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How to take Free Online Courses on edX?


edX is an online learning platform that is mostly known well for providing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS). It provides a number of online courses from different Universities to students from all over the world. Wherever you are, you can easily take a course of your choice and start learning from it whenever you want to. This learning platform was launched in the month of May, 2012 and since then edX has managed to make 20 million users as of September 2019. edX provides a wide range of free online courses related to any field of a learner’s choice. So we can say that one can easily learn from these courses at their own ease and pace.

www.TakeThisCourse.net being a MOOC Search Portal has simplified the process to search and take a free Online Course from edX.org. TakeThisCourse facilitates it’s users by aggregating online courses in various domains from top providers like edX (and many others). Following is a step by step guide to search and take a free online course from edX.

Steps to take a Free Online Course on edX:

Visit www.takethiscourse.net to search the best online courses as per your requirements.

 homepageYou’ll find multiple options to search your desired online course on TakeThisCourse homepage. You can easily search using the main search option or there is a popular category section that allows to find the top courses in specific category. Choose your desired category as shown in below:

popular-categoriesYou’ll be redirected to a best online courses under your selected category. Choose a course from the list or simply search using search section on top right.

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Once you choose any of the course from list, you’ll be redirected the course page with all relevant details, ratings and reviews. User reviews are really helpful for you to decide that either this course is useful for you or not. Reviews allow you to take a knowledgeable decision.

blockchain technologyAfter reading the course description, rating, review and other parts, if you feel like you are satisfied with the course then you need to click on this button below to enroll in this course.takethiscourseWhen you click on the take this course button, it will redirect you to actual course provider site, where you need to click on Enroll Now button if you want to enroll.homepageAfter clicking on Enroll Now it will give you two options, Sign in or Registration page. If you are  already registered then you just have to sign in otherwise you need to register yourself by entering your credentials  email, full name, username, password and your country and then click on Create Account.RegistrationAfter clicking on create account you will receiver this below message saying you have enrolled in this course.congratsAt the last on this page you will see these two buttons, if you want to purchase this course and want to get certificate then click on Pursue the Verified Track. And if you want to take this course free of cost then click on Audit This Course.AuditAfter clicking, a page will appear which shows Audit Access Expiry, Click on Start Course.StartAfter clicking on Start Course, the course will start.WelcomeNow you have successfully registered for an Online Course on edX and you are ready to learn from this course. Also you need to know that steps for registration of courses mentioned above are similar for all other edX courses.