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All you need to know about Coursera for Business


Coursera, just like Udemy is a well-recognized online learning platform or you can say an American Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), provider. It was founded back in the year 2012 by Stanford University’s computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. It offers MOOCs, specializations, degrees, and a variety of professional and master track courses to learners from all over the world. Coursera proudly works with many universities and organizations with the aim to offer online courses and certifications etc covering a variety of subjects. In this article, you came to know about Coursera for Business.

At present, Coursera has a family of 73 million users who get to learn from thousands of online courses offered by Coursera. These online courses or specializations are offered by more than 1,792 employees.

Similarly, At present, Udemy Courses has a family of 24 million students and 60,000 courses in different categories with a mission to improve lives through learning.

Coursera for Business

Now coming to our main topic of discussion which is Coursera for business. To explain in simpler terms, Coursera for the Business is suitable for all such companies that are planning to upskill a small team either within their organization or transform the entire enterprise. If any organization chooses Coursera as Moocs Provider, then they will get access to more than 3000 high-quality courses that can help to create a world-class learning program for the employees.

How Much Does Coursera for the Business Cost

At present, there are two plans available for organizations by Coursera.

The first one is the enterprise plan that is suitable for 100 or more users.

The second one is the team plan that is suitable for a small group of employees like 5 to 99.

With the enterprise plan, you get access to advanced analytics, sales and customer success assistance, custom integrations, and course curations.

And with the team plan that is specially designed for smaller teams, you get the option to add seats easily, see the basic reporting, and design custom learning programs from anywhere.

Benefits of Coursera for the Business

Coursera for business comes with a variety of benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

Coursera for business has led to a three-year 746% ROI as it helped in retention and productivity while resulted in decreasing the overall cost.

The total discounted 3-year benefits per organization were $29.3 million.

Similarly, more employees (94%) started to show interest in learning through Coursera as it gives the opportunity to learn from wherever you are and at your ease and pace. Not only employees were able to do their job but also upgrade their skills without having their real jobs getting affected.

It spares organizations the cost of setting up their own training for employees. Whatever the courses are suitable according to your organization, Coursera’s team handpick all of them for you. In this way, your employees get their hands only on the relevant courses and can study according to their own set schedule where they don’t have to juggle up between their work and study.

Coursera for business gives your employees all the skills they need to perform even better which ultimately leads to better performance which in return is profitable for the whole organization. Thus it is a win-win situation for everyone involved here.

Which Companies Trust Coursera for the Business

As Coursera for business has led to greater productivity in employees, that is why the majority of the top technology companies trust Coursera for the business to help them upgrade their employees. Some of the names of these top technology companies are mentioned below.

        •  Danone
        •  TATA
        •  AXA
        •  Lorel
        •  P & G
        •  Infosys
        •  And Lastly,Signify

Why are Organizations Choosing Coursera for Business

There are three main reasons behind organizations choosing Coursera for the business.

  • The quality of the content of all the courses offered by Coursera is always beyond expectations. It is because Coursera only partners with the best universities that have highly experienced professionals working for them.
  • The learning experience that it gives to all of its users is amazing and convenient. The majority of the courses are self-paced which gives learners the freedom to study when feasible.
  • Lastly, the breadth of skills. Whenever a learner completes a course, the extent of skills that he is able to gain is quite much.

Special features offered by Coursera for business:

Earlier we talked about the two plans this Coursera for the business offers. So let us take a look at the common features that organizations get to enjoy no matter which plans they choose.

  • Access to almost 3,800 online courses designed by world-class institutes.
  • Access to a variety of guided projects, quizzes, and assignments.
  • Lastly and most importantly, verified certificates upon completion of the courses.


Thus what more can an organization want from Coursera from business and at such reasonable packages right? So, visit the official website of Coursera today and go to the Coursera for the business section where you can learn more about what this is and how it suits your organization. And don’t forget to stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.

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