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Overview of Smart Learning Suite Online


A Smart Learning Suite Online is known to be a meticulously crafted tool that connects together all the students, teachers and devices in order to turn average lessons into an enriching learning experience. This tool is beneficial for both students and the teachers according to their needs.

With the help of this suite, teachers are able to open interactive lessons whenever and wherever they are and share them to any student device so that they too can benefit from it.

The suite is a combination of the following:

  • Lesson delivery.
  • Assessment
  • Student collaboration.
  • And a game-based learning software.

The suite is offering two types of experience, Online and desktop, both has different features and purpose to offer, the details of which are given below.


The Smart Learning Suite (SLS) online lets you create lessons, activities and assessments whenever and wherever you are just by signing in from your computer. With the help of this feature, one can add interactive features to your ordinary contents so as to make it much more attractive and then share it to any student device.


The SMART Notebook software is for Windows and Mac and it provides with the option of lesson creation tools, adding subject-specific features and a number of other different ways to help students improve skills and upgrade their level.

How does it work?

All you need to do is make an account and sign in to the SLS online on your computer. After signing in, you are able to upload different lesson files and can also create engaging activities and make your lessons much more interactive. Your work will be saved in the online lesson library. After that, you need to sign in at your classroom display in order to open a lesson and deliver it to your students.

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How is it beneficial for a teacher and a student?

This suite enables a teacher to transform the static content into interactive lessons. Whether a teacher is starting from the scratch or is updating an existing lesson, the suite offers a variety of options to make the lectures even more interesting and then lets students access the lectures from their device. With the help of this suite, a teacher is able to create interactive lessons easily using the PDF and PowerPoint files, Google slides, Docs and Sheets. As far as a student is concerned, when they get access to the lectures on their own devices anytime anywhere, they tend to learn better and can give their undivided attention towards studying more. Following are details of the powerful tools that suite has to offer to the teachers in order to make interactive lessons and students to make the most out of the lectures.

Lesson creation and delivery.

This tool lets a teacher send the lectures to a smartboard with iQ and that shares the lessons to all the student’s devices and with other teachers as well if needed. With that, a teacher is quickly able to make interactive lessons using PDF files and much more.

Game-based activities.

This tool enables a teacher to use compelling graphics, sounds and animations so as to keep the students engaged on their devices. With that, a new game can also be made within 5 minutes for the student to interact with using the activity creation wizard. Different activity options like multiple choice races, sorting exercises, fill in the blanks and many more are available so that teachers can create such activities that can draw as much attention of a student as possible.

Formative assessments.

This tool lets a teacher to make an assessment under 5 minutes and then have the students to solve them on their devices. Also with the help of this tool, a teacher is able to get instant reports on student understanding without even breaking the lesson flow.

Collaborative workspaces.

This tool instantly converts any lesson page into a collaborative workspace. Whether students are inside or outside the class, they can co-create by adding content to the workspace from their own devices. This facilitates the whole class as each student tries to contribute by giving guidance or other notes.

With these 4 powerful tools that the suite is offering, teachers are very much able to not only create interactive lessons and assessments and other things but also deliver them to every student in a most appropriate manner.


Before subscribing to this, just make sure that your computer is compatible with this.

  • Windows 10.
  • Windows 8.
  • Windows 7.
  • Windows 8.1.
  • Mac 10.13.
  • Mac 10.11.
  • Mac 10.12.

How to avail of this amazing technology?

You can avail this offer right now for free but that will leave you with very limited options. So in order to get the most out of this technology, you are only one step away from subscribing. Upon subscribing following are the features included.

  • Both desktop and online experience.
  • You get this flexibility of accessing the suite anytime and anywhere even at your home.
  • Students can get access to the suite from any web-enabled computer, tablet or even phone.
  • You just need to login through your school Google or Microsoft account.
  • Automatically and securely provision SLS to teachers with Google or ClassLink through OneRoster.
  • You get this ability to send lessons and other activities to each of your students to their device.
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Thus by looking at the above information regarding the Smart Learning Suite Online, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this technology is indeed a peculiar one for all the teachers and students out there. This suite will not only benefit the students but also the teachers can use their skills and the suite’s tools to make interactive lessons, interesting assessments, game-based activities and much more. Precisely, we can say that this suite is a perfect way for teachers and students to teach and learn more appropriately respectively. So subscribe now this suite and feel the difference.