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eLearning ZUJ – Al Zaytoonah University 2024


eLearning ZUJ is offered by Al-Zaytoonah that is a private university accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Located in Amman, Jordan, this University was founded in the year 1993 and is known to be an urban campus.

There are more than 8000 students enrolled in the University among which 14% are known to be international students from 28 different countries. The University has a huge academic staff of 380 people and an administrative staff of 210. This University has known to be progressing on all levels and in all avenues of academic and administrative. It has a general accreditation for a capacity of 10,000 students. Along with that, the University is also a working and a contributing member in many local, regional and international academic organizations.

The University’s infrastructure has been expanded and improved to a great extent so as to easily include 7 faculties totalling 34 study programs. Among which, 26 are of Bachelor degrees and 8 for Master Degrees.

eLearning ZUJ:

Al-Zaytoonah has introduced an e-Learning Zuj System that comes with a lot of interactive features for the students to benefit from. The aim of this venture is to introduce students to blended learning and open educational resources. How they can benefit from these sources, how they can enhance their learning experience and much more is enclosed in this e-Learning system.

With this all is the package, the University also intends to provide faculty members and all the Al-Zaytoonah students with continuous training and support so that they don’t feel confused or being unable to make the most out of this eLearning system.

What are the plans of the University towards the eLearning system?

As we know that the University tends to develop and manage fully functional eLearning ZUJ eLearning systems at the University. It is because the University wants able to add reforms in the way they teach by giving the students and teachers an opportunity to study and teach electronically as well.

  • With this platform in running, the University is preparing and managing E-Exams at the University.
  • Are able to create and develop a number of high-quality online courses for the students to learn from them at their own ease and pace. You can find more Self-Paced University Free Online Courses here.
  • Raising awareness of eLearning and open educational resources are more important for student and faculty member This is done through a series of seminars and workshops that are held at the University.

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Key Features of the e-Learning Zuj System:

Following are some best features of the Al-Zaytoonah eLearning system:

  • Provides synchronous and asynchronous broadcasting technologies for lectures.
  • Has local and international cooperation with many such organizations and bodies that are working for the betterment of educational systems in the field of distance and ZUJ eLearning.
  • Providing an electronic library for open educational resources that can be accessed online by any student or faculty member of the Al-Zaytoonah University.

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We at takethicourse.net appreciate all such platforms and Universities that focus on the importance of eLearning ZUJ and many other ways that promote online learning. And that is why our topic of discussion was Al-Zaytoonah University because it focuses a lot towards providing an eLearning system to its students and teachers.