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Tableau 10 A-Z: Hands-On Tableau Training For Data Science!


Tableau 10 is an amazing course that enables a person to handle tons of data into a visualized form. This course enables you to create data hierarchies, export results from tableau into power point, word and other software. Tableau 10’s main focus is on analyzing and visualizing a humongous amount of data and how you can respond to it accordingly. The course is smartly instructed by Kirill Eremenko and the way that he has explained all the details of the course make it seems like an easy course and you will be able to learn this course in a few days.

We have given a detailed review of this course below for our readers but just wanted to highlight some points:

  • Declared Best Seller at udemy.com
  • 38,200+ students enrolled
  • 9,819 Review available
  • 7.5 Hours on-demand videos
  • 2 Articles
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 days Money back guarantee

Most attractive feature is 30 days Money Back Guarantee means there is no risk. If you didn’t like this Tableau 10 online course, you can refund your money back within next 30 days.

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Who should take this Course?

Now the question comes is that who the course is for? All those learners who have prior knowledge of Tableau can take this course. If they have basic knowledge of what tableau is, they can in no time become an expert tableau analyst in a few days. There are many students who think that they can skip the basic steps and jump to the hard part but that is not the wisest thing to do if you actually intend to excel this field. To become an excellent tableau analyst in data science, you must have a prior knowledge of tableau.

Social proof:

Social proof is something that gives the user a brief idea about the pros and cons of the course. Here we have gathered feedback of thousands of users in a brief form that will give an idea whether the course is suitable or not. Starting from 5 star rating to 1, we will discuss some main features here:

 5 star rating:

First we are going to discuss feedback of those users who have given a 5 star rating to the course.

A knowledgeable course that helps in extracting data and learning all the fundamentals:

These user have founded the course to be very knowledgeable. They say that the course has given so much knowledge about data science in solving strategic and real world issues. The fundamentals of tableau are explained in an elaborated form. Fundamentals are the very important step in any field and if one gets a sense of it, the rest becomes really easy and this course has a very well explained section of fundamentals which is a plus point. Furthermore every aspect of tableau is explained very well such as extracting data is a difficult procedure to understand and not many people have the skills to make other people understand it but this course has a detailed explanation on how a data can be interpreted and extracted and the way that the instructor has tried to taught these steps is beyond amazing.

Some amazing facts about the instructor

The users have also praised the instructor, they say that the instructor has taught with so much enthusiasm and it seemed that he is just determined to make this course the best which he has. Each section in this course is explained very well which makes it a good return on investment. This means that once you have spent money on this course, you are not going to regret even a single money spent on it.

The body language and accent of the trainer is so optimistic that it automatically forces you to indulge in the course and start learning. It can really help a learner in polishing their tableau skills as it gives best tips on how to create better visualizations.

Best push for those who have no idea as from where to start

There are many people who always need some kind of first step or a push to start working on their own. This course gives people that push. The terms and tips in this course are so fun to learn that the interest starts to develop automatically.

24/7 Assistance

One important thing that matters is answers to all the queries. When you are learning something, many question can rise in your mind, though the explanation given in the lectures is so clear and understandable yet they have the most efficient team to answer questions that any student wants to ask. The team is available for assistance 24/7 and almost all the queries are answered in an appropriate manner.

A great help for the Beginners

Another important featured that had to be discusses is that there are also a few sections in which there are lessons for those who are beginners. The beginners can easily understand all the term and techniques first and then the main aspects come to light. This way even a beginner is able to understand the whole course easily.

Brain storming questions

The quizzes in the end is the best form of recap. The quizzes have different types of brain storming questions and are related to the whole course. In this way the whole lecture is revised. The instructor has given a lot of brain storming questions and quizzes at the end of the course that if solved with full concentration can give better results.

Lastly what needs to be mentioned is that not everything that we learn has everything of our interest but this course is something different. The whole course is full of useful tips and even the minute details given in the course are very helpful. The flow of the course is just right for every learner.

4 star rating:

Smooth and comprehensive flow of course

The way in which every lecture is leading is very smooth and every lecture has a comprehensive study that is very easy to get a grip of.

Each lecture is unique on its own

Every lecture is throwing light onto different aspects of tableau and is totally independent. In each lecture you are always going to learn something new and different.

Training and content quality is good

The quality of the whole content is very professional and no informal wording is used by the instructor throughout the course which makes it even more likable by the users.

Best for learning to analyze data

This course is very useful for someone who needs to learn how they can analyze data. Once the learner has started the course, he will eventually get a hold of all the fundamentals that are important to learn.

Worksheets as a useful tool

The worksheets given at the end have turned out to be most helping and have proven out to be an effective aspect of the course.

Perfect introduction to tableau

Has a perfect introduction to tableau. It not only has all the basic features explained but with that some more complexes features are also discussed that are very useful.

3 star rating:

Lack of quizzes and exercises

Overall course is good but more quizzes and exercises in the end could have been useful. There were quizzes and exercises in the end but the quantity was less. If they have quoted a bunch of quizzes and exercises, this could have given a much better experience.

Some terms were only explained once

There were some very useful terms in the course that were explained only once or twice and their use was in the whole course, so if those terms were explained in different intervals, this could have made it easier to remember those terms.

2 and 1 star rating:

Tricky Sequence

The sequence in some of the videos are tricky and one can get lost easily.

Software needs to be updated:

The software used in the videos is not an updated one. This can sometimes cause problems.

Video Quality

Screen is not fully visible this disrupts the quality of the video sometimes.


Of course there are many other courses similar to this one. They are known as the alternatives to the course. Tableau 10 also has some alternatives:

Tableau 2018 advanced (master tableau in data science)

In this course, you will learn data visualization and data mining by solving real life problems that will prepare you for the future. You will be able to learn all the tableau skills on your fingertips. You can easily create and set formulas, control reference line with parameters and much more. And this course can be taken by any learner who has Tableau Desktop installed.

Tableau interview Q&A (tableau for data science careers)

Learn all the skills of tableau regarding data analytics and data science. If you wish to become a successful data analytic or want to get an analyst job then you need to take this interesting course that is full of tableau related questions which will surely help you move forward. The course will enable you to explain what tableau is, how you can explain to others about what a tree map visualization is. You will be able to learn everything there is about context filters and much more.

Learn data visualization with tableau 9

Learn how to reshape data sources and turn huge tons of data into a visualized form. You will be able to create attractive data visualizations with the help of tableau techniques. How you can connect data sets and visualize them. The course can be taken by anyone who has a tableau installed on his system. Also a prior knowledge of tableau would be helpful too. So this course is also a key to take your career in tableau to an amazing level.

The above three mentioned tableau courses are the alternatives to the main course as all of these three course’s main emphasis is on data science. So if one is not fully convinced with the main course, he can also consider these alternatives that are easily available on our website.


We can without any hesitation conclude this course by saying that tableau 10 is the best course that one can have if he wants a shining career. This course will help you become the expert that you’ve always wanted to be but never had the correct guideline to it. Excessive reviews available about this course will help a student/learner decide whether this course is the best option or not. Also another important point is the position of the learner. The learner should be able to know his limits and that if he’s capable of understanding this course or not. So decide for yourself what you want and whether this course can change your life or not and then click on the TAKE THIS COURSE button NOW!!

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