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Anywhere teacher is a learning platform that enables children to get access to the learning material right from their homes with the help of a stable internet connection. This whole school zone started back in the year 1979 where two educators Joan and James Hoffman tried to develop supplemental Educational Materials For The Kids. The idea got a great response from both the parents and the children and this network grew bigger. Hence in 2015, the idea of anywhere teacher was put into action and today anywhere teacher is able to connect different students of age groups 2-8 with the help of a powerful online learning platform.

What does anywhere teacher has to offer?

The anywhere teacher learning program has much to offer like:

  • They try to meet the specific needs of every child (Ages 2-8) regarding learning.
  • Specially designed to get actual results.
  • Fully focused on learning.
  • One receives surprising rewards.
  • Supports teaching goals.
  • Always available.
  • Works on the concept of giving specialized attention.
  • One-stop solution for everything.
  • It is a safe place to learn.
  • Provides distraction-free learning.
  • Parents get to act as teachers.

What you’ll get after subscribing to anywhere teacher?

To be able to start learning from the Anywhere Teacher online learning platform, one must have to subscribe for it. Upon subscription, you can get access to the following:

  • Books
  • Flashcards
  • Songs
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Writable and printable learning material
  • Play zone
  • And a custom profile

Through anywhere teacher, your child will be able to get hands-on different books, flashcards and worksheets that will help them learn something. But with that, the platform also tries to teach through fascinating videos, games, play zones and much more.

Reviews from different parents as proof:

Many parents have used this learning platform and have found it to be very interesting, helpful and engaging. So here are some reviews given by the parents themselves:

  • The spelling games have increased my child’s learning capacity and now he is able to spell the majority of the words correctly. Our kids just love this platform. I would say this platform is a complete package for any child to learn everything regarding reading, writing and others. (Family0f7)
  • The flashcards have made my 5 years old learn counting from 1-25 with spellings. My kid really enjoys learning from this platform. (Claudia)
  • My kids and I both love this learning platform and I think everyone who has kid/kids must try this. Also anywhere teacher cards on the iPad app were very helpful. (Tracy)
  • I think this is a perfect platform for any parent to teach their child who is a toddler until grade 2. Everything is just there for you to teach your child. (Melissa H)
  • The inspirational sections, geography sections, learning from flashcards were the best parts of this program for us. (Jenna)
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So by reading all of the above information, one can easily decide that this learning platform has everything that their child needs to learn properly. So subscribe now to get access to the amazing material anywhere teacher has to offer.