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Brief about e Learning For Healthcare Program


e Learning for healthcare is a very helpful, interactive and a meticulously developed program that has been introduced by the HEE (Health Education England). The HEE has come in a partnership with NHS (National Health Service) and a number of other professional bodies to work together and provide and support patient care by introducing e-learning that will educate a number of people who are a part of social care taskforce. This platform will enable all such people to get better training as to how to provide the best patient care.

The purpose of introducing this platform is to provide better training to all the health and social care team to become more useful, effective, efficient and meticulous in what they do. This will provide them with a better sense of how to take care of patients when in need.

At present, e-Learning for Healthcare has:

  • 12 million+ e-Learning sessions that have been launched on the hub.
  • 1 million+ registered users who are getting training in their selected field.
  • Twenty four thousand plus e-Learning sessions that are available within the 210+ programs.

Who are we working with?

We are working with the following organizations/institutes to help provide better training to the healthcare teams.

  • Public Health England.
  • NHS improvement.
  • Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health.
  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
  • National guardian-freedom to speak up.
  • Protect-speak up, stop harm.

And many more.

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Different programs offered by e Learning for Healthcare:

At present, there are a total of 216 programs that are offered by e-Learning for Healthcare among which some of the programs are mentioned below.

  • Acute NIV.
  • Adolescent health program.
  • Advanced clinical practice toolkit.
  • Advanced radiotherapy.
  • Advanced threat protection.
  • Alcohol stigma.
  • Ages and stages questionnaires.
  • Anaesthesia.
  • Asthma.
  • Audiology.
  • Avoiding Term Admissions into Neonatal units.
  • Building community capacity.
  • Care certificate.
  • Children’s emotional and additional health needs.
  • Children’s oral health.
  • Clinical pathway for sick children.
  • Compassion in practice.
  • Communicating with empathy.
  • Cold homes.
  • Demand and capacity.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Dementia.
  • Dentistry.
  • End of life care.
  • Emergency medicine.
  • Flu immunization.
  • Freedom to speak up.

And many many other programs are available for healthcare teams to enroll in them and enhance their skills. Be it about children’s oral health or other additional needs or a clinical pathway or sick children, conflicts of interest or freedom to speak up, whether it is about dementia or dentistry there is a program, for every matter. These programs will not only spread awareness among the taskforce but will also open up their minds to become better, do better and open themselves to more learning and changing the way they do things.

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Each program that is offered by the e Learning for Healthcare is in partnership with different institutions that work day and night to make sure that the material that they are providing is free from any type of flaw and has all the necessary information.

Some more initiatives of e Learning for Healthcare:

With all this, the e-Learning for Healthcare also offers a Simulation-based Education design toolkit that includes a number of training videos and other development resources like Integrated Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning Design Framework worksheet, example scenarios and workshop activity cards.

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With all this in the circle, the health education England eLearning for healthcare has also revised and updated their most popular e-learning courses to help all the foundation doctors make informed career choices for themselves and also make effective applications for their future career steps. The purpose of this activity is to add new values and skills exercises and also a number of comprehensive case studies following a Foundation doctor’s career planning journey.


We can conclude our discussion by saying that e Learning for healthcare is an amazing and effective opportunity for all the healthcare teams to take and improve their skills. The purpose here is only to help these people become capable enough to help others who are in need or sick. The more practice and training the health and social care team get from this platform, the better it will be for our society.

So go to the website; e-L H  and look for the program that you are interested in and start enhancing your skills now.