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A Review Of Why I Chose Kajabi


Review for eLearning PlatformThe creation of courses is simplified by Kajabi and is one of the major reasons to utilize Kajabi. eLearning is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Some of the most important participants in the market in five years’ time haven’t even begun their careers yet. Don’t pass up this chance to transform the information that’s already in your mind into cash that you can put in your pocket.

Step one is to precisely identify the issue that needs to be resolved (Analysis)

Spending some time figuring out the issue that needs to be resolved is the first thing that needs to be done to provide a useful educational opportunity.

  • Have you found a solution to this issue that is both quicker and more affordable than others?
  • Have you found a solution that works better for your demographic than others?
  • Why was it necessary for you to find a solution to this issue inside your own life?
  • What aspects of your solution make it stand out as something that should be shared?

These will get you started in the right direction toward developing a successful course. When the advantage is more obvious, marketing the product will be much simpler.

Create an initial course outline as the second step in this process (Design)

The following should serve as the general layout for your class:

  • Clearly demonstrate that you comprehend the present situation of your consumers (most often because you have been there yourself).
  • Locate the endpoint of your journey.
  • Describe and illustrate each step that must be taken to achieve your objective.
  • Make it clear to the pupils what the goal is and how they will feel when they achieve it.

When you have finished the preparatory process of thinking over what elements should be included in your course, it is a good opportunity to investigate what other programs, books, and videos there are available on the market that are related to your subject matter. The rationale for this is to provide you with the opportunity to fill in any blanks or omissions in your text that you may have neglected.

Construct Your Course Within the Kajabi Platform (Development)

In the next step, known as production or development, the content is created.

  • Write out your teachings and scripts.
  • Make a video or audio recording of your lessons.
  • Build up your visual assets by making graphics, offering downloads, and more.
  • When all of the material has been created, it must next be revised, and then it must be uploaded here to the Kajabi platform.

Simply sign in to your account on Kajabi and select the “Products” option, which is located in the left-hand column of your dashboard page. From that point on, you will have access to no less than seven distinct product templates to select from.

When you log in, you’ll be given the option to create Modules, which are known as Categories, as well as Posts, Sub-Categories, and other organizational options for Modules (i.e., Lessons).

The number of modules in an online class should range anywhere from three to eight. If you want more, you may need to rearrange your course. If you have less than 3, you should probably think about adding some more material.

Course Development Platform

You have the opportunity to include the following components inside every Post or Lesson:

  • Text Downloads
  • Comments
  • Automations Built Using Kajabi

Creating a stunning online course with Kajabi does not require any prior experience or knowledge of technology.

Enroll your first several users in the service (Implementation)

Using a program like Kajabi or some other course/LMS platform, you may bring your blueprint to life. There are many other benefits to using Kajabi, so click here for more information.

If you already have a well-established audience, recruiting 2–5 people to fulfill this role should be as simple as sending a tailored email to every one of them. If you already have a well-established audience, see the next section. Rather than rely on close friends or family members to give you an honest assessment of your class, it’s better to ask complete strangers.

Use the feedback you receive to help you get better (Evaluation)

This last stage can take on a variety of forms, including the following:

  • Using end-of-semester questionnaires as a means of gathering students’ feedback.
  • Having one-on-one conversations with your students or trainees.
  • Utilizing the services of a course consultant who may provide expert direction.

However, if the course is well-organized, it will answer a specific problem, it will be simple to understand, and it will lead to a rise in income over time since successful students will become your greatest marketers.

One last point to make about the 5-step process is that ADDIE is intended to be a cyclical process. Finding an issue that needs to be solved, designing and developing an eLearning solution, using feedback to tackle that problem even more effectively, designing and developing an enhanced course the second time around, and so on and so on.