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Reviews for Penn State Online MBA


The Penn State World Campus:

The Penn State World Campus is also known as Penn State Online is the online campus of the renowned institute “The Pennsylvania State University”. This world campus was launched in the year 1998 and the purpose of this world campus is to enable those students who can’t attend the Penn State Campus due to geographical factors to continue seeking education. Online MBA is also an opportunity for the students.

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Penn State Online MBA Overview:

The Penn State Online MBA program is led by the internationally ranked Penn State Smeal College of Business and aims to provide education to the students online. This program has been designed in such a manner that can turn out to be suitable for any person who needs to get an MBA and wants to keep his job at the same time.

This Online MBA program focuses on the following:

  • Business strategies.
  • Collaborative teamwork.
  • Strategic leadership.
  • Integrative and interactive curriculum.

With that, the program will help you concentrate fully towards the functional areas in which you want to specialize but of course according to your availability and ease. In this program, you are also going to participate in a number of team-based projects that will ultimately develop a network of peers that have similar background.


Highlights of Penn State MBA Online
  • Duration: 24-30 months
  • Courses: Courses List
  • Estimated Cost: ~1,236 per credit
  • Mode of Study: Completely online

Admission requirements and key dates:

Following are the admissions requirements of the online MBA program.

  • To be able to apply for this program, an applicant must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of the United States of America. Or a post secondary degree that is comparable to a four years degree is also acceptable.
  • The program is suitable for all individuals having either diverse academic or professional background. But still those who have a background of accounting, finance, economics, Math can add strength to the portfolio of the applicant.
  • The applications will be submitted electronically.
  • There is an application fee that an applicant has to pay which is non-refundable.
  • Those who are in military qualify for an application fee waiver.
  • Official transcripts are required by the applicant.
  • If the transcripts are in any language other than English then it must be translated by a certified translator.
  • Penn State alumni are not required to present any transcript but they have to mention Penn State as part of their institution.
  • GPA of last two years is required.
  • GMAT or GRE scores are required as well. (Scores from within the past five years are valid).
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Key dates:

For fall admission:

The early deadline to submit the application is March 1, 2020.

And the standard deadline to submit the application is May 1, 2020.

For spring admission:

The early deadline to submit the application is September 1, 2020.

And the standard deadline to submit the application is October 15, 2020.

Program tuition fee:

Now let us discuss the tuition fee of this program.

The total program cost of this program in-state is $59,328.

Whereas the total program cost of this program out-of-state is $59,328.

The total duration of this online MBA program is 24 to 30 months. And if a student demands to extend the program length then it can happen too depending on the performance and the flexibility of the student.


Nationally Recognized

Penn State’s online graduate engineering programs are highly ranked by the U.S. News & World Report Best Online Programs rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will I be considered for the program even if my GPA is lover then average GPA?

If you have a lower GPA then it might become an obstacle for you but if you submit a high GMAT or GRE score then it may balance off your lower GPA. With that we also take a look at other parts of your application to assess your overall potential.

2. If financial aid available for the students?

The University offers a limited merit-based scholarships and financial aids to the students. At the time of submission of the application, if the applicant falls under the criteria for the scholarship or the financial aid, he/she will be automatically added to the list.

3. How many credit hours are in the online MBA program?

A student must earn minimum of 30 credit hours to graduate.

4. Can I earn other Penn States master’s degree while I have this online MBA ongoing?

The answer to this question is a YES. Students can pursue a second degree or certificate at the same time.

5. Will my degree or transcript display that I have earned this degree online?

No, neither your degree nor the transcript will display that this degree has been earned online instead your degree will display this “The Pennsylvania State University, Master of Business Administration”.

6. Is residency mandatory in this online MBA program?

Yes the residency is mandatory because 25% of the core team performance course is taught in the residency week.

7. Is it compulsory to take a GRE/GMAT?

Yes, in order to become eligible to apply for this program, a student must take a GRE or GMAT and try to score high marks in it to put a good impact on his application.

8. What is the score range of the GRE/GMAT in order to get noticed?

The Penn State is attracted by all such applicants who score highest marks in the GRE/GMAT. In 2017, students scored an average score of 577 on the GMAT. Thus one should really focus on the GMAT/GRE tests score in order to get noticed.


Alternatives to Penn State MBA Online:

There are other online MBA Degree Programs and Specializations available on related topics that would be worth exploring. These degree programs and Specializations are relevant and good for business students as well as professionals.

  • University of Illinois iMBA Program
    This iMBA University of Illinois program has created a new education experience as it admits people from various backgrounds ranging from science and engineering to finance and accounting, from art and music to the military, medicine, and marketing among others.
  • Business Foundations Specialization
    It provides a good foundation specialization in business for beginners from Wharton – University of Pennsylvania.  Specialization is created by Wharton along with snapdeal.com & Shazam as industry partners. It consists of 5 courses to learn fundamental skills of marketing, accounting, operations and finance with one final Capstone project.
  • Business and Financial Modeling Specialization
    In order to take well informed business and financial decisions, this specialization provides you necessary skills. It consists of 5 courses (including one capstone project).
  • Entrepreneurship Specialization
    Another specialization from Wharton – University of Pennsylvania with 5 courses that teaches how to turn an idea to a successful funded business. Learn the right skills to develop, launch, fund and excel your business.
  • Business Strategies for A Better World
    Understanding how to develop a good business strategy for overall social impact, is the key to be successful business leader. This specialization also consists of 4 courses that includes global trends for business and society, corruption, social entrepreneurship and business strategy for social impact.

Checkout other online courses must visit free online courses with certificates of completion

This Penn State Online MBA program is the best way for any person to continue with their studies and do a job at the same time. The mode of teaching of this program is totally online and is very flexible. A student even gets this opportunity of extending the duration of the program if he thinks he is not able to complete the degree within the given time period that is 24 to 30 months. Thus, after reading all about it we can say that this online MBA program can be considered as a blessing for all those people around the world who wants to get an MBA and a job at the same time.
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