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Tableau Certification Questions – Server Installation and Configuration (Part 8)


In this series of Tableau Certification Questions for Tableau Certification exams, we will discuss Server Installation and Configuration in Tableau. The purpose of Tableau Certification Exam Questions part-8 is to explore Tableau Server Installation and Configuration targeting the Tableau Server Certified Associate exams. We have provided a complete step by step solution for Tableau Server exam question at the end with the correct answer.

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Tableau Certification Questions List:

Let’s dive into Tableau Certification Questions related to Tableau Server Installation and Configuration.

Question 1:

Tableau Server requires an identity store to manage user and group information. The following two are the kinds of identity stores in Tableau:

  1. Local Identity Store
  2. External Identity Store

Identify if above statement is true/ false.

  • A) True
  • B) False

Correct Answer: A

Checkout Solution:


Question 2:

Installing Tableau Server in an Air-Gapped Environment refers to which of the following:

  • A) Air gapped environment have no internet access, no outside network access, no outside wireless access etc.
  • B) Air gapped environment have no internet access, but has outside network access and no outside wireless access, etc.
  • C) Air gapped environment has internet access, but no outside network access and no outside wireless access etc.
  • D) None of the above

Correct Answer: A

Check out the Solution:


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Question 3:

While installing Tableau in an Air-Gapped environment which of the following functionalities are not available or reduced functionality and you have to opt for workaround options suggested by Tableau:

  • A) Maps
  • B) Licensing
  • C) External Data
  • D) Back up option
  • E) Rollback commands

Correct Answer: A,B,C

Checkout the Solution:


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