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Reviews of fully accredited University of Illinois iMBA Program


There are many students and professionals who wanted to earn MBA degree from world renowned universities, in order to develop business and leadership skills. Many of them can’t afford the high cost of in-campus degree programs from top universities while others may be facing challenges likes relocation due to various reasons. The average tuition fee of an MBA program in United States cost around $60K+ for international students. Did you know the UIUC iMBA has been ranked under 30 worldwide? Yes, you heard it absolutely right as the online MBA program by the University of Illinois imba has made it to the top 30 list of best online MBAs.

NoteWe are not ONLY providing maximum information for our readers about the University of Illinois iMBA Program, BUT we have given detailed independent reviews of the users along with frequently asked questions about iMBA Illinois.

UIUC imba is offering this fully-accredited online MBA program via the Coursera platform. The University of Illinois iMBA is a fully online, highly interactive, and deeply engaging program. Also, the iMBA University of  Illinois program is available at a much lesser cost as compared to a regular in-campus MBA degree.

This might be a good choice for those who want an in-home fully accredited MBA degree from world renowned university.

Also, there are some online specialization options available for FREE to get a good understanding of how an Online Uiuc imba Program works? One can take those to get familiarize before taking a complete iMBA University of Illinois Degree Program. Wharton – University of Pennsylvania has many business and entrepreneurship related online specializations available.

University of Illinois iMBA Program Overview:

The  Uiuc iMBA program is organized into packages referred to officially as specializations that cover disciplines like economics, finance, leadership, and strategy. Some specializations also tackle other topics like digital marketing and globalization which equips you with a vision into the future.

Even though most of the lectures are delivered via the Coursera platform, it’s not a MOOC (massive open online course). In fact, Coursera material is only a tip of the workload iceberg. Depending on the course one is taking, there are many supplemental materials and tasks which include recordings of lectures, video conferencing, graded group and personal assignments, and also timed exams.

  • Uiuc iMBA Illinois is exactly the same MBA degree that students at the imba University of Illinois’s residential program receive.
  • the imba University of Illinois College of Business accredits UIUC iMBA Program.
  • at least six specializations required to complete Uiuc iMBA Illinois Program.
  • each specialization has an additional component (optional) that covers in-depth discussion and instructor feedback. You might also be interested in online Accounting courses.
  • Upon admission, one can apply for the credit towards Uiuc iMBA Program and might be eligible for transfer into another program.
Highlights of iMBA Program
  • Duration: 24-36 months
  • Courses: 18 courses plus three capstone projects
  • Estimated Cost: ~$22,000
  • Mode of Study: Completely online

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The  University of Illinois Imba Review ,It is not only recognized in business but has the best rated schools and colleges in various fields including engineering, media, and information sciences. The iMBA University of Illinois faculty is drawn from the College of Business and other parts of the University, along with highly skilled professions from the industry. The  University of Illinois Imba is recognized as:

  • 30 most powerful university brands in the world by Times Higher Education
  • Top 5 favorite source of talent in U.S.A by Wall Street Journal survey
  • 23 Nobel Prize Winners
  • 470K Global Alumni Network
  • #11 Public University

As mentioned earlier that the UIUC iMBA Program is organized into specializations, you need to complete at least 6 specializations to earn the University of Illinois iMBA Degree.

University of Illinois iMBA Program Curriculum:

In order to earn an iMBA University of Illinois degree, six specializations need to be completed out of which 4 are Core Specializations while the other 2 are required from Area of focus. You can also find out all you need to know about Executive MBA.

Projects Included:

Key benefits of the University of Illinois iMBA Program:

This Uiuc imba course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their business and leadership skills. Some of the benefits include:

1. Access to a Global Network

In the first graduating class of this program, there were over 2000 students from 70 different countries and 45 states of the US. Being able to interact with this diverse lot and build a good strong network can help your career or business in many ways.

2. Convenience

With the Uiuc iMBA Illinois, you do not have to relocate, you can have access to high-quality education from a top university right from your home. This convenience drastically reduces the costs of acquiring an education.

3. Access to top Professors

Being taught by the top experts in the field of your choice has never been this easy thanks to the internet. Now, despite your location, you can access a top professor in just minutes and be able to consult to your satisfaction.

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Admission Requirements:

This University of Illinois iMBA program has created a new education experience as it admits people from various backgrounds ranging from science and engineering to finance and accounting, from art and music to the military, medicine, and marketing among others. The requirements for admission include:

  • 3.0 GPA maintained in the last two years of undergraduate study or equivalent for students outside the United States
  • Applicants must have a minimum of three years working experience in a managerial position
  • If need be, applicants should submit GMAT and GRE test scores
  • International students must pass the TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency tests
  • All applicants should submit an essay on a topic provided
  • All applicants should have three letters of recommendation

Key Dates:

Semester Begins in January, 14th, 2019

Early Admission Dates:

  • Round 1: January 18th, 2019
  • Round 2: March 1st, 2019
  • Round 3: April 12th, 2019
  • Final Deadline: May 17th, 2019

University of Illinois iMBA Program Tuition:

The estimated tuition fee for Uiuc iMBA Program costs around $22,000 (approx.) as per the Coursera website that includes:

  1. Coursera ID Verification Fee
  2. Tuition Fee for 6 specializations
  3. Books/Supplies and other expenses etc.

However, on-campus cost for MBA at University of Illinios is $83,276 including $73,168 as tution fee with other charges. So, you are taking an online iMBA at far less cost. Checkout the on-campus tuition cost for MBA at University of Illinois.

Undoubtedly, the cost is far less than the actual MBA cost in the United States and also, it’s a good choice for international students. But if you are a U.S resident and interested more in an on-campus MBA program, we will suggest you to compare other options too. You can find the best ranked MBA Programs in U.S here.

University of Illinois iMBA Student’s Reviews/Feedback:

I scoured the web and found some valuable online reviews about Uiuc iMBA Degree Program.

Univesity illinois iMBA Degree Program Reviews by Dan Prorok

The followings are some of the reviews of UIUC iMBA students as answers to questions on Quora.com about the usefulness of the program by UIUC.

University of illinois iMBA Student Reviews by Zubair Ahmad

This feedback can turn out to be a best guideline for those students who are planning to take this program but have no idea about the University of Illinois iMBA. You can check out more MBA options here at this resource. Here we have listed more feedback including positive and negative comments:

  • Because of this program, I was able to build a strong network – My name is Dan Prorok and I want to say that many students think that studying online can never help to build a strong network of people that can further lead to big opportunities. But this is totally wrong, this platform helped me build a strong network with other students and I am still very much in contact with them. So don’t hesitate to take this program just because you think that you won’t be able to develop a network because it is totally untrue. I heard a lot of misconceptions about this program that this is an MBA degree delivered via MOOC. I would very much like to clear this misconception as this is totally wrong. Yes, it is true that many lectures are delivered via Coursera platform but that doesn’t mean that it is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) but rather it’s a complete MBA degree program.So this is a Illinois imba review from my side.
  • The value of iMBA degree of University of Illinois is not much in New York – I live in New York and I have done Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance. Currently, I am doing a job but this job is not something that makes me happy or contended. They say that I don’t have an MBA which makes me a little useless as compared to those employees who have an MBA degree. So I am looking for institutes that can help me with my MBA program. So I came across this online MBA program by University of Illinois Imba. So I googled about this imba university of illinois and what I found about it is that though the university is well recognized in many countries and cities, but New York is not the one. Even the firm that I am currently working in doesn’t value the degree from this University so I would say that those who are living in New York and are planning to get an MBA should not choose this University. And for those who are not living in New York, they should take this program because I really found this program interesting and also cost effective.
  • I would totally recommend this course to my friends – My name is Avinash Misra and I would say that after completing the Uiuc imba  course, I was able to get an amazing job where I was being valued and admired. The concepts and terms that this UIUC iMBA program taught me turn out to add value to my work and also my resume. In my job interview, I was praised by the fact that I chose the imba University of Illinois to get an online MBA program and that my degree is worthy. I am really happy that I have an MBA degree from a well-reputed institute and that it gave me a job that I was worthy of taking. Thanks to Coursera and the University of Illinois for this. I would totally love to recommend this Uiuc imba course to all my friends who are planning to get an MBA degree.
  • A good option for all the entrepreneurs out there – My name is Patrick Kerr and I would say that if any entrepreneur is looking for an opportunity to get an MBA degree online and also from a reputable organization who also provides this program at an affordable price, then this imba University of illinois program is the best option for them.
  • I want to share my experience with others so that they can get an idea about what the course is offering and what it takes to get the most out of it – My name is Laura Brandon Schulz and I would like to share my experience with other learners so that they can get a sense of this program. The education model of this whole program is very unique. The program consists of two courser class and one UIUC class. The lectures were very interesting and the instructor was from the University. After taking the lectures, there were discussion forums where a student has to take part. The exercises are given in it totally supported the lecture material and one cannot say that whatever is taught in the lectures is irrelevant of the exercises. The whole formation of the lectures and exercises was well structured. Once a week I was required to take part in a 1 half-hour live activity session where all of my classmates were present too. We were supposed to ask questions from each other and also help out each other if anybody had a problem regarding any concept. This live session was supervised by TAs who were very helpful. I tried as hard as I could to utilize this opportunity as much I could so that I can become better. I listened to the lectures very carefully, tried to clear my concepts as much as I can, solved every assignment, and quiz given properly and in the end I was able to understand every concept taught easily. So I can say that this program is though very helpful and interesting but it also depends on the students themselves that how seriously he takes this program and how much he can learn from it that is, have to be self-driven. But I would say that this course turned out to be an amazing opportunity for me and also at a reasonable price. So this my take for Illinois imba review.

The reality in business today is that we’re working in virtual teams. We’re collaborating with people across the state, across the country, across the globe, and I think that in itself is a competency that you can only really learn by participating in teams that are that diverse.

Brad Lindaas

You can find more valuable reviews/feedback on iMBA Program page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are a lot of students out there who have many questions regarding this University of Illinois iMBA Program. Here we have listed maximum queries regarding the University of Illinois iMBA program and try to provide an answer with logical reasoning.

  • iMBA Program is recommendable or not? To that we would say that iMBA Program from University of Illinois imba is fully accredited, receiving the same degree that residential students at University will receive. So, it becomes a highly recommended option for students who wants online fully accredited degree from top university at lower tuition fee.
  • Is it a good option to take Online MBA? To all those people who are curious about that, we would say that an online MBA is undoubtedly a good idea. You not only get to study from home but also you can do a job side by side. And also you have to be careful before deciding the university as there are many universities out there who offer non-accredited MBA programs as these are just MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). This can cost you your career so we would suggest that University of Illinois Imba has the perfect MBA degree program and not just an Online Course.
  • Many people wonder if they have what it takes to enter the UIUC iMBA program? Students who have a good GPA can easily get into this program. Kindly read the admission requirements given here.
  • Whether the program is equivalent to the in-person degree? Yes, this online program is totally equivalent to an in-person degree. The final degree certificate will state that the student has received an MBA from the University of Illinois studying the same syllabus as that of in-campus/residential students. So students can enter into this program with full satisfaction.
  • Whether this program can add value to our CV and give us a better job? An UIUC  Imba Alumni Avinash Misra shared his experience after completing this University of Illinois Imba program. This student was able to get an amazing job after completing this program. This means that you just have to invest your time and efforts in this program and the return will be amazing. So if someone has confusion about whether he will be able to get a good job after this program, he should read this and then decide.

Alternatives to iMBA Illinois Program:

There are other online specializations available on related topics that would be worth exploring. Although these are not complete degree programs but are relevant and good for business students as well as professionals. For example, Wharton – University of Pennsylvania has some good specializations related to Business, Finance, and entrepreneurship.

  • Business Foundations Specialization
    It provides a good foundation specialization in business for beginners from Wharton – University of Pennsylvania.  Specialization is created by Wharton along with snapdeal.com & Shazam as industry partners. It consists of 5 courses to learn fundamental skills of marketing, accounting, operations and finance with one final Capstone project.
  • Business and Financial Modeling Specialization
    In order to take well informed business and financial decisions, this specialization provides you necessary skills. It consists of 5 courses (including one capstone project).
  • Entrepreneurship Specialization
    Another specialization from Wharton – University of Pennsylvania with 5 courses that teaches how to turn an idea to a successful funded business. Learn the right skills to develop, launch, fund and excel your business.
  • Business Strategies for A Better World
    Understanding how to develop a good business strategy for overall social impact, is the key to be successful business leader. This specialization also consists of 4 courses that includes global trends for business and society, corruption, social entrepreneurship and business strategy for social impact.

Checkout More Platforms for Online Learning Worldwide:

Concluding Remarks:

Uiuc iMBA Degree Program by the University of Illinois is a recommended option for students who want to excel in the field of business administration but can’t afford the high cost of a degree along with relocation issues.Uiuc iMBA is a fully accredited Online Degree Program by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign via coursera that is highly engaging and affordable. Checkout more details about the imba university of illinois degree program at coursera website.

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