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Your First Guide to Tableau Desktop Certification


We bet there might be a lot of people out there who are Tableau fans and are fully aware of its importance and that too having complete knowhow of it. Though learning all about Tableau is a big achievement on its own and yet there comes a point where a person starts to think if he shall go for recognition or should keep things the same as they are. And by that, we mean becoming a tableau certified. When you make up your mind to become a tableau certified, you have to choose a certification. Tableau offers 4 certifications to the public. Two for tableau desktop and two for tableau server. Now it depends on you to choose. For learning Tableau and for Tableau certifications, we have full-length Tableau Certification practice test and exams to let you have enough practice material to prepare for the Tableau Certification. So for those people who have enough knowledge of tableau and now wish to gain a tableau desktop certification, we are here with some genuine guide to tableau desktop certification that can help you reach this goal.

Get Tableau Desktop Certified:

The following steps can help you in preparing for the tableau desktop certification exam.

1. Go through the tableau desktop certificate guide:

The first thing that every tableau certified associate recommends is to go through every single word that is in the tableau desktop certification guide.

With this guide to tableau desktop certification in hand, not only you will get to know about the exam format, type of questions asked, which subject areas are covered, etc but also the right way to solve every question. This pdf has done an amazing job of listing down the whole know-how of the exam. Detailed information on the skills that are measured in the exam, sample questions, and even proper solution to verify your answers are given in this pdf. We can’t stress enough over the importance of this guide to tableau desktop certification and that how helpful it can be for you to pass the exam.

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2. Then, Consult different Beginner Resources:

Next, we would recommend you to look for different beginner-level learning resources. Now there is a variety of them among which some are even free of cost. So the names are mentioned below.

Tableau Learning:

This learning resource is free of cost by tableau and has a wide range of free learning videos that you can consult.

Tableau A-Z Beginner by Kirill Eremenko:

This course has real-life data analytics exercises and quizzes that will help you in preparing for the exam. It is available for $129.99 but you can always get a discount coupon for Udemy online. One of them is “JNY1202”. You’ll get a discounted price once you visit through our website.

Tableau for Beginners by Lukas Halim:

This course is going to give you a thorough understanding of data visualization with hands-on exercises and prepare you well for the exam. The cost of this course is already quite reasonable, that is, $39.99 but visiting through our portal will give you a discounted price.

Tips for Preparing the Tableau CA Exam by Andy Kriebel:

In this free short video, you will get your hands-on tips and tricks by experienced individuals as to how you can solve each question and pass the exam.

You can also checkout a quick go through in 60 minutes option here.

Guide to Tableau Desktop Certification

3. Now Hit to Advanced Resources:

Once you’re done with beginner resources and have attempted the questions in the tableau QA guide, it is time to move to some advanced resources. Now this will widen your understanding of tableau and would add strength to your preparation. So here are some advanced resources you can get your hands on.

Tableau Advanced Training by Kirill Eremenko:

In this advanced-level course, you will be walking through 5 dashboards covering some advanced level concepts like level of detail calculations and advanced calculations. And to be able to grasp all the concepts taught in this course, you need to have first developed a good base of the tableau. The cost of this course is between $10 and $12.

Data Visualization and communication with tableau by Duke University:

This course will give you a thorough understanding of data sets which include H1B Work Visa application data and real business data set provided by Dognition. This course is free of cost so enrolling in it won’t be a problem.

Solve the Best Tableau Desktop Practice Tests from TakeThisCourse.net:

We’ve talked about it many times that the best way to lessen your exam anxiety and to get an experience of the actual exam, you must take a practice test or exam and solve it as many times as you can. So now when you have prepared well for the exam, it is time to evaluate yourself. And that is where the practice tests come in the picture. Now tableau desktop practice exams from takethisocurse.net are not only available at reasonable packages but are also updated regularly and are according to the latest tableau desktop format. With that, you can also get your hands on free learning material like sample questions and quizzes. The premium and premium + packages have different features to offer.

But the most common ones are as follows:

  • Access to practice exams 1, 2, & 3.
  • The questions will be practical scenario-based.
  • This will help you validate your skills in tableau 2020.1
  • With that, you will have access to a step-by-step solution to each question.
  • You will get an unlimited attempt for 30 days.

Guide to Tableau Desktop Certification
So visit the official website of takethiscourse.net today, get your hands on guide to tableau desktop certification and  the best tableau desktop practice test packages available. So visit now and don’t forget to keep yourself safe and healthy and never stop learning.

For Tableau Certification Preparation Training, Practicing Questions along with solution videos will really help you strengthen your concepts and will make you ready for real exam.