fiction course encloses in it a variety of topics which include a thorough introduction to historical fiction. After that, the instructor is going to interact with the seminar class students of Professor Holsinger’s at UVA and discuss her experience writing “The Love Artist”. After that, you will get a chance to understand the history of historical fiction by looking at major works and authors from both the 18th and 19th century which also include “The Leatherstocking Tales, William Wells Brown, and Charles Dickens”. Other topics like 19th-century historical fiction and seminars with different authors are also included. You can also checkout Handwriting Classes at takethiscourse.net.


Writing Your Masterpiece (Fiction, Memoir and Novel Writing)

      • Joeel & Natalia Rivera via Udemy
      • 287+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (11 Ratings)

Writing your Masterpiece

This fantastic fiction course is a complete guide to write the most interactive and engaging book. Through the learning content of this course, you will learn the skills of a professional creative writer, novel writer, fiction writer, and memoir techniques. The instructor will help you get a clear mission statement for your book so as to make you capable of aligning your creative vision with ideal readers. You will get to know the pro-level habits, strategies, and mindset that you need to stay on top of your game. The instructor is going to help you write such a story concept that inspires everyone, choose a powerhouse cast of supporting characters, and develop a page-turning plot.

You will learn different techniques to pitch materials for gaining entry into the publishing world. With that, you will learn all about a story-building process that you can use for every story you tell. Thus through this course, you will get that conceptual understanding and mastery of craft to serve you for developing a great writing career for yourself.


Fiction for Young Writers (Writing Mastery)

      • Jessica Brody & Joanne Rendell via Udemy
      • 1,186+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (264 Ratings)

Fiction for young writers

This is a very fun, interactive yet challenging workshop that will help young writers find their potential and unlock their creativity. Through this course, you can improve your craft and write better stories that everyone would love. You will learn to create awesome characters that will jump right off the page and take your stories to a whole next level. You will learn to write dazzling dialogues that will transform lifeless scenes into vibrant stories. Similarly, you will learn to build memorable settings that shape the world of your story and bring life to it.

Going further in these fantastic fiction Courses, the instructor will help you understand how to narrate stories from an engaging and interesting point of view and hook your readers and draw them into your fictional worlds. Then you will learn to develop exciting plots to keep your stories on track and have your readers on the edge of their seats. In other words, you will learn to write such stories that will force your readers to enter a fictional world and follow it from start to end.


Writing for Online Engagement: Fiction in a Digital World

      • Rebecca Sky via Skillshare
      • 148 projects included
      • 10,365+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (471 Ratings)

Writing for online Engagement

In this fantastic fiction class, you will get a chance to peel back the curtain on online writing and understand all the frameworks behind it. There will be a number of topics discussed in this class and you will get to learn all the techniques and strategies for establishing, engaging, and growing a community around your work. The fantastic fiction course as we mentioned earlier contains different lessons like writing landscape, understanding tips for serialized fiction, and more.

Similarly, you will also get to understand different tips for serialized fiction and merchandising individual stories. The instructor is going to explain in detail how you can do marketing to build your personal brand and find success on your own. This class is suitable for all the creative writers who are struggling to do better. Fanfic enthusiasts, bloggers, and beginners who are curious about self-publishing are also welcome to join this fantastic fiction class. So, if you have the slightest interest in learning to write, then enrolling in this short class is what you need.

ADWriting Case Studies: Science of Delivery

      • Princeton University via edX
      • 6 weeks (3-5 hours weekly) of effort required
      • ★★★★★


Fiction Writing: A Complete Novel Outline Chapter by Chapter

      • Mike Dikson via Udemy
      • 7,131+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (406 Ratings)

Fiction Writing

Do you have this passion to become a fiction storyteller? If yes then this bestselling course is what you need to achieve your goals. Through this course, you will learn the different Hollywood secrets of fiction stories and complete a comprehensive novel outline in as little as 2 weeks. By taking this course, you will gain a comprehensive whodunit mystery novel outline ready for your first draft. With that, you will also learn different techniques to stager scenes from character to character to maintain tension. Similarly, you will also get to understand what exactly a comprehensive novel outline should look like and what should be done to write to complete the first draft successfully.

Going further in these fantastic fiction courses, you will get to understand what character traits are and how you can use them to create different meaningful characters. Then, the instructor is going to give you a comprehensive Whodunit outline which you can modify for future novels. Other topics will also be discussed in this course like what a novel outline is and how to write one that is up to the mark. Then, the instructor is going to talk about basic outlining and comprehensive outlining and their difference. Thus these and many other topics will be discussed in this bestselling course.


COMPLETE Creative Writing – All Genres – THE FULL COURSE!

      • Trace Crawford via Udemy
      • 7,927+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (1,067 Ratings)

Complete creative writing

This fantastic fiction course is quite a fun, practical, and perfect way to learn creative writing. Through the content of this course, not only will you be able to understand the nitty-gritty of creative writing but also get excited about your work. Whether you are interested in fiction or poetry, drama or creative non-fiction, this course is what you need as it covers the 4 most amazing genres of creative writing. You will learn to discover and share your own writer’s voice from the comfort of your home. The course encloses in it a series of authentic writing assignments that have been designed to target the skills you need to become the best.

Similarly, you will also learn different writing techniques, literary devices, and develop a few specialized skills here. After that fantastic fiction classes, the instructor is going to talk about some publishing opportunities, podcasts, and how and where to create a professional creative writing portfolio. Thus, through this course, you can get that chance to become a successful, confident, and professional writer. So enroll today and get your hands on the latest learning resources like how to write engaging fiction, poetry, drama, and more through this course.

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As you can see, all the 10 fantastic fiction courses and classes that we have just mentioned and gave short descriptions of each have been handpicked by our team and they have made sure that these courses are nothing but the best. So, if you are interested in fiction writing or wish to become a good storyteller, then find yourself the best fantastic fiction course or class from this list now.