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Athabasca University is a Canadian University that specializes in online distance education. This University is known to be among one of the four comprehensive academic and research universities in Alberta. Founded in the year 1970 and located in Athabasca, Alberta, Canada the University is known to be the first Canadian one to specialize is distance education, offering Athabasca Univerity Online Courses for students. The total students in this University are 40,722 and the total number of undergraduates and postgraduates are 36,622 and 4100 respectively.

Becoming an AU student is all about giving yourself a chance to take your education to an advanced level. AU’s faculty makes sure that they push their students to enough to let them achieve personal academic goals and go beyond their expectations.

AU offer over 50 online undergraduate, graduate, diploma and certificate programs to the students to choose from. With that AU also offers tailor-made solutions for any student’s aspirations.

What does Athabasca Univerity Online Courses has to offer?

As the University specializes in online distance education so following are the two categories.

  • Online programs.
      • Undergraduate programs.
      • Graduate programs.
  • Online courses.
      • Undergraduate courses.
      • Graduate courses.
  • Online professional development courses.
      • Courses
      • Certificates

Online Programs:

Athabasca University understands the fact very well that a full-time job and dealing with life responsibilities at the same time can be very hard. Nobody can keep up with handling all the tasks properly let alone having to study too. That is why Athabasca has great online programs to offer.

These programs can be taken by ay student or person interested which lets them study at their own ease and pace. These online programs have been designed especially with the intent to help a person fit university education to his life, without having to affect the life responsibilities or full-time job.

AU has a total of 35 undergraduate online programs to offer which the names of few are mentioned below:

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics.
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture.
  • Bachelor of Professional Arts in Criminal justice.
  • Bachelor of Professional Arts in Communication Studies.
  • Bachelor of Management in Marketing.
  • Bachelor of Management in Human Resources Management.
  • Bachelor of Health Administration.
  • Bachelor of General Studies.
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Finance.
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Technology Management.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

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Mobile App Development Courses
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Online Courses:

As said before, Athabasca Univerity Online Courses tries as much as possible to facilitate the students in every possible way. Enrolling in a full-fledge online degree program might not be the first preference for many people and that is why AU offers a wide variety of online courses for anyone to enrol in. The mode of teaching of all these courses are totally online and a student can access the course whenever and wherever he wants.

There are 63 categories available for students to choose courses from. Each category has a number of courses in them and a user can take whichever the course he sees fit.

So for course details click hereUndergraduate Courses

Online Professional Development Courses:

With online degree programs and online courses available for anyone to take, Athabasca Univerity Online Courses also has online professional development courses to offer. These professional courses and certificates are a combination of masterful, relevant content and seamless digital learning experiences with the respected expertise in post-secondary education.

Professional Courses:

Following is the list of professional courses to be offered.

  • Leadership.
  • Soft skills.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Digital Transformation.
  • Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification Training.

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Online Certificates:

Following is the list of online certificates to be offered.

For further details regarding the online certificates click here; PowerED™ Online Certificate Programs

Benefits of studying at Athabasca:

Studying from Athabasca University is as beneficial as studying in any other University in Canada but there is this one feature that makes Athabasca unique from the rest that is, being a University that provides online courses, programs, professional certificates and much more.

So let us take a look at the advantages that can be gained by studying at Athabasca.
  • Studying online is going to help you save a fortune as your housing, transportation, eating and other cost is saved.
  • Learning online lets you study from your own home at your own ease and co fort which means less distraction and more concentration towards studying.
  • Studying online lets you work and study at the same time. By having a flexible study routine, one can easily focus on their jobs and doesn’t have the quit and at the same time can study and earn a degree. This also shows that a person is very ambitious, committed and prepared for new challenges.
  • One of the most amazing benefits of studying at Athabasca is that even if you have previous education, the credit hours can be transferred easily. This works both the ways, whether you want to transfer credits from Athabasca to another University or from other University to Athabasca.
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So visit the website today and decide for yourself what you need. Be it an online program in today’s most demanding fields or an online course in any leading fields Athabasca has all the answers for you.