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All you need to know about Executive MBA


MBA’s is fairly popular right now and so is the chaos like what do you want to do. Would you like to learn just a regular MBA or maybe you feel more inclined towards an executive MBA? If these thoughts are crossing your mind right now then don’t feel pressured anymore. Let’s cut the chase in this feature and tell you the pros and cons after which you decide what’s best for you.
A career choice is not an easy one. You are constantly thinking about what to do with your life that is both best and delightful. In the case of pursuing an executive degree or a regular business management degree, a more defining career could be of an administrator and a decision-maker. checkout the UIUC IBMA from the takethiscourse.net team.

An executive MBA is a professional choice, aimed at senior executives as compared to a disciplined or traditional MBA which is aimed at early or mid-career learners. The indicated learning program is characterized as an enhanced form of managerial learning with many benefits. Firstly, you are allowed to not spend your whole day immersed in academics, regardless of any age restrictions and another is that you are made enough capable to sort managing companies and turn yourself into a valuable asset for any establishment. Reshaping your choices, you must have some questions; let’s try and answer them for you!

Which is Better an Executive MBA or a Regular MBA?

So, what would it be? A global management degree or a traditional management degree, actually it completely depends on how you want to grow like if you want to set your goal and become a leader or do you want to be a seasoned manager. A position that holds meaning in your life like a managing director, business advisor operations manager, turn yourself into an established senior at work with EMBA.
Both the programs are different when it comes to management experiences like an executive degree is typically offered to individuals with 13 years of experience whereas regular degree candidates are learners with over 6 years of experience. If you love to connect socially, accompanied with a full-time academic routine regular MBA is for sure your niche. But you like to remain intact with your work, want to earn and learn based on a part-time schedule EMBA is the one for you.

Is Executive MBA Equivalent to MBA?

A senior executive is not equivalent to a streamlined manager. People with a professional degree are individuals with a solid understanding of management environments and are high flyers in any establishment. While typical managers are more confined to subjects like accounting, finance, and marketing which is very common. So, ultimately any organization would feel more secure if they are hiring an EMBA.

Another aspect for you to choose between a disciplined program or a professional platform that although the learning span for MBA is 8 months, you cannot learn the exceptional leadership skills, you can just come across the fundamental working ethics. With EMBA, you apply what you learn throughout your distance learning program, sitting down with leading professionals once a week or once a month.

What is the Eligibility for an EMBA?

Another question that you’re wondering about let’s tell you how it’s done. The eligibility provisions for becoming an Executive MBA consists of a minimum 55% passing marks in a relevant discipline and also 3 or more years of work experience. If you have appeared in management entrance exams like CAT, XAT, GMAT, and MAT, congratulations you can pursue with no obstacle at hand.

How do you list an EMBA on a Resume?

Executive MBA resume is listed to demonstrate that you are full of potential and highly eligible for your desired job. So, of course, this makes you question what exactly should be done. You should best prepare your EMBA resume by keeping in mind the length, the headers you insert, format, your experience, the number of people or organizations you managed shall be entered under the leadership heading and enhance the readability of your resume as well because you may know or not but recruiters judge your resume and induce the employment results on first look sometimes. Even some programs offer a resume assessment before you apply before offering you an interview. So, keep these things in mind.

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Why is the Executive MBA more Expensive?

You can say the executive program is expensive because of its appeal. You know, if you’re an EMBA, your chances of promotions at your workspace and the international persona you enjoy is what sets this high standard of cost in these programs. They are over-priced compared to standalone programs because the market value of such degrees is tremendous and the effects are everlasting in your working career.

There is no sign of decline in the persuasion of the indicated program because individuals are looking for a less time-taking degree which is global at the same time. The business schools are charging you more, exploiting the conditions but the benefits and payoff of learning this degree are doubling the amounts your earnings whereas traditional MBAs are working on constant payments everywhere. So, even if it’s asking more it’s pretty much giving you twice than you

How much an Executive MBA Cost?

This valuable degree of EMBA is offered at different costs and therefore varies at different institutions. However, the standard cost of doing this executive degree is as high as $205,200 at UPenn to as low as $46,310 at Brigham Young (Marriott). Don’t get bothered at all because the more you’ll spend, the more you’ll earn, so invest in yourself.

Can I do PhD after an Executive MBA?

Simply answering the question directly you cannot go for Ph.D. after completion of your EMBA merely, because jumping into a doctorate requires you to be already acquainted with a 2 year MBA program or a masters degree securing up to 55% which was conducted on a full-time basis or through remote learning.

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Whether you decide to enroll in a Free Online course with Certificates and study at your ease and pace or enroll in a Executive MBA courses where you have to follow a proper schedule.