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Tableau Desktop Specialist vs Certified Associate Exam


Tableau desktop has three exams and among these three, the first two are tableau desktop specialist and tableau desktop certified associate. Both these exams are different in nature to one another and have many dissimilarities and a few similarities with each other. So let us take a look at the differences between the two exams. You might also be interested in Tableau Certification Practice Test.

Tableau Specialist is the foundation exam and you will have a total of 60 minutes to solve all the 30 questions. Please find tableau desktop specialist dumps to pass the exam in first attempt. Whereas, Tableau Certified Associate is next level and you will be given a complete 2 hours to answer 36 questions.

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Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam

Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam

This exam is for all those people who have a good understanding of tableau desktop. If you have foundational skills and at least some experience in using the product, then you can easily appear in the exam. Similarly, the certified associate exam is suitable for those who have a thorough understanding of functionality in tableau desktop and a little more experience using this product as compared to the specialist exam.
The cost of a tableau desktop specialist is generally $100. But if you register till June 30, 2020, it will be $50 instead. Whereas, a certified associate exam costs $250 which is quite an amount as compared to the specialist exam.
There are no prerequisites to be able to appear in the exam. Everybody has the tendency to learn tableau according to their understanding. So there aren’t any requirements but just some recommendations mentioned which are guidelines. On the other side, a certified associate exam too has no prerequisites. Instead, there are some recommendations mentioned which can be considered as a guideline to prepare for this exam.
You just need to have an experience of 3+ months in this area. With that, you can look for different learning resources that can help you prepare for the exam. Contrarily, you need to be working with this product for at least 5+ months.
Moreover, the number of questions in the exam will be 30 45 (updated). Contrary to this, the certified associate exam has more questions that are, 36.
Similarly, these 45 questions will appear in the form of multiple-choice, multiple response, and hands-on questions. Just like a specialist exam, the 36 questions in the certified associate exam will appear as multiple-choice, hands-on questions, and multiple response.
The pattern to solve each of these three categories will be different. Even the time taken to complete these questions might be different. The same is the case in this exam where the time and pattern to solve these three categories will be different.
The passing score of the tableau desktop specialist exam is 70% 75% (updated). This percentage makes this exam easy to pass. Whereas, the passing percentage of the certified associate exam is 75 which is more than the specialist exam. This means that this exam is comparatively hard to pass.
The marks of all the 45 questions are not the same. There will be an automatic scoring and the point given against each question depends on the worth of the question. Similarly, the point value of every question is different and depends on the worth of each question.
This exam is offered in 7 languages. English, Japanese, International Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and French. The same is the case in a certified associate exam. It is also offered in 7 languages which are French, German, English, International Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.
The delivery platform of this exam is Windows Virtual Machine containing tableau desktop. Similarly, the certified exam’s delivery platform is also Windows Virtual Machine containing tableau desktop.

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Hence by reading this table, you can know the dissimilarities and some similarities between these two exams. So read this table carefully and then decide what exam fits you the most. And if you’re looking for a platform from where you can get access to the best learning material and practice exams, them takethiscourse.net is your one-stop-shop. So visit the website today and find yourself the best practice exam and never stop learning. Check out the difference between Spotfire vs Tableau here.

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