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Pros and Cons of using Tableau


Tableau is extremely easy to use. You do not need any prior programming knowledge as all you need is the software and data to generate visually enchanting reports. Using tableau software has its benefits. Majority of the companies now prefer to use tableau to make their work easier.

And not only just Gartner rates Tableau analytics highly but there are real-life testimonials of a number of people out there claiming that its visuals are number one in the market. Because of this, so many businesses tend to incorporate it into their daily life operations. But with every pros, there is a con too.

One of the good thing about Tableau is that they publish update release every quarter and during the year they also publish major releases. They are continuously improving the product to maintain the highest standard.

So let us discuss the different pros and cons of tableau so that we can get a clear picture of it.

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Table showing the Pros and Cons of the Tableau:


Pros of Tableau

Cons of Tableau

Tableau is a user-friendly tool and has rich online help equipped with training videos and learning manuals. Through tableau, users can now arrange raw data into catchy diagrams without even needing the help of the IT department. A tableau is an expensive software that becomes quite costly for small and medium-scaled businesses. Its license is very costly and with that its implementation, maintenance, deployment and lastly the staff training make it all together very expensive.
Tableau has performance recorder tool to evaluate reports and dashboards which are facing poor performance. This tool highlights the bottlenecks in the performance and helps a lot to improve the performance degradation. As we know that every company has its own peculiar requirements to the visualization tool package but still the tableau sales team is not flexible enough to provide a suitable package for its users. Instead, the clients are bound to purchase the extended license right from the start.
One of the major plus of Tableau is Tableau Desktop design template. It facilitates to develop once and design for variety of tools like Mobile, Tablet, Desktop etc. This provides flexibility to entertain all types of devices with great user experience. Though a tableau is an amazing tool and it tends to show deep concern for information security, still the majority of the times, it fails to provide centralized data level security which is quite dejected.
Tableau provides impeccable data visualizing quality. The results that tableau provides are superior to any of the business intelligence tools available in the market and prove to be the best in data visualization. You might also be interested in tableau and data science. Tableau provides data level security by writing the logic in the user filter in the workbook level. Which is not feasible if you have thousands of workbooks since security filter logic is being copied in each workbook. In case of any change, you have to update all workbooks with updated logic in the user filter.
Tableau has provided connectors with almost all major databases like (HADOOP, SAP, SQL Server etc.) which makes integration options unlimited and visualization can be developed which talk with heterogeneous systems. Tableau gives only 2 weeks free trial period which is very less for self-learners. So either you have to buy the license or you have to finish your learning within limited free period provided by Tableau.
Tableau has great version history. It facilitates to maintain the number of versions per site level and even you can maintain unlimited versions depending on the server space. Check out the fee details for tableau. Tableau Parameters are single valued means you cannot select multiple values as you can do in the data filters. Also in case values of parameter changes, you have to manually update those values, it does not get synchronized automatically.


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