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Does World’s Top Universities offer Free Online Courses?


The trend of introducing open and free courses have gained quite a fame and there are a number of Universities that have now managed to introduce open and free online courses with certificates of completion for anyone who is interested. If we talk about the universities you’d be surprised to hear the names because not only average universities are providing with such facility but also high ranked top rated Universities have also introduced such courses:

Benefits of these Online Free Courses from top Universities:

Now let us talk about the numerous benefits that learners experience through these free online courses. As we know that there are a large number of students who are unable to pay high tuition fees due to lack of money which forces them to quit studying. But with these free online courses, such learners get a second chance at learning. Not only they manage to learn something from these courses from top universities but they also possess huge value that can help them make a career for themselves. So let’s talk about this and many other benefits of these free online courses.

  • Provide a more comfortable learning environment:
    Learning online at your own ease can make you a lot more comfortable then waking up every morning and leaving for your college or university. By studying from these courses, not only you get to have a comfortable environment for yourself but also you are studying something valuable for free.
  • Improve your ability to concentrate:
    Studying online can give an opportunity to shy students to participate in group discussions online. Rather than being in a classroom full of students and getting shy of participating, free online courses give them this chance to participate in online group discussions.
  • Career advancement:
    Free online courses can give opportunity to those who are completing their degrees or doing a part time job to take these courses and enhance their career. You can take these courses even if you are already getting a degree from college or can also take these course while doing a job so this can help you advance your career.
  • Avoid commuting:
    With free online courses, you can easily avoid commuting. Whether there is a thunder storm outside or a heat stroke where colleges may have to cancel lectures, you’d never have to miss any important lecture because you are studying online.

Many more benefits can be experienced through free online courses like:

  • Work and study at the same time.
  • Experience convenience and flexibility.
  • Improve your technical skills.
  • Can easily transfer credits.

Best Online Courses from Top Universities:

Now we’ll mention some of the top courses provided by the best universities.

We can end our discussion with a positive impact of free online courses in our mind because these free online courses are for sure very beneficial for any person who is interested in learning. Whether you are getting a proper degree and need to enhance your career or doing some job and need to study side by side or a person who want to study but can’t afford to pay for the tuition fees, these online courses are the best suitable answer for all these.

So check out this aggregator website www.takethiscourse.net that acts as a search engine for top courses from universities all over the world.

You can easily find yourself a suitable free online course NOW.


  1. Free online courses are amazing. They have helped me a lot in gaining certain skills set. And your website is amazing as it has a variety of free courses that one can choose from.

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