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The Oxford Online Learning Zone Primary is exclusive and award-winning e-learning that has been introduced by the Oxford University Press (OUP). This online portal has been specifically designed to target all the primary school-aged students. There are different features on this portal that make it very unique and peculiar from the rest of the online learning apps by providing a number of fun-filled and captivating activities. The sole purpose of introducing this e-learning portal is to educate students and enable them to get engaged in different learning activities in a way that is very different from a school.

online learning Zone Primary

What does Online Learning Zone Primary has to offer?

This e-learning portal is both for the child and the parents to work together as a team and engage in different fun-filled activities. When both parents and the child work as a team and do some brainstorming, it is expected that a child is going to develop more interest towards learning than the other way round. Now the question comes is that what the portal has to offer? So here it is.

  • Songs
  • Chants
  • Games
  • Stories
  • Grammar exercises
  • Traditional tales

With the app, a parent is also able to access learning materials that are only specific to their child’s course. Not just that, one can also explore other Oxford courses and help their child study from those courses.

Three important features of the e-Learning portal:

The portal has three main/important features around which the whole portal works.

  • Games zone
  • Traditional tales
  • Parent’s zone

online learning Zone Primary

Games Zone:

The games zone has a total of 6 levels that a child has to complete. These 6 levels come in a pair of two. Level 1 & 2, level 3 & 4, level 5 & 6.

Each level has different games in them like:

  • Mega Munch
  • Maze
  • Double Trouble
  • Smash
  • Art Studio

online learning Zone Primary

Traditional Tales:

This section contains different video tales. What you need to do is select a fairy tale of your choice and click the play button. The tales contain great graphics and sounds that are going to attract the child a lot and it will be fun watching them together. Below mentioned are the traditional tales available.

  • Three Billy-Goats.
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.
  • Aladdin

Parent’s Zone:

The parent’s zone is a section for parents where there a few instructions regarding how to deal with your child and this e-Learning portal and make the most out of it. The instructions are in the form of a PDF file and in three different languages (English, Spanish and Catalan).

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What is the role of a parent in this regard?

When we talk about education, all that we care about is what a child is going to learn, who is going to make the child learn, how the child is going to learn and many other related questions. There is no participation of the parent here at all but with the help of Online Learning Zone Primary, a parent is also able to participate along with their child. With the help of the e-learning portal, both parents and the child can work together on different activities and learn. In this way, not only the child feels his parent’s support and encouragement but also the parents are able to track the child’s progress in real-time.

Online Learning Zone Primary

Some ideas for parents to make the most of this journey:

Below mentioned are some of the tips and ideas that if a parent tries to implement on can really help their child to make the most out of this amazing portal.

  • Try to read the stories together and encourage your child to tell you about the story that they’ve just read in English. In the beginning, it is highly likely that they’ll feel uncomfortable and might use many wrong words and make grammar mistakes but this is the whole point of this practice. In the start, they are going to make mistakes but eventually, they will learn from them and improve day by day. And you need to praise them no matter what to boost their confidence.
  • The next tip is to watch the song videos that are on the e-learning portal and try to sing it out loudly with your child. This will help them improve their accent. Also, ask them to show you any actions that they have understood from the video. Same is the case for the chants. Listen to them together and make your child show you any action that they understood.
  • The next tip is very fun-filled as it is to play the games with your child together. The games will really help your child in improving English and both you and your child can have a lot of fun playing.
  • Make a routine of asking them to become your teacher for a while and teach you any word or phrase that they know. Doing this activity regularly will not only help them but also you to analyze how much they have accomplished.
  • Similarly, you are also supposed to introduce English words to them. Translate the word to them and then help them memorize it. This will improve their vocabulary to a great extent.
  • Keep analyzing your child while studying. Don’t let them get exhausted otherwise their interest towards learning English will go off and you don’t want that to happen. So it’s best to keep it light and informal.
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Taking a good look at what the e-learning portal has to offer, one can easily analyze and give a comment that the portal is a very engaging, fun-filled and an attractive way to help a child learn English. The different activities, games, videos, stories and much more are a helpful yet fun-filled way for a child to not only learn English but also develop a great deal of interest in learning this subject. So overall, the Online Learning Zone Primary portal is a must for every primary level child.