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Overview of ELearning Unisel


The University of Selangor is a semi-private educational institute which was established on 23rd August 1999. In the very beginning, the University just started with 200 students but as years passed by, the number of enrollments increased, and now it has 11,000 undergraduates. UNISEL has two campuses running, one in Shah Alam and the second one in Bestari Jaya, Kuala Selangor. The eLearning UNISEL has managed to be known as an aspiring institution that has only contributed towards providing high-quality education and training to its students. The languages known in the University are Bahasa Malaysia and English. The current chairman of eLearning UNISEL is Amirudin Shari and the president is Prof Dato Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman.

Introduction to UNISEL eLearning:

UNISEL has introduced an online eLearning UNISEL student portal that fulfills the purpose of assisting students with all their studies related problems. This UNISEL eLearning portal is responsible for providing a student-centered learning environment by using a different medium of learning like online web technology. Using this mode of learning will enable learners to improve their learning activities and same like lecturers will be able to improve their teaching skills or activities. The portal is helpful for both the students and the lecturers. This means that whether you are a student at UNISEL or a lecturer, both are going to enjoy this elearning UNISEL portal according to their need.

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What is the purpose of the UNISEL eLearning portal?

The PPDM (Pusat Pembelajaran Digital dan Multimedia) is an eLearning portal that was established in the year 2014. The purpose to introduce this e-learning portal was to enable all the students and teachers of the ELearning UNISEL to enjoy such learning technologies and benefits that can lead them to experience better online learning facilities.

By introducing such a digital learning environment,ELearniing UNISEL expects to make competent and ethical professionals out of it.  The PPDM focuses to comply with the Dasar e-Pembelajaran Negara (DePAN2.0, 2019). This has been drafted by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Malaysia. With the help of this portal, it is expected that learners will be provided with the very best facilities and training that will help the UNISEL students to become fit for Industrial Revolution 4.0.

By introducing this online portal, the UNISEL hopes to provide the students and teachers with such a safe, accessible environment that would lead them to develop open, candid, timely, and respectful communication with each other.
Free Online Courses with Certificates

Courses categories:

Following are the different course categories that are available at the UNISEL eLearning portal.

  • UNISEL Administrative Training.
  • Faculty of Business and Accountancy.
  • Faculty of Communication, Visual arts and Computing.
  • Faculty of Engineering and Life sciences.
  • Faculty of Education and Social sciences.
  • Centre for Foundation and General studies.
  • Selangor Business school.
  • Centre for Graduate studies.

With each category mentioned above, there are a number of ELearning Unisel courses available that can be taken by learners. All you need to do is find the right category for yourself and then find the course you’re interested in and start learning. You can find the best free online courses with certificates from top universities of the world here too.

UNISEL eLearning Basic Training and Content Development:

In e-learning, a student is allowed to build his own style and to be provided with all the options that he needs in the way. What UNISEL does is develop, design and implement such training programs that cater all the development needs of the staff.

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Concluding Remarks:

We can conclude our topic by saying that the UNISEL e-learning portal is an amazing opportunity for all the students and even teachers at UNISEL to enjoy enhanced learning technologies in order to become capable of fitting with the industrial revolution. So join this Elearning Unisel platform, choose a course for yourself and start learning in a most controlled environment where you have this opportunity of interacting with other members too and share your experience with them.

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