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Paying learning and development jobs

4 Best Paying Learning and Development Jobs in 2021

Learning and development jobs tend to come in all sizes and forms. Different companies are always looking for ways to ramp up their learning...
vicarious Learning

How to leverage Vicarious Learning Theory in Online Learning

Vicarious learning can be defined as a chance or an opportunity that lets the individual learn from examining the actions of others by using...

How to develop your Digital Learning Team?

Are you a leader who is eager to help his team become the best? Or you are interested in supporting your team to develop...
developing strategy of eLearning

Developing a Successful eLearning Strategy and Future

An eLearning strategy is simply a plan that helps to understand how you can or should proceed with building learning. This strategy includes a...
Will eLearning replace traditional learning

Will eLearning Replace Traditional Learning?

For the past two years, eLearning has actually become a thing. It is like traditional learning methods no longer exist. The question that arises...
Active Learning Strategies

10 Best Active Learning Strategies

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to learn right? Since what you need is an inspiration to keep your focus and build your future. But...
You need to know about active learning

All you need to know about Active Learning

Active learning is what we call a very effective approach to instruction that usually involves students engaging themselves with the course material actively through...
Online Learning Growth

Online Learning Growth Insights

Since the concept of e-Learning was introduced in 2000, it has managed to be in the limelight as most learners prefer to learn from...
DSBN elearning

DSBN eLearning Program

The District School Board of Niagara is a school board in the public school system of Ontario, Canada. It falls in the Regional Municipality...
eLearning SPU

Overview of eLearning SPU

SriPatum University eLearning SPU eLearning SPU Online Course Other Best Universities Providing Free Online Courses with Certificates SriPatum University: eLearning SPU is offered by SriPatum...

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