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5 Best eLearning Tools for 2020


eLearning tools are the type of software tools that are used for the intent of improving the quality of the content. eLearning tools are also known as electronic tools and it enables a user to deliver all the courses and the relevant instructions electronically with the help of different platforms like internet, a company intranet or any other platforms like CD-ROM or DVD. It has been found out that the eLearning utilization has been increased by 900% over the past 16 years. Its all because moocs are increasing day by day many top universities are offering free online courses with certificates. This means that majority of the organizations and other companies and businesses are shifting toward using the eLearning tools in order to enhance their business.

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Top 5 eLearning Tools:

Now let us shed some light on the best eLearning tools that are there. We are going to learn about what they have to offer, at what prices they are available, who uses them, what is their rating, what products each of the eLearning tool has to offer, what are the different features available and much more. The purpose of skimming out the best eLearning tools is to help the readers find out which one is the best in every aspect.

1. TalentLMS:

TalentLMS is a super helpful, easy to use cloud LMS software that can be for sure used to train any company’s employees, partners and customers. TalentLMS knows that if something is not easily accessible, then people aren’t going to use it and that is why, this eLearning tool is easily accessible that comes with native mobile apps for iOS and Android.



The rating of this amazing eLearning tool is 4.7/5.


Now let us take a look at the different features that this tool has to offer.

  • Get instant access to a full library that has a number of ready-made courses. One can chose the course that he’s interested in taking.
  • The software is very easy to maintain which means that there are fewer things to configure. This means a user has to spend less time in configuring different things.
  • This is an enterprise-friendly LMS platform.
  • Supports SCORM and XAPI, extensible user profiles, gamification, video conferencing and much more.
  • Helps you keep your stakeholders informed with clear and visual reports that can help them stay in the loop and has all the exact and necessary information on their end as well.
  • Provides with blended learning.
  • Provides you with rich communication tools that helps a user to stay connected with his employees or partners.

Who uses this software?

This software is trusted by 70,000+ organizations including Infosys, Panera bread, hudl, Odin Plesk, MERCK, ZALORA, NEP, VISMA, CARGLASS, Harper Collins Publishers, Rosetta stone, ACQUIA, Calkins media.


They have Standard and active plans. Both the plans vary in price so let us discuss each plan one by one.

Standard plan:

Free Starter Basic Plus Premium
N/A $59/month billed yearly or $79/month billed monthly. $129/month billed yearly or $159/month billed monthly. $249/month billed yearly or $329/month billed monthly. $429/month billed yearly or $529/month billed monthly.

Active plan:

Starter Active Basic Active Plus Active Premium Active
$129 / month billed yearly or
$159 / month billed monthly.
$239 / month billed yearly or
$299 / month billed monthly.
$349 / month billed yearly or
$449 / month billed monthly.
$479 / month billed yearly or $599 / month billed monthly.

With each package, the number of features only tend to increase. So choose the package that you think suits you the most and start enjoying a number of benefits.

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2. SAP litmos:

This is an award winning software that helps users to get a smarter and faster corporate training. The SAP litmos platform has a very powerful and meticulous learning management system (LMS) that aims to make the management and the delivery of the web and mobile training courses a little easy, manageable and flexible too. Litmos is considered to be one of the fastest growing learning technology providers in the whole wide world. It is available in a total of 130 countries and in almost 24 languages.

SAP Litmos


The rating of this software is 8.2/10.


Now let us discuss the main features of this software. By taking a look at what the software has to offer, it can give users an overall picture of the software which is of great help in deciding whether this platform is the suitable choice for them or not. Following are the LMS features.

  • It provides online course builder and content management that makes the content easily accessible to the learners.
  • Provides with the instructor-led training.
  • Helps you create personalized learning paths whenever you want.
  • Provides you with the opportunity of social learning and a real-time notifications of all the activities from your teams and learners.
  • Gives you access to the out-of-the-box e-commerce capabilities.
  • Provides with a number of learner benefits like access to audio, video and other interactive education information that makes any user’s learning experience much interesting and engaging.
  • Gives the option of tracking all of your employees or partner’s progress and reporting.
  • Also provides with the option of gamification and automation.

Now we are going to mention about the other product hat SAP Litmos has to offer that is their courses. These courses are all video-based and made by our professional instructors. New courses are always added regularly and are not charged extra for taking them. The courses are all short and engaging and are updated within the SAP Litmos LMS. Following is the list of the courses that SAP Litmos has to offer.

  • Personal development
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Policy and compliance
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Finance skills
  • Leadership and management
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Communication and social skills
  • Project management
  • Sales mastery
  • Conflict management
  • Care certificate
  • IT skills
  • Food hygiene
  • Housing
  • FCA compliance
  • Toolbox talks
  • Health and safety

And many more courses are available. Litmos has the best content library in the whole universe with a huge variety of courses and almost 1500 learning resources that are available for online users. You can also find out How to leverage Vicarious Learning Theory in Online Learning at takethiscourse.

Who uses this software?

The software is being used by 11 million users including the names of the world’s top companies that uses it. (IMB, fitbit, youtube, Concentrix, Lindt, Loomis, Mercedes benz, NETGEAR, The walking company, PEPSICO, Hewlet Packard enterprise, ADP, Arnold Clark, Zumba).


For the LMS:


Award-winning LMS

PRO + Courses

Award-winning LMS plus full access to Litmos Heroes course library

Price/user/month billed annually in USD Price/user/month billed annually in USD
50-150 users Minimum 150 users $15
150-500 users $6 $9
500-1000 users $4 $6
1000-1M users Contact us Contact us

For the courses:

The price of the courses varies due to the number of users. So if you want to get an idea about the price of the course, then you need to contact the team and get a quote for yourself.

3. Docebo:

Docebo is another amazing and efficient eLearning tool that offers a huge learning portal to different companies and their employees, partners and customers. This software was developed in the year 2005 and is compatible with SCORM 1.2, 2004 and Tin Can as well. Docebo is also known to be an open-source eLearning platform that is used in higher education and corporate markets as well. The default version of Docebo is version 1 (V1) but in the future more versions will be released as well.



The rating of this meticulous and effective software is 4.4/5.

List of products that Docebo has to offer:

Following are the products that Docebo has to offer.

  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • Coach and Share (Social Learning)
  • Extended Enterprise
  • Integrations
  • Docebo for Salesforce
  • Docebo Embed (OEM)
  • Docebo mobile app publisher
  • Docebo content


In order to get a clear picture of what Docebo has to offer, it is important to shed some light on the features of this software. So here are the features of Docebo software.

  • Provides with a complete and robust API system for their customers.
  • Provides a mobile app that is optimized for both iOS and Android devices that also includes smartphones and tablets.
  • Provides with fully customization notifications that are delivered to your inbox or LMS.
  • Gives you access to more than 20,000 courses.
  • Helps you upload any file from any standard.
  • Helps you manage and track all the development and learning activities.
  • Let’s you track and manage the impact that your training program is having on your business.
  • Provides a user with an unparalleled user experience that lets you put your content front and center.
  • Provides with a user-friendly interface that makes it really easy for a customer to browse, purchase and preview training content catalogs.
  • The software lets you manage all the recurring training programs.
  • Let’s you increase learner engagement with the help of gamification.
    With that, there are more features that can be experienced using this software tool.

Who uses this software?

This software is trusted by more than 1600 companies including Uber, HubSpot, Thomson Reuters, CINEPLEX, DocuSign and Denny’s. This shows that Docebo has managed to make a big family of happy clients.


Docebo has two types of plans that they offer to their clients.

  • Growth plan.
  • Enterprise plan.
    To know about the pricing of either of the plans, one needs to request a free quote.

4. iSpring Learn LMS:

iSpring learn is a very fast and reliable LMS that is suitable for all those who have a mission-critical project on their to do list. With the help of this software, a user can easily launch his own eLearning just in a single day without getting involved into any kind of fuss or problems. With iSpring learn, a user just have to upload his training materials, invite his employees to the software and track all of their results easily. This software tool is very flexible and can be used with almost any authoring tools including the third-party ones as well.



The rating of this amazing software tool is 5/5 on Software device and Capterra. Its rating on GetApp is 4.78/5.

What are the products that iSpring learn LMS has to offer:

iSpring learn LMS has two products to offer.

  • iSpring suite (eLearning authoring toolkit).
  • iSpring learn (Learning Management System).


Like any other eLearning software tool, iSpring learn LMS also has to offer a number of incredible features that are listed below.

  • Provides with the option of content management.
  • Provides with the option of easily managing users and groups.
  • Let’s you keep the training process all under control.
  • One can easily monitor his team productivity.
  • Customize your training portal like never before.
  • Provides with a great learning experience.
  • The option of custom options and integration is also available.

Who uses this software?

This software is mostly used by businesses and organizations who need to get their hands on an easy and fast eLearning tool to just get their eLearning up and running.

Note: It has been found out that iSpring learn LMS is considered to be on 3rd position among the top 20 LMS based on best user experience.


The price of the software varies according to the number of users. So here are full pricing details.

100 users 300 users 500 users custom

User/month billed annually.


User/month billed annually.


User/month billed annually.

Contact us

If you have over 500 active users, you need to request a plan.

What is new at iSpring learn LMS?

According to December 19, 2019 iSpring LMS has introduced some new features which are mentioned below.

  • Introduced learning tracks which is a series of courses that creates a kind of a linear flow of what your users are going to learn.
  • You can now add a custom cover to any of the course to inspire your learners or reflect your brand.
  • Learners now have the option of review and rate the courses in their accounts.
  • A new and fresh look of the user portal.

5. LearnUpon:

LearnUpon is an eLearning software that has been designed to meet a wide range of requirements of a number of businesses and institutions. It was founded in the year 2012 and its headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. This software is used to help a user train his employees, partners and other customers and manage and track each of their performance.


What solutions does LearnUpon has to offer?

With LearnUpon, one enhance their employee, partner and customer’s success through

  • Employee training. (Where one can enhance their employee’s knowledge and success).
  • Customer training. (Helps to improve customer adoption, retention and loyalty).
  • Partner training. (Helps to advance partner knowledge, loyalty and mind-share).
  • Compliance training. (Helps to achieve and record compliance).


The rating of learnUpon is 4.8/5.


  • It allows a user to create a number of customized learner portals.
  • Offers an intuitive xAPI and SCORM interface.
  • Comes with multi-language support that makes it really great for organizations with students who are abroad.
  • Provides with a mobile-responsive templates so that the students are able to participate easily from their tablets or phones.
  • Provides with the option of enterprise-grade integrations that include e-Commerce and webinar solutions.

Who uses this software?

LearnUpon software is being used by hundreds of enterprises, software companies and SME’s worldwide of which few names are given below.

  • HydroPoint
  • ChargePoint
  • MSI
  • Maybo
  • Milestone
  • Mytaxi
  • NTMA
  • PremierLeague
  • SMART Majority
  • Soccer Shots
  • SpringStone
  • Telkonet
  • Welocalize

And many more companies trust learnUpon.


Following are the pricing plans according to different business requirements.

Basic Essential Premium Enterprise
$599/month billed annually $999/month billed annually $1,699/month billed annually Billed annually


Allows 50 active users Allows 250 active users Allows 500 active users Allows 500+active users
1 portal to create separate learning environment for each of your audience 2 portals to create separate learning environment for each of your audience 3 portals to create separate learning environment for each of your audience 3+ portals to create separate learning environment for each of your audience
We can conclude our discussion by saying that the above mentioned 5 eLearning tools are the best elearning tools price wise, quality wise, usage wise, rating wise and many other aspects wise. Just keep one thing in mind that all these mentioned software are among the top eLearning tools there are and that each software tool is equally competitive. So all you need to do is read the information clearly and then decide which software tool is the most suitable for you price wise and usage wise.