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Tableau Certification Questions – Mapping (Part 6)


In this series of Tableau Certification Questions for Tableau Desktop Certification exams, we will discuss Mapping in Tableau. The purpose of Tableau Certification Exam Questions part-6 is to explore Tableau Mapping targeting the Tableau Desktop Specialist or Certified/Qualified Associate exams. We have provided a complete step by step solution for each Tableau Mapping exam question at the end with the correct answer. Check out our detailed Tableau Certification Preparation Training Videos from Tableau Certified Professionals to explore further questions and tips for passing the exam on the first attempt.

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Tableau Certification Questions List:

Let’s dive into Tableau Certification Questions related to  Mapping in Tableau.

Question 1:

Using the “GeoMaps – 2.twbx” packaged file, Identify the country and state which is most unprofitable.

Sample Data: GeoMaps – 2

  • A) United States, Mexico
  • B) Turkey, Istanbol
  • C) Pakistan, Punjab
  • D) United States, Taxas

Correct Answer: B

Checkout Solution:

1. Select Profit and click on show filter.

2. Filter will be displayed on the right hand side.

3. Profit filter is displayed, now reduce the range of profit filter to show color only for unprofitable areas so we can find out quickly.

4. Click the selection tool from the map toolbar.

5. Now hold Ctrl button and scroll down through mouse to reduce the map size.

6. You can find out that Turkey is the country with lowest profit.

Note: This question can be solved without maps but here this is given to get practice of maps since such questions are likely to come in the Tableau Qualified Associate Exam.

Question 2:

Adding an Image to a Map should be in regards to some dataset and coordinates should be mapped to x and y axis values in the dataset.

  • A) True
  • B) False

Correct Answer: A

Check out the Solution:

Background images can be used on maps but coordinates on the maps should be mapped with values of x and y axis in the dataset.

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Question 3:

In the ‘Geo Maps.twbs’ Packaged file, there is a sheet named world countries. May looks like when we double click on Country field and put sales on Label in Marks card.

Some Problem has happened with Country field and now the map is not showing the country wise sales.  Although all field are on the same places but map is not showing the countries and sales values as well. It looks like this now.

Check the file and find the correct reason and solution from one of the following:

Sample Data: Geo Maps

  • A) Geographic Role of Country field has been changed to None.
  • B) Geographic Role of Country field has been changed to County.
  • C) Geographic Role of Country field had been set to none, It should be corrected and made to Country/ Region to get the expected dashboard.
  • D) Data has been modified in data source therefore value have disappeared

Correct Answer: C

Checkout the Solution:

1. Select the Country Field and click on symbol ABC.

2. Select the geographic role to Country/ Region.

3. As soon as you correct the geographic role, it will reflect the countries and values.

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