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up Parent Directory 29-May-2020 13:21 - unknown AMZN Stock.pdf 08-Nov-2018 15:11 208k unknown Coffee Chain.xlsx 08-Nov-2018 15:11 424k unknown Customer Segment Analysis 2018.twbx 29-May-2020 13:15 1476k unknown Customer Segment Analysis.twbx 29-May-2020 13:16 1480k unknown Data Blending in Tableau.twb 17-Mar-2020 16:21 44k unknown GeoMaps - 2.twbx 29-May-2020 13:17 1908k unknown GeoMaps - new2.twbx 29-May-2020 13:17 1908k unknown GeoMaps new.twbx 29-May-2020 13:17 1864k unknown GeoMaps.twbx 29-May-2020 13:18 1864k unknown Global superstore.xls 10-Aug-2019 05:55 17792k unknown HollywoodsMostProfitableStories.csv 29-May-2020 13:18 8k unknown Incidents Data.xlsx 29-May-2020 13:18 16k unknown NZ Water.pdf 08-Nov-2018 15:14 904k unknown Office City.xlsx 29-May-2020 13:19 816k unknown Product Category Analysis.twbx 29-May-2020 13:19 1484k unknown Products 2016.csv 29-May-2020 13:19 264k unknown Sales 2016.xlsx 29-May-2020 13:19 2440k unknown Sample background.JPG 08-Nov-2018 15:14 324k unknown Sample-Superstore-Subset-Excel.xlsx 29-May-2020 13:20 1480k unknown Sample-Superstore.xlsx 29-May-2020 13:20 1480k unknown Security Hybrid at Tableau and DB.twb 13-Apr-2020 12:42 52k unknown Security Soley at Tableau.twb 03-Apr-2020 08:10 36k unknown Shipping Dashbaord 2018.twbx 29-May-2020 13:20 1944k unknown Shipping Dashbaord.twbx 29-May-2020 13:20 1940k unknown Tableau Job Market.twbx 29-May-2020 13:21 980k unknown UserAccessMatrix.xlsx 29-May-2020 13:21 12k unknown debug.log 08-Nov-2018 15:11 4k [HTM] jpcheck.php 29-May-2020 13:21 4k unknown sgindex 09-May-2019 17:28 0k unknown usa_census.xlsx 29-May-2020 13:21 20k

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