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Overview of AEA Learning Online System


The Area Education Agency (AEA) Learning Online is a platform that is putting in efforts to provide a number of online courses and professional training. AEA Learning Online is a collaborative of Iowa’s Area Education Agencies that are providing online professional development opportunities and K-12 Online Learning Services at a very low-to-no cost for different districts. These online courses and training have been designed for educational staff. With all this, AEA Online Learning platform also provides a short, self-paced orientation to Online Learning. This provided orientation can be accessed through your course whenever you want. The orientation features different tutorials regarding how to complete common tasks in Moodle? Also, there are different tips mentioned for troubleshooting etc.

AEA PD Online is now AEA Learning Online!

What type of courses AEA Learning Online offers?

AEA Online Learning has two categories of online courses to offer.

  • Facilitated Online Courses
  • Self-paced Courses

Facilitated AEA Online courses:

Each of the facilitated online courses are instructed by highly qualified instructors and are available for license renewal or graduate credit. These are available through either Drake, Viterbo or Morningside. These courses are totally asynchronous which means that each student has this freedom of logging in at different times whenever they want and regardless where they are. This option provided in the courses have turned out to be one of the best features of taking professional development through AEA Online claims the students.

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Self-Paced Courses:

The self-paced courses can be taken by students to develop a certain skill set. These self-paced courses, unlike the facilitated courses, can be started anytime, that is, even within seconds after registering. With that, the course can also be completed at any pace. This means that an individual can complete the 15-hour course at once or can even take several months depending on his speed to cover. The target audience for these courses are educators, administrators, substitute teachers and as well as para-educators. Each course has a number of modules that cover different topics.

There are a number of self-paced courses provided by the AEA Learning Online among which following are the names of the most popular ones:

  • ELPA21 Assessment Administration Training
  • Iowa’s Eligibility & Evaluation Standards: Foundation Training
  • Digital Citizenship Course
  • Google Apps 101
  • Using Iowa AEA Online’s Resources
  • Social Media
  • The Exceptional Learner
  • The Practicing Educator
  • Financial Literacy Course
  • 7 Second Coaching

How do you take a course?

In order to take a course through AEA Online Learning, a student is to first register himself via the online course catalog.

AEA Learning Online Login / Register Here Now!

If a student has already registered himself then all he needs to do is to log in with his Google account or his AEA Learning Online Login account and then he is all set to go. Keep one thing in mind that the certificate will only be issued after the completion of a certain course and that the course is an unexpired one.

AEA Learning Online Training:

With AEA providing a number of facilitated and self-paced courses, it also provides different individual trainings that can be taken by anyone interested.

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training
  • Mandatory Reporter: Child and Dependent Adult Abuse
  • Right to Know Training
  • Overview of State Requirements Regarding Seclusion and Restraint: Chapter 103
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Lockout / Tagout Training
  • ELP Standards Module 1
  • ELP Standards Module 2
  • ELP Standards Module 3
  • Medication Administration in Iowa Schools

The AEA Learning Online is without any doubt a great platform that offers not only different online courses and training but much more than that. The purpose of providing these courses at such a low cost is to enable all types of people to utilize this platform and make something good out of it. So take a good look at the different online courses and training that AEA Learning Online is offering and pick one for yourself now and start learning. But before choosing the course, you need to register yourself so go to the website now and start learning.

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AEA Learning Online Digital Resources:

As we know that doing research on a specific topic is not as easy as it may look. One has to find the right amount of information from an authentic source which is not an easy task. Keeping this viewpoint in mind, Iowa’s AEA is providing all the Iowa students and educators with a special help that is, giving them access to high-quality, fully authentic and vetted digital resources. Every Iowa student gets access to a total of 16 high-quality resources which are available all the time and anywhere.

So Let us Take a Look at the Details of some of these Resources:

SIRS Researcher:

The SIRS Issue researcher is known to be a pool of knowledge that contains a general database of selected full-text articles. These articles are on different topics like social, scientific, health, political, historic, economic, business and global issues. The SIRS researcher provides relevant, authentic and credible resources that are aligned to the highest standards to tell the whole story on the major issues of the day. In other words, the SIRS researcher makes sure that whatever the content they are providing is affiliated to the state standards. Also, the articles include Lexile scores that enable a reader to match articles with their reading level.

The SIRS Issues Researcher puts in a lot of efforts to provide authoritative insight into the most-studied social issues by delivering the pros and cons from all the relevant and authentic sources, graphics and documents. These sources, documents and graphics are provided by trained and highly professional editors and are curated from over 2000 global sources.


TeachingBooks.net is an online database that contains a meticulous collection of resources whose sole purpose is to bring life to books. This is mostly used by a number of teachers and students for research purpose. The aim of TeachingBooks.net is to enrich every learner be it a child or an adult’s experience to become as happening and authentic as possible with the help of their original and curated literacy resources. The TeachingBooks.net has approximately 171,141 digital resources that motivates all types of readers to become capable of connecting very deeply with a book when they are reading it.

This platform also enables readers to become capable enough to gain new insights and understanding by taking help from award-winning authors, to indulge so deeply in reading so as to cultivate a life-long love of reading. So try this platform now free for 2 weeks and decide for yourself whether it’s worth your time.


TrueFlix is a renowned digital, highly- engaging multimedia resource that is also an award-winning online resource. This platform works with a mission of providing hundreds of units to supplement social studies and science core curricula learning. This is a 100% non-fiction literacy resource that enables students to build knowledge of subject-area content with the help of paired videos and ebooks and at the same time sharpening the important literacy skills as well.

TrueFlix comes with a number of features like web-based installation for getting access anytime and anywhere, providing viewers with only relevant, engaging and appropriate content, providing with an interactive whiteboard that is compatible for whole-class or small-group instructions and much more. So try this resource now and make a difference in the way you learn.

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Among many digital resources that we have in the market, ScienceFlix is also one of those to look for. ScienceFlix offers its viewers more than 50 complete units of study with over 8000 science-related assets. These assets are available in a variety of media. The purpose of developing this resource is to provide students with all the help they can get in understanding the science concepts and ideas. This is done with the help of hands-on projects, videos, multiple text types, interactive features and much more. ScienceFlix will help students in practicing hands-on scientific studies, develop inquiry-based learning skills and building STEM content knowledge. We can say that ScienceFlix is working towards changing or revolutionizing the way students are able to access science topics, acquire scientific knowledge and also build an abiding interest in science, technology and engineering. So start your free trial now and give it a try.

AEA Digital Library:

Iowa’s Area Education Agencies are very proud to provide Iowa pre K-12 educators and students with the access to a growing collection of educational digital media resources. The resource contains a collection of streaming videos, still images and digital documents that are very suitable for Pre k-3 children’s literature, 4-8th grade science, 7-12th grade health and guidance and the AIME copyright newsletter. So try this resource now.

With the details of the above 5 mentioned resources, following are the names of the remaining 11 resources that are as competitive and authentic as these above-mentioned ones:

  • American history in video.
  • Britannica School.
  • CultureGrams.
  • Gale.
  • iClipart.
  • Learn360.
  • MackinVIA.
  • Soundzabound.
  • Teen health and wellness.

For all AEA Digital Online Resources


So we can say that these 16 amazing resources are a most helpful way for any student, teacher, adult or a child to learn and improve his literacy skills. Not only these resources are different from one another but also each resource is very engaging and attractive and has something unique to offer. So try to make the most out of these resources and never stop learning as we at takethiscourse.net says.