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Tableau Certification Questions – Data Connections (Part 2)

Data Connections

Data Connections Part-2 in Series of Tableau Certification Questions for Tableau Desktop Certification exams. The purpose of this Data Connections  part-2 is to explore Tableau Data Connections sample questions targeting the Tableau Desktop Specialist or Certified Associate exam. We have provided a complete step by step solution for each question at the end with the correct answer. Check out our guide to Tableau Desktop Certification.

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Tableau Certification Questions List:

Let’s move further to Tableau Certification Questions related to Tableau Data Connections.

Question 1:

Using Products 2016 and Sales 2016 files provided as data-sources, Identify the product Name whose sale is between 3000 to 4000 in October 2012.

Sample Data: Products 2016 | Sales 2016

Choose the correct option:

  • A) Sauder Classic Bookcase, Metal
  • B) Dania Library with Doors, Metal
  • C) Sauder Library with Doors, Metal
  • D) Sauder College with Doors, Metal

Correct Answer: A

Checkout Solution:

1. Create data-source for Sales 2016 excel file.

2. Click on Add Link to make cross join with Products File.

3. Select the More Option.

4. Select the Products 2016. csv file. It will create the connection of Both Products and Sales files as follows:

5. On the New sheet, Put Sum of Sales on Columns and Product Name on Rows shelf.

Put Sales Measure on Filters and give a range from 3000 to 4000 and Put Order Date on Filters and select the Month October 2012.

6. This shows the Product Name ‘Sauder Classic Bookcase, Metal’ from the given option.


Question 2:

Using Products 2016 and Sales 2016 files provided as data-sources, Identify which product category shows the maximum growth in Sales in the year 2015.

Choose the correct option:

  • A) Technology
  • B) Furniture
  • C) Office Supplies
  • D) Phones

Correct Answer: C

Check out the Solution:

1. Create a Cross Join for both data files.

2. Put Order Date on Columns and Category on Rows Shelf.

3. Now Put Sales on Text on Marks Card.

4. Select the Sales in Marks Card and right-click to select the Percentage difference table calculation.

5. It will show year wise percentage difference for every category. Clearly shown that in the year 2015, Office Supplies had the highest percentage increase.


Question 3:

Answer this question using Sample-SuperStore Excel Sheet. Identify the region and the product which has the highest value of returns.

Sample Data: Super Store Data

Choose the correct option:

  • A) East, Office Supplies
  • B) South, Office Supplies
  • C) West, Office Supplies
  • D) South, Furniture

Correct Answer: D

Check out the solution:

1. Create Inner Join of Orders and Returns Sheet.

2. Put Product Category on Columns and Region on Rows.

3. Now Put Sales on Columns along with the Product Category as shown below. From this view, It is clear that the South Region has maximum Returns for the Furniture category.


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