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Fee Details for Tableau Desktop and Server Certification Exams


The tableau desktop certification is issued by the Tableau and earning the tableau desktop specialist title means that you have the foundational knowledge of Tableau desktop and the data analytics to solve a particular/specific problem. Passing the certification exam depicts that a person has a good understanding of tableau and all its core concepts and terminologies and that he can use tableau for solving advanced level problems and can deal with data easily compared to others who aren’t certified. Now when we talk about tableau desktop certification, there isn’t just one. There are four different types of tableau desktop certifications and each certification exam has a different difficulty level, fee details for tableau, concepts, format, and more.

So if you make your mind to become a tableau desktop certified then do keep that in mind, it has more than one certification type. Thus by taking a look at the Tableau Certification Preparation Training questions and then watching the lecture video that has the answer in it by an expert is quite valuable information to get your hands on. Now, what are the names of these four certifications? How much do they cost, what does each certification depict, etc and many other questions come in mind while talking about these certifications. So to answer all these questions, takethiscourse.net has gathered all about what these four desktop certifications are, their fee structure, functionality, and more. So let us take a look at it. Check out the pros and cons of using tableau.

The Tableau Desktop Certification Exams and fee details:

As mentioned earlier, the tableau desktop certifications are of four types. So let us take a look at them one by one.

Tableau Desktop Specialist:

Focused on: This certification is focused on the foundational functionality and product comprehension.

Working experience: To be able to take the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam and clear it with good margins, you need to have a complete understanding of all its fundamentals plus having more than 3 months of working experience is required.

Exam fee: The exam fee is $100. Suppose if you fail the exam then you’re going to have to pay the exam fee again and again until you pass the exam.

Mode of exam: The mode of exam is completely online where you will be solving all the questions on a working computer or laptop under a given timeframe.

Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate:

Focused on: This type of desktop certification focuses on fundamentals and advanced courses related to tableau and gives you an advanced understanding of the tableau concepts.

Working experience: To become eligible to appear in the exam, you need at least 5+ months of desktop working experience. Not only will it give you a better understanding of what Tableau qualified associate certification is but also pass the exam with a satisfactory percentage.

Exam fee: The exam fee of the tableau desktop qualified associate certification exam is a little higher than the specialist one, that is, $250. And just like a specialist exam, you have to pay the exam fee over and over again till you pass the exam. Thus, there is no relaxation on the fee and is mandatory for everyone.

Exam mode: This exam like the specialist one is also taken behind the screen that is, the exam mode is completely online.

Tips to Prepare for Tableau Certification Exam

Tableau Desktop Certified Professional:

Focused on: This is a step higher desktop certification and it has a complete focus on visual analytics and is a little tricky and difficult type of desktop certification which demands a thorough understanding of the concepts.

Working experience: If you wish to take this exam, the first you need to gain at least 9+ months of desktop working experience. Also, you are supposed to first pass the Tableau Desktop Certified Professional exam to become eligible for appearing in this one step higher level exam.

Exam fee: As the certification is highly advanced thus its fee is also quite high that is, $600. Though this amount is very high yet you have to pay again upon failing the exam.

Exam mode: This exam is also an online one and you can take the exam even from the comfort of your home following different instructions.

Tableau Desktop Delta Exam:

Working experience: To take this exam, you need to first gain either the qualified associate title or certified professional title.

Exam fee: The exam fee is $125 and failing the exam, you’d have to submit again to take the test.

Exam mode: The exam mode is entirely online.

Tableau Certification Practice Tests:

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Tableau Server Certification Exams:

The server certification focuses on different roles which include system administrator or consultant. With that, the certification also focuses on administrative functionality and platform knowledge. Now even with this certification, there are several types. Each has a different exam format, fee structure, working experience, etc. So let us take a look at its types and details of each type.

The Tableau server certification exams and fee details:

There are three types of server certification, the details of which are given below:

Tableau Server Qualified Associate:

Focused on: This exam is focused on the complete fundamentals and advanced courses of Tableau.

Working experience: To pass this Tableau Server Qualified Associate exam with a good score, you need to have 4-6 months of server working experience otherwise you won’t be able to pass the exam that easily.

Exam fee: The exam fee is $250.

Exam format: The exam is taken entirely online.

Tableau Server Certified Professional:

Focused on: This certification is focused entirely on visual analytics and teaches you advanced level concepts about the tableau server.

Working experience: To take this exam, you need to have at least more than 9 months of server working experience. Also, you need to first pass the server qualified associate exam.

Exam fee: The exam fee is quite high that is, $800. And you will be submitting it again upon failing.

Exam mode: The entire exam will be taken online.

Tableau Server Delta Exam:

Working experience: To take this exam, you should be either a tableau server qualified associate or certified professional.

Exam fee: The exam fee is $125 which is quite reasonable.

Exam mode: The exam mode is entirely online.
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See the fee details for Tableau desktop & server certifications and other information about these certifications and then choose one of your choices and never stop learning.